eWallet for iPhone Answers II

I’m sure you heard the news, but eWallet is finally in the AppStore! Over the last three days we’ve watched as eWallet raced up the charts and it is already one of the top 100 applications. Thank you to everyone for all your support during this time and thank you to everyone who ran out and bought a copy!

Now, let’s get on to the many questions we’ve been receiving about eWallet for iPhone! Some of these we’ve covered before so I apologize to our regular readers, but I want to make sure to cover all the bases.

And we’re going to try to answer every question, so if we didn’t anwer yours yet, we will, and if you have new questions, let us know!


How do I move my data to the iPhone?

Within the next few weeks we will be releasing an update to eWallet that will support synchronization. At that time you can move all your existing wallets over to the iPhone. Sorry for the delay on this. No matter how we cut it, we weren’t going to get everything done by the AppStore release date so we decided we’d release the base application first and add sync with the update.

What about backing up my information?

The phone does this. I did a hard reset on my own phone to test it and iTunes does indeed backup everything on your phone, including your wallets. Once you’ve restored your phone (or restored a new one if you lost your current phone) all of your eWallet data is restored as well.

Will I have to sync to the Cloud?

No. In fact after our initial suggestion that this was the method we planned to use, we received so much feedback from folks saying “No! We want local sync!” that we’re implementing local sync first instead. The only limitation is that you will need a wireless network to synchronize your data. We still have big plans to support Cloud sync as well, but for August we’re focusing on the local sync solution.

Why can’t I just copy a wallet over to the phone?

Although eWallet is using standard .WLT files (the kind used on your Windows PC) Apple hasn’t been particularly open about letting applications move files back and forth. So far, we haven’t come up with a good way to do this directly. Our developers are pretty darn clever though, and if we find an “Apple legal” way we’ll happily let you know.

How much will the sync update cost?

Not a thing. It will be a free upgrade for anyone who owns eWallet for iPhone already.



Why is the iPhone software $9.99 when for other platforms it is $19.95?

Apple doesn’t give us a way to provide a discounted price to existing users. As a result, we decided to choose a price that was comparable to the $10.00 add-on price that we’ve always offered to existing. I’m not sure if the software will always be $9.99 but we really didn’t want to charge our existing customers full price and this was the only way we could do it.

Is there a desktop version?

Yes, eWallet has a version for desktop. You can get all the details here:


If you have eWallet 6.1 on your Windows PC, you will be eligible for a free upgrade to 6.1.1 which will incorporate a few minor changes to support iPhone synchronization.

Do I need different desktop versions for Windows Mobile/BlackBerry/iPhone/etc?

Absolutely not. One desktop version lets you synchronize with all of your mobile devices, other computers, USB drives, remote locations like FTP sites, and more.

I heard I can get eWallet for Windows desktop free!

UPDATE 09-19-08: This offer was only valid before the 6.1.2 sync upgrade came out. The upgrade went live in the App Store on September 7th, at which time this promotion ended. The desktop version of eWallet is $9.95 for all iPhone eWallet owners. You can find upgrade details here on our site.

That’s true! We feel pretty bad that we couldn’t have the sync component ready to roll on Day 1 so we’ve decided to make it up to you. Just email us (support@iliumsoft.com) a copy of your iTunes electronic receipt showing your eWallet purchase using the subject FREE DESKTOP EWALLET and we’ll send you download and unlock information for the Windows PC version of eWallet 6.1 at no charge. Or, if you already own eWallet 6.1 for Windows PC, use the subject FIVE BUCKS OFF and we’ll send you a discount code that will let you get $5.00 off your next purchase through the Ilium Software online store.



Do you have a Mac version?

Not yet, but we’re working on it. We hope to have a version of eWallet for Mac available later this year.

Is there anything I can do in the meantime?

Unfortunately we don’t have a great solution for Mac users at this time, but we are working on some plans that might provide an interim solution while you wait for the true Mac version. We’ll keep you updated! And if you want to get emailed when we have Mac news, send an email to support@iliumsoft.com with the subject MAC UPDATES. We’ll make sure to let you know what is happening.



Is there a trial version?

No. Unfortunately, AppStore and the iPhone don’t have a method for supporting trial version right now. We do have a demo video (about a minute and half long) that you can watch:

High Res (11 MB)
Med Res (9 MB)
Low Res (5 MB)

Don’t you have an iPhone site?

Absolutely! You can check it out here:


Looks great on your desktop or an iPhone.

43 thoughts on “eWallet for iPhone Answers II

  1. Dean Roberts

    Thanks for the update. I look forward to being able to fully use ewallet with synchronization.

    Also, thanks for the $5.00 discount offer! I ill use this on the Mac OSX desktop version.

    As Apple products have become more popular, Windows users are either switching over or at least adding a Mac OSX computer to their mix. Please make sure that when we sync over wifi that the wallet will sync with a users Windows and Mac computer at the same time if they own both.

