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iphone.jpgYep, as you have already heard, Ilium Software is definitely supporting the iPhone. In fact we’ve planned to support it for quite some time, but until the SDK went public we wanted to keep it quiet. As I mentioned over at JustAnotheriPhoneBlog, we actually started work on eWallet for iPhone earlier this year and have made significant progress. It’s a very exciting opportunity for us because we’re big fans of the iPhone. We feel that Apple really “got it right” in their design and user interface and the SDK announcement proves that they’ve followed the same philosophy when it comes to the support of 3rd party applications.

With that said, I’d like to take a minute just to answer some of the questions we’ve been getting about the iPhone and our support of it.

1. Will you still support Windows Mobile?
Absolutely. Just because we believe in the iPhone doesn’t mean we’ve lost faith in Windows Mobile. Windows Mobile does a lot of things really well, and it offers users a lot of flexibility. It’s an excellent platform and you will continue to see Ilium Software’s products developed for Windows Mobile.

2. What does this mean for the eWallet Companion web application?
Nothing will change here either. We’ve had a fantastic response to the web application and the philosophy that drove us to develop the eWallet Companion remains true. People aren’t content to wait until they are sitting in front of the “correct device” to get to their information. People want their information available all the time, wherever they go, regardless of the device they have in front of them. The eWallet Companion does exactly this and for that reason we fully intend to continue supporting its development.

3. Will you be developing ListPro, NewsBreak, DockWare, etc. for iPhone?
We’re definitely developing eWallet for iPhone. As for the others, I’d say “don’t be surprised if you see a strong and wide-ranging iPhone offering from Ilium Software.” We’ve got a lot of great applications and we think all of them would make fantastic iPhone products.

4. Will you make a Mac version?
I’m not allowed to give you a definite answer on that one yet, but as some technical types might already know, the iPhone and the Mac run very similar software. I’ll leave it at that for now. 🙂

5. What about the Touch?
At this point I see no reason why we won’t offer our applications on both the Touch as well as the iPhone.

6. When will it be available?
We expect to have eWallet for iPhone ready for you when the App Store goes live in June.

7. Will you let me know when you have iPhone software?
Absolutely! Just fill out this form to let us know that you’d like to be notified when we have an iPhone version of the software.

Thanks to everyone for their interest! We’ve been getting lots of emails asking us about this and its very exciting to know that as you guys move to new devices you want us to come along! We’ll do everything we can to make sure that we’ll always be there to help you find and organize your most important information!

13 thoughts on “eWallet for iPhone

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  2. Brandon

    Oh Happy Day!!!

    As a writer for JustAnotheriPhoneBlog – and a big fan of Ilium applications … I was really glad to see this a couple days ago and to now have it confirmed on the “official” blog is great. I don’t have the words to really describe how happy I am to know that I’ll FINALLY! have eWallet with me all the time again!

    Thanks Ilium! And I’ll be sure to have my name added to the notification list … because on iPhone-App-Day I’ll be impatiently waiting to make this my first application purchased!

  3. Kevin White

    I have to say, not only will I be happy to have eWallet on my iPhone, I’ll still be happy to have access to it in the Web Companion as well.

    Why would I want to pull out my phone and fiddle with it while I’m using someone else’s desktop computer and can access the web eWallet? What if I lose my phone? Etc. It makes me think of a program I use daily – Evernote – and their new version 3 beta that is pretty much going to be Everywhere It Can Be (web/HTTP, iphone, windows mobile, desktop windows, desktop mac, accessible via IMAP from anything with IMAP access, etc)

    It’ll be like peanut butter and jelly, peanut butter and chocolate, peanut butter and mayo, peanut butter and nutella, peanut butter and bananas… I apparently like peanut butter.

  4. patrickj

    Great to hear all of this! I’m also very glad to hear that the web companion component of things is also going to be moved forward. I’ve been using that (have it webclippied on the iPhone) and look forward to seeing more out of it.

    Kevin – I’ve been trying the Evernote beta and *loving* it. It’s very cool to have just about zero config from a user perspective and have Evernote available via all leading browsers, just about any mobile device, Mac or PC etc.

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  6. Siamak

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    Finally, the best electronic wallet app on the market is going to be available for the best cell phone on the market! Can I place my order now? 🙂

  7. unex

    Great great great, you rock!

    eWallet (and ListPro) on the iPhone and everything will be all right!
    Thank you.

  8. Don

    I’m all for you supporting the Iphone. But… don’t forget your current base of customers. An example would be that List Pro on the smartphone needs work. The current feature set as advertised is not what you get. There are a lot of Q and blackjack users out there too. I’m sorry if this sounds bitter but I was told by your tech support staff you were working on it months ago.

  9. Charles

    I just received a reply from customer service about eWallet on the iPhone. I’m so excited. This has been the only hold back of not purchasing an iPhone is that Apple didn’t allow 3rd party apps. The only downside are the restrictions from Apple’s SDK about a PC client talking with the iPhone. So you may not have PC access to your eWallet while at your PC. While it is much easier to update my eWallet while using my PC client, I will have to live with updating the phone from the phone. So I would have to guess that when I install eWallet on my (future) iPhone I will have to manually retype all of my information from my current smartphone? Will there be any hope of being able to move all this information automatically when I first install the eWallet?

    Do the web companion and the phone (any phone) communicate with each other to keep them syncronzited? Or do you still have to update each one individually?

    Kevin, your forgot to mention peanutbutter + marshmellow fluff = Fluffernutter. Now those bring back memories from way back.

  10. Marc Post author

    Glad to hear you are excited Charles. There certainly are limitations in place. Unfortunately, I can’t provide details about how eWallet for iPhone will work, but I will say “we have some ideas.” 🙂

  11. Brian

    This is fantastic news. I finally can ditch my smartphone devices and keep one with me most of the time.

    Look forward in getting a decent RRS reader too!

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