Keep Track 2.1.4 Released

kti.jpgJust a quick note! We’ve released a minor update to Keep Track. It doesn’t include the pile of updates we’d like to release right now, but it does fix a couple of minor things that we don’t want folks to wait for. In particular, it now supports the Motorola Q landscape display, fixes a couple of Smartphone bugs, and smooths out a couple of wrinkles in Windows Mobile synching.

┬áSo if you’d like to grab the upgrade just download a trial version from our site:

The software should automatically register if you had it installed before. Otherwise your existing unlock codes should do the trick.

2 thoughts on “Keep Track 2.1.4 Released

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  2. Stephen Pfeiffer

    If this latest version can be synchronized while being installed and run from the storage card, it’ll be the best yet.

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