    In the future when you release a Mac version, I would hate to have to choose only one OS to work with. I would rather keep both updated simultaneously

    Again, thanks for the great communication now get back to work and finish up! LOL 🙂

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  3. david ardley

    Hi – I sync my iphone to my apple mac, and I have my ewallet (loads of info) on my windows PC.

    With the proposed update – will I be able to get my windows ewallet to the iphone ?


  4. Simon D

    So if we are looking at an update in the next couple of weeks that means you have already given it to Apple so that they can test it right?!!! 🙂

    I do hope they sort out upgrades more swiftly otherwise we could be waiting for a while!

  5. Mike Z.

    When will you be sending out the free windows desktop edition for people who already sent you an email?

  6. Ax

    I have been using eWallet for years on my Windows PC and PDA. I am so excited to see that it is finally available for the Touch. However, if I understand this correctly, I have to wait till a few more weeks till I can use it to sync between the Touch and my other devices. This would be a bummer! Since importing also does not seem available at this time, would this mean that I have to recreate the whole file? I really hope I am missing something, otherwise I have to hold on with my purchase till this is possible.

  7. David

    Thanks for the update and the great Desktop offer.

    Hopefully the wait for the Sync won’t be too long (iTunes seems to do updates to existing products fairly quickly, ever hopeful).

    Question/Request on features how about searching for cards in the wallet ? will we be seeing that in the next version ?

  8. Kevin White

    @mike Z: As soon as we can. eWallet for iPhone is rather popular (a good thing), but that means we’re literally swamped in support requests! We should be able to start sending some out by the end of today.

  9. Ellis

    How am I going to do a “local sync” when my iPhone syncs to a Mac desktop? I don’t want to switch my syncing to a PC just for eWallet sync.

    Am I to understand that now even the August update won’t let me move my existing wallet to my iPhone?

  10. Marc Post author

    Hey everyone! I’m writing down all the questions and I’ll do another post tomorrow with more answers for everyone! I’ve found that if one person asks others are wondering and folks are more likely to find the answers in a primary blog post!

  11. Richard Hartmann

    Having been a user of eWallet on my Treo phone and MS Desktop, I Immediately purchased theis great app for my new iPhone 3G to find that all the old data I had is on hold for a month. I am happy to hear that you will port the Desktop software over to Mac soon for I have also bailed from MS and have my first Mac as many others have done since Vista. Please keep up the great work and push this stuff through. I would also love to get your eNotes for both of these platforms.

  12. Jay

    I am a regsitered user of ewallet and like others would like to grab it for my iphone (when it arrives). I’m concerned however that it might be implemented in a way that I cannot use at work.

    I cannot:
    1) install itunes on my work PC
    2) enable wireless at work

    I can use the way you currently do it, or :
    1) activesync via USB
    2) activesync via bluetooth

    Can you elabrate a little more on how you plan to implement synchronization?

    I beleive its a good thing that you released ewallet early, and can appreciate the difficulty in getting synchronization to work, but I would echo other posters wish for a way to at least load an initial .wlt file. Like others, I do not want to enter all my cards manually on the iphone. Also, I prefer not to load hacked firmware though as some have done to get around this – that is not a viable option.

  13. Richard Ow

    Hi. How do I get an itunes receipt? I want to get eWallet 6.1 for the desktop but can’t find out how to get a receipt.



  14. Kevin White

    @richard ow: You should get iTunes receipts emailed to you within a few days of purchase. You may not get one right away; they may get sent out after the credit card transaction is finalized, which can take several days.

    If you don’t get one at all, you can always screen-shot the purchase record from your iTunes Store Account page in iTunes.

  15. Ellis

    Marc … if you are going to answer the questions tomorrow then please ignore/delete the support question that I have sent in.

    Richard … your receipt should come to your e-mail account within a day or so after purchase.

  16. John

    I would really like to see a Mac OSX application for ListPro with sync capabilities. I purchased eWallet for iPhone and I have begun the painstaking process of manually entering in all my old eWallet info from my Windows Mobile device……boy is it painful. I am doing one category per day because that is all I can handle. By the time I am finished, you will probably have some kind of solution available. Like others have been posting, many iPhone users have, or will have a Mac shortly. Apple is gaining market share.

  17. Mark

    I have been using eWallet for years on the WM platform and its absence from the iPhone was almost enough for me not to buy it last year. But I did and have been anxiously anticipating an iPhone version. I had also been holding out on upgrading to the iPhone 2.0 software, but when eWallet finally showed up in iTunes I couldn’t resist. I’ve downloaded several apps, both free and paid, and eWallet is one of my favorite. I know syncing will be available soon, but I hope the stability can be improved first. The only app that has crashed my iPhone is eWallet, and it happens about 1/3 of the time. I’ve never jailbroken or unlocked my phone, so I’m not sure what’s going on. With that said, I’m still recommending it to everyone I know. Great job guys and thanks!

