“Windows Has Left the Building”

No, I’m not quoting one of the Microsoft-bashing sites. It’s not from one of the articles that says Microsoft’s lost their vision, is years behind Apple, or will never catch up with Google. It’s from Microsoft’s site – in fact, it’s from the biggest graphic on Microsoft.com’s top page today.

Here’s a screenshot of the page, in case it goes away by the time I finish writing this. The top graphic says:

Ladies and gentlemen, Windows has left the building.

I’m delighted that Windows Mobile is being featured by Microsoft. Really I am. But that headline – even with pictures of Windows Mobile devices and screens behind it – just doesn’t seem to me like the right approach.

I may be wrong. I’m a marketing professional only in the broadest definition (I get paid for it), but I’m not an expert, or even close. And I’m sure that the Microsoft spot has was made by very highly trained, experienced, knowledgeable people, who know way more than I do.

But I still don’t think it’s a good idea. Anyone else? I’d be very interested in hearing what other people think.

5 thoughts on ““Windows Has Left the Building”

  1. Kevin White

    I guess it’s supposed to be a smart pun on the ol’ Elvis thing. You know, “ha ha ha, windows, leaving the building, it’s going outside, it’s in your phone, that’s why it’s outside!”

    If you look at the diagram, it makes more sense than just seeing the headline, but still… I think that wasn’t the right thing to say. Oh well, anyone remember the Toyota advertisements in the late 90’s, with all the weird musical numbers? What the heck did those have to do with cars? (Or the Infiniti ones with the scenes of nature and no cars or text anywhere.)

    You can pay people to do anything.

  2. Gene

    Oh, c’mon, people, lighten up.

    If it wasn’t M$ nobody would pay any attention to this.

    The level of M$ bashing is getting ridiculous at times. (I am not refering to this particular article.)

    At least they develop a workable OS for mobile devices, last time I checked Palm was still stuck in the middle ages and Linux for mobiles didn’t quite materialize. And, after years of trying to like Linux, I can still say that Win XP Home (with some 3rd party software) is the best all-around OS for a typical home machine I’ve ever had.

  3. Michael

    Well, as much as I hate to say something Pro-MS – I actually like the idea 🙂 Now, if only their OS would be better. I’m still having tears in my eyes thinking back to the good ol’ PSION-days and the stability of the PSION-OS…

  4. Digital Products Review

    It seems Microsoft is going to be playing catchup for a while. I am a Windows junkie and hate Mac by default, but I at least must admit Microsoft has some running to do to keep up with Mac.

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