eWallet 6.1 is Out!

eWallet 6.1 is now available! With features like customizable field types, card shortcuts,a new search, and easier to edit templates, this new version has a lot to love. And best of all, it’s a free upgrade to owners of eWallet 6.0.

I’ve already mentioned the main new features but let me elaborate a little!

  • Customizable Field Types: Now you can change the type for any field in your cards. Set additional fields as “hidden”, add more live URLs, specify which fields are used in AutoPass, and more!
  • Shortcuts: Create card shortcuts in your wallet to access cards from multiple categories. This is a great way to build a “favorites” category that contains your most used cards, without moving the originals around!
  • New Search:No more hopping card to card when searching! eWallet 6.1 provides you with a list of cards that match the search criteria.
  • Improved Template Editing:We’ve cleaned up template editing to make it even easier to make your own card templates. Mix in the Field Type feature and eWallet gives you a ton of power when it comes to designing your own cards!

And of course we’ve made a number of minor changes, but in some cases they are requests we’ve been hearing from you so for those of you who asked for them, these “little things” are a big deal!

  • Card Background Gradient is Optional: Now you can turn off the gradient for card backgrounds.
  • Easier Smartphone Editing: No more tap-move-tap, tap-move-tap to edit cards on Windows Mobile Smartphones (those of you who have been wanting this will know what I mean!) Just scroll from field to field when editing.
  • Space Optimization:We’ve worked to optimize the way eWallet uses memory on your device. From minor “tweaks” to making sure eWallet only installs the graphics you need, we streamlined the application.
  • Faster Start-up: Not every user will see an improvement but thanks to some of our streamlining, some users will see an improved start-up time! And for those of you using lots of custom icons, don’t worry! We’re still working to improve start-up there as well!
  • New “Options” Interface:We’ve made it easier to personalize eWallet on your desktop by cleaning up some of eWallet’s options and placing them in a new Options interface. Just select Tools->Options. And watch for additional personalizing options here in future versions!

As you can see there is a lot to like about eWallet 6.1 and as a free upgrade for 6.0 owners or a discounted upgrade for 5.0 users, the price is right! And the best part is we’re already working on 6.2!

Thanks! And as always, let us know if you have any questions! We’re here to help!

Marc Tassin
Senior Product Manager

11 thoughts on “eWallet 6.1 is Out!

  1. James R

    I’ve installed the new version and had a little play and I like the new features!

    Just to let you guys know, the upgrade of my wallet was a success and I havent spotted any issues with the new release.

  2. Doug P

    Packaged as minor upgrade to 6.1… Free (to registered users).
    Lots of new niceness… Priceless.

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  4. Dave Beauvais

    I love version 6.1! The improved interface for Windows Mobile Standard is great, but the ability to change field types is really great! Thank you!

    I have a question… and I admit to having not searched much before asking, so sorry if it’s a FAQ… if I’ve customized the templates on the desktop version, can I copy the customized set of templates to the Windows Mobile device? I tried just copying the templates.wlt file over the device’s copy, but I was then unable to create any cards on the device. (I restored the original templates file from the renamed backup I’d made.)

    A second request — and I realize the near-impossibility of this, given the risk to existing data in the cards — would be the ability to apply a modified template to an existing card. For example, now that I can modify field types, I would like to bulk-modify a large number of existing cards that had a “text” e-mail field to use a template that has the “eMail” type for that field without having to edit each card individually.

    Thank you very much for the continued work to make your great software even better!

  5. MarcinM

    Regarding 6.2: adding option “Copy without spaces” for Card numbers and Account numbers would be useful.

  6. Dave Beauvais

    Also with regard to future improvements, once Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard supports copy-and-paste, will that functionality be present in eWallet? The lack of clipboard functionality in WM6 Standard is one of the most annoying aspects of it, coming from Pocket PC/WM6 Pro devices.

  7. Marc Post author

    ANSWERS! 🙂

    1. Can I get my templates over?
    Actually, if you’re using SyncPro, templates should automatically sync to the desktop.

    2. Apply different template to a card
    Not something you can do now but and idea I’m looking at for the future.

    3. Copy Without Spaces
    I’ll add that one to the request list!

    4. Copy/Paste on SPH
    You SORT of can – it’s just slow. Go in to edit a card, select the field you wish to copy and choose Edit->Select All from the menu. Then choose Edit->Copy. You have now copied the information. Now, whether or not the destination for this data has paste I couldn’t tell you, but you can copy that way for now!

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