Secure Info Managers go Head to Head. eWallet Wins!

PDA Essentials Smartphone and GPS Magazine held a Head to Head comparison of Secure Information Managers in their recent issue (Issue 75), and I’m delighted to say that eWallet won!

eWallet was rated 10 out of 10 and awarded the Editor’s Choice Award, coming out ahead of Spb Wallet, Handy Safe and CodeWallet. The competition was tough, but we’re not surprised that when the smoke cleared, eWallet was rated the best.

I don’t think that PDA Essentials puts their articles online, or I’d be linking to it, but I’m going to look into whether we can buy online reprint rights (there’s got to be a better term for that) and put a copy on our site.

Many thanks, editors and judges!

8 thoughts on “Secure Info Managers go Head to Head. eWallet Wins!

  1. J. Wagner

    Congrats! I’ve been using eWallet for a few years now and I keep finding new ways to use it. It’s a great product!

  2. J. Chapman

    Yes, I too keep finding new ways to use eWallet, from keeping my Id Cards, credit cards, archiving my electronic equipment serial numbers & photos of the equipment, keeping photos of my home interior and exterior for insurance purposes. as well as organizing notes about various topics, and archiving my internet favorites to even keeping recipes. its a great application. I’m always looking for new ways to use eWallet. I am looking forward to the next version. I’m sure a great product will be made even better. (Question – Just wondering when the next version is going to be released)

  3. Marc

    eWallet 6.1 is in final beta now. Expect a new version in the very near future! And not only is this release a free upgrade, but it has a few surprises that I think everyone will like!

  4. spmwinkel

    Congrats!! I guess that there is an entirely different audience that reads magazines (compared to blog-readers) so having this kind of exposure in magazines as well must be very valuable. Great job!

  5. Bob Russell

    Congratulations! But I’m not surprised at all. I use eWallet myself, and it’s a first class piece of software that I wouldn’t ever want to be without. I recommend it to everyone and one of the essentials for any PDA or smartphone.

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