Who Wants to be My Guinea Pig?

help1.jpgYou can all be my guinea pigs! I don’t know if you remember (and 10 points to anyone who does) but several months ago, I added a handy little script to the home page of our site that would automatically redirect users to the mobile version if they were browsing on a mobile device. We tested it a lot, but I also wrote a post about it right here on the blog, to ask you guys for help to make sure you didn’t find any problems. Everything seemed to be going great, until Ellen found an issue no one else noticed, so I had to go back to the drawing board.

Well, even though it took a while, I finally had time to fix the script – hopefully for good. We tested it every way we could think of in the office, and I’m confident enough to put it online today. So, guinea pigs, do you want to try it out for me and make sure you don’t have any trouble? Here’s the behavior you should expect from our home page now:

  1. If you’re on your desktop, you should never, ever see the mobile version, unless you specifically click a link to go there
  2. If you visit www.iliumsoft.com on a mobile device, it should automatically redirect you to the mobile version. If you decide you really want to be on the “big” version of the site, and you click the “Visit Main Website” link at the bottom of the mobile version, you should be taken to our regular site, and you should stay there

So, if you check it out and think you’re being sent to the mobile site when you should be on the main site (or vice versa) please just drop a comment in this post and let me know what happened and what you saw, so I can fix it. Thanks!

20 thoughts on “Who Wants to be My Guinea Pig?

  1. Steve Mueller

    Forget about “redirection”. The cool way to do mobile sites is using CSS and the media=”handheld” attribute on your stylesheets. That way you only need one version of your site; the CSS just changes the layout completely.

    That works if you have a cleanly designed site (without using tables for layout).

  2. Ellen

    Steve, of course you’re right, and someday we WILL have a cleanly designed site. Julie will have to forbid me to even touch the site before it can happen, but it’s in the plans.

  3. Mike Montanezl

    Hi Julie..The mobile site works fantastic on my Cingular 8525…One other thing your tech support is absolutely incredible..I am proud to do biz with a company Like yours.

  4. DeanH

    Works good from my AT&T 8525 (WM5) on Opera 8.65…goes to the mobile site.
    Clicking on visit main website loads the big home page.

  5. Steve

    The script seems to work fine. Like others have said, the page could be a bit more, but the script works! 🙂

  6. stacy

    Works perfectly as described on my HTC x7501. Nicely done, – easy to navigate, clean design. Thanks for taking the time to make the site easy to use!

  7. Julie Post author

    Hi Dean,

    Don’t fret – the winner for September is coming! We just got back from a long weekend here, so that’s why it wasn’t posted yesterday. I will have the post up this afternoon.

    @ Everyone: Thanks so much for checking out my script for me – your help is much appreciated! 🙂

  8. Rodney

    Julie, the site works great on my Dell AXIM x51v. Further, it looks very nice! Good job on your design. You should start a class for all those other mobile-ready Website author wannabees! It is also quick, even when using wireless. You are good, girl!

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