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  19. Tommy

    I’ve been using Epocwares Handy Safe for my Symbian devices for years but since I switched to iPhone I have really missed a similar app.
    But eWallet is that app and more!
    I really miss the desktop sync app though. But I saw it is coming soon.

  20. ellery kurtz

    I am not sure I totally understand what you are projecting. I have eWallet on my Palm Life Drive and my Windows XP OS laptop at home where I keep both versions synched by a USB cable connection. I do not have a wireless network at home. I recently purchased an IPhone and am looking forward to having it on my Iphone as well. But….I am not understanding what the sync process will be for my laptop to Iphone. Will I need to do that by bluetooth? Or will there be a local synch by USB cable? Or will I be out of luck?
    Thank you.

  21. Terry

    This is great. I have a fairly big wallet synced among 2 Windows PCs and a PDA. As soon as iPhone sync is available, I’ll buy.

  22. Marc Post author

    We have some additional sync meetings planned over the next couple of days. I will try to post some additional details later this week. Sorry for making you wait but I’d hate to promise “we’re doing X” and do something different – especially if you’re basing a purchase choice on that information!

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  25. Ax

    I just received your email informing the release of the iPhone eWallet app. Can you guys send out another one as soon as the ‘sync version’ is available?
    This would save me the daily checking and would ensure Ilium to get the my money as soon as the update is released 🙂

  26. Chris

    My two cents on sync… I am in dire need of an application like this however; the sync over wireless is not an option for me. I work in a financial environment and we strictly prohibit wireless due to regulations. I would imagine that there are many others out there in this same situation. Anyone who uses enterprise firewall controls would probably not be legally or morally allowed to circumvent the corporate firewall by setting up a wireless connection. I would love to see an option to sync over the USB cable, or email an encrypted file to the phone that could then be imported into the password manager software (just a thought).

  27. Singh

    Thanks for the $5 discount offer. Will it be possible to use the $5 discount when ListPro for iPhone will be released?

  28. Marc Post author

    @Singh: No. Unfortunately, Apple has not provided us with a way to provide coupons or discounts. I hope they do in the future.

  29. Singh

    I have bought eWallet for iPhone. Still waiting for the receipt to come. How much time does it take?

    I want to suggest a feature that can be added to eWallet:-
    In Security Settings how about adding a new setting that will destroy the wallet after the “user defined” unsuccessful password attempts(just like IronKey).

  30. Marc Post author

    @Singh: I think they send receipts once a week.

    As for the request, I’ll definitely think about it but boy do I ever hesitate to do that. The reality is that if you’ve chosen a good password you don’t need to delete the wallet. It would take something on the order of 20,000 years and every computer on the planet networked together to brute force hack a 256-bit AES wallet. I hesitate because any “feature” that deletes wallets tends to backfire in the long run and leaves customers frustrated. We’ll certainly add it to the request list though.

  31. Singh

    If it’s an optional feature and user turns it on the user understands that unsuccessful attempts will delete his wallet. You could give the user a warning if the users turns this feature on.

    More feature requests:-
    1.) Recycle bin for eWallet. One recycle bin inside each wallet and another one for the wallets. It’s really easy to delete a wallet by mistake. eWallet does not ask to confirm the deletion. If the user deletes any object by mistake he can easily recover the object from recycle bin.
    2.) Is it possible to transfer(copy/move) objects from one wallet to another?

  32. Marc Post author


    1. We’re adding a delete wallet confirmation. Apparently a number of people have been having this problem. We didn’t realize it would be easy to do this accidentally.

    2. Copy: I’ll certainly add this to the request list.

    3. Log: Neat idea! I’ll add this to the request list as well.

  33. Kenneth

    I feel that you should not be able to delete a wallet unless you have already unlocked it. This would help ensure that only the owner of the wallet can delete it.

    Also, is there a way to permanently delete the defualt “My Wallet”? Everytime I remove it from the list, it shows back up after I relaunch the application.



  34. scooob

    I have the same problem with “My Wallet” reappearing after renaming and/or deleting it. Do we have to wait for desktop sync to be able to permanently delete this?

  35. Mike

    We are in August now any update on when the update will be available for the iphone 3G? I really like ewallet I have the desktop and U3 version also.

  36. me

    Well, companies have learned it well from the old IBM, announce something first to stop people going to the competition, then worry about delivery on the date you announced.

  37. Marc

    @me: I can understand your skepticism, but that simply isn’t the case here. When we released eWallet for iPhone we knew our customers would want sync. We also knew that sync was nearly finished and that we could have it out by August. For that reason we did something we normally don’t, which is to announce the release in advance. We simply wanted to make sure that our existing customers knew that sync was more than just an idea we had.

    As I said previously, everything is looking good and I fully expect to see a sync release this month as planned.

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