4 out of 5 Pirates Choose eWallet!

Apparently everyone knows that eWallet is the best way to keep your information safe! Even software pirates*! 

I’ve always said that one of the key indicators of success is how many people are trying to steal your software. This has always been something we’ve seen with eWallet and apparently eWallet for iPhone is no exception. With hundreds of applications to choose from in the AppStore, the software pirates have chosen eWallet as one of 30 or so applications they’ve stripped Apple’s DRM out of. What is more, in articles about it (which I’m afraid I won’t be linking to here) they actually chose an eWallet screenshot to advertise this.

What can I say! We’re honored!

I’ll tell you, I really wish we could use this as part of a major marketing campaign. I mean, if a hacker thinks eWallet is the safest place to store their passwords and other critical information, it really says something about the level of security eWallet gives you. It’s like a skydiver telling you which parachute to buy or a police officer suggesting a particular brand of bullet proof jacket.

Yep, even software pirates know that if you want to keep your information safe, eWallet is the only choice!

DISCLAIMER: In case it isn’t obvious, I’m not advocating using pirated software. Please don’t do that. Besides the fact that it is illegal, pirating really does cut into our bottom line and makes it harder to keep releasing new versions! Clearly that isn’t in anyone’s best interest. Not only that, but lord only knows what might have been done with a version of the software that didn’t come from us. At the same time pirated software is a reality of the software industry and you have to be honored when pirates choose to steal your application over the many competing products available!

* We’re pretty sure regular pirates prefer eWallet as well but unfortunately Apple hasn’t given us a way to track whether a sale was to a regular customer, a pirate, or a ninja.

21 thoughts on “4 out of 5 Pirates Choose eWallet!

  1. Kerim Satirli

    Well, well, well – look at this. This really is a testament to the fact that eWallet has risen to heights that other applications can still only dream off.

    While I do not advocate software piracy, I have to say that every time I hear DRM, I shy away from a product, because it just never works out in favor of the customer.

    Granted, this is not your fault but rather Apple’s and Apple is probably here to stay for a bit longer than the likes of MSN Music, Yahoo! Music and other vendors, but I still feel like smiling at the fact that somebody managed to strip the DRM of the one and only application that actually made the iPhone useful.

  2. Ellen

    Yes, much as I don’t like being pirated, we’re in good company. That article you didn’t link to says: “The list included Super Monkey Ball, Bomberman Touch, FileMagnet, Units, Texas Hold’em, eWallet and more.”

  3. brandon

    I guess “congratulations” are in order. Obviously this isn’t what you would want to see happen from an application you trust to be distributed in a secure manor … but again as you said its a reality of the software industry and no matter what someone is always going to try and get over for free.

    Anyway – keep up the good work. Many of us are still happy to pay for the real thing!

  4. Peter

    Reminds me a little of MS’ philosophy on piracy. Not condoned, but they’d also rather have people pirating their software/OS’s than buying/using other ones. 🙂

    As for me, you don’t have to worry about me pirating eWallet for the iPhone. (Of course, the fact that I don’t have one is a whole ‘nother story…..) 🙂

    I’ve got to review that list – I have to admit that I’m curious if any other WM crossover apps are in the list.

  5. Paul

    Arrrrgg!! The scurvy dogs! Make em walk the plank, then run them through and step on their toes!

  6. Rodney

    Congrats…. 😉 eWallet is the best! I’m so looking forward to August so that I can sync my wallet file…

  7. Eric

    Let me see…

    I could

    a) Trust my most sensitive information to an application from an untrusted source
    b) Spend a measly ten bucks for software from a trusted source.

    Let me think about that for a minute.

  8. Rob

    I doubt the the iPhone would be much use to real pirates. Something to do with incompatibility between the multi touch screen and hooked hands. Don’t think the warranty would extend to such damage.

  9. T-boy

    I don’t yet have an iPhone, but let me assure you that when I do, the the first application I will buy from the AppStore is ewallet. The next one will be ListPro.

    I wish my corporate bureaucrats would hurry up and approve my iPhone!

  10. mszatny

    I just got eWallet and looking forward to sync capability in the near future. Also would like to see NewsBreak as an iPhone app.

  11. Mofongo

    I wonder how many people will actually install pirated apps on their iPhones and iPods. The model that Apple seems to be promoting is make the software cheap enough (and easy enough to pay for) that people just buy it instead of going through the bother of getting a hacked version. I like this approach, so I hope it will be successful in the end.

    PocketPC apps were always unbelievably expensive. Some doofus spends 4 hours and writes some little WM5 shareware app and wants $20 bucks for it. Meanwhile, you can get eWallet (which I am guessing took just a teeny bit longer than 4 hours to write 🙂 for the same price. Go figure. Therefore, the rate of piracy is quite high for those devices, because much of the software is not a good value.

  12. anonguy

    Just want to let you know, while I’ve been guilty of using pirated products for my handheld in the past, eWallet was one that I gladly paid for, and have already bought my iPhone copy. When ListPro makes it to the iPhone I’ll be paying for that one too. I hope you’ll have enough grateful legit users to keep you guys developing for a long time.

  13. cem cemil

    next week i will buy iphone and after that i will add this appilication to my favorites. also i know that listingpro… one of my friend is using this application. he really likes this..

  14. Jeremy

    Just a request about piracy philosophy. Please don’t put any stupid “CALL HOME” type code in your apps, or use eSellerRate anti-piracy software.

    I think it’s unethical to install needless CPU-intensive “big brother” bloatware on people’s home computers.

    I’ve seen (and worked for) companies who spend tons of cash to try to fight this. It only angers your core base of people who purchase your software, and encourages them to try to find “cracks” to protect their privacy.

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