Ode to a Pocket PC

feather.jpgIt’s time for another contest, and since you guys did so well making up captions for our anniversary picture, we decided to see if we could squeeze any more creativity out of you!

For this contest, all you need to do is write seventeen syllables about mobile devices. Or about Ilium Software. That’s it! Of course, the technicality is that they need to be in the form of a haiku. Before you rush out and dust off your old textbooks – let me remind you what haiku is all about, and the rules for this contest:

  1. Haiku is a quick little poem, three lines long, consisting of 17 syllables
  2. The first line is 5 syllables, the second is 7, and the third line is 5 again
  3. Your haiku entry must be related to mobile devices or software in general
  4. If you want to earn some extra points from the judges, write a haiku related to Ilium Software!

Want some examples? This site defines haiku for you, and has some sample poems. And check out this page too for some pretty humorous haikus. Oh, and our judges are a little lenient, too. If you think of something really, REALLY cool to write, but it’s one or two syllables too long, go ahead and submit it anyway! We’re not sticklers; just don’t write an entire sonnet! Keep them as short and sweet as possible.

Because sometimes you can’t rush creativity, I’m going to let this contest run until Monday, at 8:00 a.m. EST. Then we’ll choose our five favorite haikus. The winners will get an Ilium Software swag pack – 2 click-pen styluses, one stick stylus, and one luggage tag, and the chance to have your haiku read at the next Ilium Software Annual Poetry Slam. Oh, and as mentioned in the blog title, here is Ode to a Pocket PC, my example for the contest:

I grow impatient

As you sit in your cradle

Recharging for me

20 thoughts on “Ode to a Pocket PC

  1. spmwinkel

    The seventh will be
    the last one you’ll see from me.
    Hope to get lucky!

    I hope rhyming is allowed in haiku’s (or at least for this contest!), would hate to see me disqualified! 😮

  2. Ellen

    This one’s about Ilium Software, rather than mobile devices:

    The top thing I don’t
    miss about my last two jobs:
    “Business Casual”

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