Palm – Do You Need Your Crystal Ball Back?

Our crystal ballYes, we have a crystal ball. It’s blue, about 6″ in diameter, and autographed by Jeff Hawkings. One of our staff won it at a Palm conference several years ago.

When Palm announced the Foleo a few months ago, we thought about offering it back to them – we thought they might need it more than we did – but that seemed egregiously catty. As well as somewhat premature.

But with yesterday’s annoucement that Palm is cancelling the Foleo launch, we’re thinking maybe it’s time to make the offer.

Palm – want it back? Just let us know where to send it.

2 thoughts on “Palm – Do You Need Your Crystal Ball Back?

  1. xdalaw

    Not sure if the crystal ball will be enough these days. I love my 700Wx, but the slow evolution of their devices really pales in comparison to the great variety produced by HTC and of course to the sleek and stylish iPhone.

  2. Rodney

    I don’t work at Palm, I don’t even currently use a Palm. I’m forced to use a MS Pocket PC OS to sync at work, so I bought a Dell AXIM x51v. A beautiful machine, however it needs rebooting every day and is quite slow. If you get no offers from Palm, I’ll buy it for $50.00. I could use it to find out what I should buy for my next PDA.

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