I’m a Geek, You’re a Geek…

11 years

…we’re all geeks! I guess I shouldn’t be so surprised. But 47 comments – wow! First of all, it’s great to see everyone so willing to share their geekiness with the world. Thanks for showing up and not being afraid to admit that you’re a geek. But second of all – 47 comments! Come on, do you know how hard it is to sit here and try to choose a few winners out of all of these? However, we’ve done our best.

The first prize of a $121 Amazon gift card, plus a complete package of our software and swag, goes to: Scott for the comment “You know you’re a geek when you speak in ‘IM Lingo’ to real people, and make it sound like a real word.” Scott, you are not alone, I have done that too. And I’m sure we can’t be the only ones.

The runners-up, who each receive a complete package of our software as well as some cool swag, are: Marla, Chris Ledaverage, Ken, and Barbara. The final runner-up for the day will receive a $44 Amazon gift card, as he already won an early contest: Matthew Miller.

I’ll be adding the winning geek-samples to the comments below, so everyone can find out exactly which geeky thing the winners did to earn them a prize.

To all the winners – I’ll be sending out an email to each of you with details on how to get your prizes, so keep an eye on your Inbox and Spam folders too!

Thanks to everyone for taking part in the contest – there were a lot of clever responses. Our final contest is running right now, and you’ll have all weekend to work on this one – good luck!

4 thoughts on “I’m a Geek, You’re a Geek…

  1. Julie Post author

    As promised, here are the winning geeky entries for the runners-up:

    From Marla: “you IM with people who are in the same house, or same room.” And I also liked her entry about knowing she has geeky friends: “when they’re thrilled their phone number is only primes.”

    From Matthew Miller: “My Fujitsu U810 UMPC is named Ubacca because Chewbacca is Han Solo’s right hand man and my Ubacca is my (Palmsolo’s) right hand man.”

    From Chris Le: If you look up his original entry, you’ll see Chris took the time to write some code (and I guess I’m not as big a geek as he is, since I honestly don’t know what language that code is from!) What was even funnier was his entry below that: “You know you’re a geek when…you check the syntax of the above.”

    From daverage: The list of items he’s packed just to go on a hiking trip.

    From Ken: “you can identify exactly which phone or pda is being used in a movie or tv show, and why what they’re doing with it is really not possible.”

    From Barbara: “You know you’re an old geek when you have a T-shirt that says ‘Cobol programmers Perform Until…’ and you still wear it.”

  2. Chris Le

    Thanks spmwinkel,

    That was a fun contest, I think most would agree.

    My ‘code’ was a twisted piece of an Excel function with an IF and AND statement. I also did get the WRATH of my wife 🙁


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