Hats Off to You!

11 years

It’s been another busy morning here, filled with tough decisions as we tried to narrow down the photo captions to see who would win. First we should thank everyone for not being too mean or picking on us and making us cry – and with photos like that, I think we were prepared for the jokes. So, onto the winners:

The first prize of a $121 Amazon gift card, plus a complete package of our software and swag, goes to: Pony99CA who, inspired by Kevin’s photo, rewrote the song “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”. How could we not be impressed by that?

The runners-up, who each receive a complete package of our software as well as some cool swag, are: Heather, Dianna, Leigh Ann, Melvyn, and MClark.

We even have an honorable mention prize to give away today. It seems that one of our MadLibs contests winners already owned ListPro, and was kind enough to donate his ListPro license back into the contest pool. Thanks Dave! The honorable mention of ListPro (Professional Edition) goes to: Ian Warren

To all the winners – I’ll be sending out an email to each of you with details on how to get your prizes, so keep an eye on your Inbox and Spam folders too!

Thanks to everyone for taking part in the contest – there were a lot of clever responses. We’ve got a new contest running right now, so keep your creative thinking caps on and try your luck again!

3 thoughts on “Hats Off to You!

  1. Julie Post author

    Hi Guys,

    Some people were wondering which captions were chosen for the runners-up. In an effort to keep the post short, I had left them out. But here they are:

    From Heather: “Kevin – That’s the last time I bet my dignity in a poker game.”

    From Dianna: “Matt – No really, you’re safe from their killing rays while wearing this… and from their evil voices.”

    From Leigh Ann: “Kevin – Kevin tries to disguise the fact that he’s thinkin’ Arby’s.”

    From Melvyn: “LEE – Proof that costume parties should block entry to the indecisive.” (And we also liked his bank robber caption for Marc’s photo.)

    From MClark: “LEE – (pirate voice) Arrr, matey, look at me plunder! Me hands were so full I had to put some on me head, arrrrr!”

    From Ian Warren: “Mark – this finger is loaded and dangerous.”

  2. Pony99CA

    Let me thank Ilium for these contests. It’s great to win something so useful. I had versions of eWallet and ListPro on my iPAQ hx2795, so I decided to get them for my Motorola Q9m (which I find myself using more lately anyway).

    As I won first prize, I decided not to enter any of the later contests to give others a (slightly) better chance.

    Thanks again, Ilium, from an ex-Michigander (in Ann Arbor for 6 years at U of M, even).


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