eWallet 6.0 is here!

wallet120.jpgeWallet 6.0 is out and we are really excited about this one. Not only do we have a ton of great features, we also have two incredible surprises to tell you about! I hate to keep people waiting so I’ll jump right in with the surprises first!


eWallet + FlexWallet = The Best of the Best!
Ilium Software and WebIS have teamed up to offer our customers the best electronic wallet ever. WebIS is focusing their efforts on their flagship products and Ilium Software is going to take the electronic wallet helm! In eWallet 6.0 we’ve taken the best of FlexWallet and added those features to eWallet (and there are more FlexWallet features on the way!) We’re also providing FlexWallet owners with the full “eWallet Owner” experience, plus an easy migration path from FlexWallet to eWallet. You can get all the details here! (And if you haven’t tried out WebIS’s products, you need to! Check them out here!)

eWallet Web Companion (beta)
With this release we are also debuting the eWallet Web Companion, a web-based application that lets you access your wallet files from your iPhone, Linux, Mac, Blackberry, Symbian phone, PSP, Amazon Kindle, Nintendo Wii…you name it! If it has a web browser and an internet connection you’re ready to go! Read more about it here.

Also, the beta is already underway, so if you’d like to take part head over to this page and fill out an application to take part!

eWallet 6.0 Features
And of course we have a bunch of excellent new features. You can get the full list here, but here are some highlights!

  • 256-bit AES FIPS Encryption
  • SFTP Synchronization
  • Flex View grid-style card display
  • Attach files to your cards (and encrypt them!)
  • Built-in Importer
  • Free card backgrounds
  • Over 200 new icons for available for download

Like I said, it’s a great set of features and we are really excited about this one. We certainly hope you like it. With version 6.0 , we’re taking eWallet straight into the future and ensuring eWallet users everywhere that wherever the future of mobile computing takes them, eWallet will be there for them!

22 thoughts on “eWallet 6.0 is here!

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  4. Peter S

    I like the idea of being able to set up a Web Sync. One of the biggest problems of a converged device is that I don’t feel the need to sync as often as I used to and it’s just not worthwhile pulling out the cable to hook up my device to my PC/Laptop as I only have a handful of apps that aren’t in sync. Those have their data stored on my SD card. I’d probably be more inclined to synchronize them if I could do it directly from the device.

    With that in mind, will the Web Sync push and pull? In other words, can I set up my desktop client on two PCs (work & home) and keep the information in sync with my WM Device and both PC’s easily?


  5. Marc Post author

    Something you can do (and could do in 5.0 as well,) is to set up a “cloud point” that you sync both PCs to. We offered built-in access to iOmega iStorage for this exactly. Choose the option to sync when you start eWallet (under SyncPro Options in the Synchronize menu) and you’ll get an always up to date wallet experience.

    As for the PPC, you still have to sync it to one of the desktops.

    What is cool about the Web Companion is that now, the Web Companion serves as that Cloud Point AND you can view the wallets you store there even if you don’t have access to a computer with the eWallet app installed on it.

    Regarding the sync issue though, we are working on something that I think would fit in really well with what you are talking about. Like all cool new projects I have to stay a bit quiet about it, but needless to say the Web Companion is that first step.

  6. Todd

    Good! Great to see 6.0 out, I’ve been waiting on this for a while now. Can’t wait to see some of the new features.

  7. xdalaw

    I’m excited about this “merger,” as I’ve used both FW, eWallet, and Spb Wallet over the years.
    eWallet was my current choice.
    One minor disappointment, though, is the relatively spartan desktop client for eWallet.
    Any plans to beef that up with more viewing options and features?
    I’d love a Favorite Card View, and/or Most Recently Viewed Cards option at startup. Also, a view that would let me see the entire contents of my cards that otherwise are outside of the alloted spaces in the current view. (For example, some field entries are so long that they are cut off from view, unless I go into the edit card view. This seems to be an unnecessary extra step IMHO.

  8. Marc Tassin, Ilium Software

    Hi xdalaw. As we move forward we’ll be adding additional FlexWallet features. You’ll be pleased to hear that one of the things slated for later this year is the addition of a Favorite Cards category.

    As for fields, one thing to keep in mind is that with Card View at least, wrapping fields won’t necessarily work since it wouldn’t fit the layouts. For FlexView though, getting card wrap is something we’re working on. We didn’t have time to offer it in this release but hopefully in one of the 6.X releases!

    Finally, regarding the “spartan” desktop, feel free to email us with your ideas. We have many things planned (the things above and improved search for instance) for future updates of 6.0, but getting feedback from folks like yourself will help us to make the best choices.

  9. xdalaw

    Hi Marc-
    As usual, thanks for a fast and substantive response.
    Glad to hear that the things I mentioned are also on your list of to-do’s.
    I’ll think about some more specifics and email you with those as well.
    Thanks again.
    — Andrew

  10. Eric

    I love my ewallet but still dying without blackberry support! I’ve been using EW for close to 10 yrs and have owned darn near every version. I’m dying without direct sync support for Blackberry and know there are others out there. Any news on this front with respect to 6.0? That would be by far, the best news ever!!!


  11. Ellen

    Hi Eric,

    Yes! WebIS has just announced that FlexWallet for BlackBerry will become eWallet for BlackBerry in the first quarter of 2008. At that point, our plan is that the wallet files will be compatible or synchronizeable across platforms. We have a lot to work out yet, but that’s our direction.

    And we’ve just started selling FlexWallet for BlackBerry in our new partner titles store. You can read more about it here.

    Thanks for the support! I’m glad you like eWallet!

  12. MC

    I’m excited to hear this news. I’ve been a long-time eWallet user. I recently switched from an iPaq to a Blackberry, so I’m delighted to hear that you’ll be supporting that device.

    Any chance you’ll be supporting the Mac at some point?

  13. Charles Pickrell

    I’m very glad to hear about the Web companion. I asked Ellen for this feature a while back so I could use it on the iPhone. I’ve switched to Mac, but I’d be willing to run Windows XP in a virtual mode just to have the editing and web sharing abilities. A Mac client would be appreciated although I realize that learning Objective C and OS X API’s is a big step to take for a smaller software house.

    Thanks guys!

  14. Marc Tassin, Ilium Software

    Thanks Charles! Make sure you sign up for the Web Companion beta!

    And JCRiverRat, we fully support the Windows Mobile Device center on Vista (5.0 supported it as well in fact.) You should be able to sync just fine using your Vista PC.

  15. MC

    Another question: any chance you’ll be offering ListPro for the Blackberry? I love that app. I still use the desktop client, but I really miss having it on my handheld.

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  17. Mark

    Could you give a little more technical information on how you have implemented the Web Companion? I am very interested in moving from TurboPasswords (which I used on a Treo) to your product as I now have an iPhone. Before trusting my passwords to your server, I’d just like to know a little more about how they are being handled.

    Are you decrypting the wallet on your servers or in the browser like some other online password managers such as ClipperZ or Passpack?

  18. knaak

    I am now trying eWallet and I am really amazed by how easy to use it is. Cant wait to see the Web companion coming out of beta (although perhaps I am going to sign up for the beta).

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