Motorola Q Review

Don McDougall has a review of the new Motorola Q phone on the Mobility Site. The “Q” looks a bit like a Pocket PC but is actually a Windows Mobile-based Smartphone with a high-resolution screen. Thanks very much to Don for his kind words about our NewsBreak RSS reader.

2 thoughts on “Motorola Q Review

  1. julie

    the Q is a very difficult pda to get to know. I switched from a palmtreo 700 and this is actually LESS user friendly. the book and the cd were vitually helpless. You must know someone with a Q to help you set up and navigate.. I am very disappointed in this product which I had heard was superior to anything on the market(for a PDA).

  2. Marc

    I think WM Smartphones (like the Q) have value, particularly if you are moving from a ‘standard phone’. Moving from a Pocket PC (like the 700) with its great functionality, touch screen, and overall better power level over to a Smartphone though is a VERY difficult transition.

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