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This may not be the post you’ve been waiting for

Warning: this post is completely non-Apple related. It’s just me and my little contest hat again. I thought now would be a good time to offer a happy little diversion to you. Take a break from clicking your mouse and refreshing the eWallet page on the App Store – hurry, before you get carpal tunnel!

It’s now time to reach into my hat and see who the monthly blog contest winner is for August. It looks like the lucky winner this time is David, for commenting on the post It’s Syncing! It’s Syncing! Congratulations! Now, there were quite a few Davids commenting on that post, so to preemptively clear up any outcries of “Which one? Was it me?” the David that was chosen left his comment on August 24th at 11:23am. So, “David at 11:23am” – I just sent you an email explaining how to get your prize. If you don’t receive it, reply to this post and let me know.

To everyone else, thanks so much for staying tuned and leaving your thoughts and comments. We hit the over-100 comment mark on two posts in August, which I think is just amazing. Keep coming back and keep on responding, because I’ll drag the hat out again in less than a month and you’ll have another chance to win. 

You may now return to anxiously awaiting news from the App Store. Just watch out for that carpal tunnel!

Apple Really Does Review Apps!

For a while now, there has been a lot of speculation about just what the Apple AppStore review process consists of. Do they actually run the applications? Is it simply a rubber stamp? Is there any sort of criteria for acceptance or rejection? As a developer with a product in the AppStore I can confirm that the review process is very real and frankly this is a good thing!

The reason I bring this up is that besides having to prove export approval, Apple asked us for a copy of the desktop portion of eWallet so that they could review the synchronization process. Never that I know of have we had a distributor specifically tell us that they were going to test sync. Maybe they did, but I’m not convinced of that. I’m fairly certain the review process for most device software stores is much looser.

Now this process means some waiting to get apps OK’d by Apple, but in the end I believe that people will come to appreciate Apple’s careful approach to this. It will save hours of frustration for consumers who often have to “beta test” applications that don’t actually work as advertised.

So in the meantime, we’re waiting patiently. The Apple black box isn’t quite so black anymore (more of a dark grey) so we know what is happening and where we are in the process.

And in the end, I think the extra time folks have to wait to see an app go live will prove to be a long term benefit for everyone involved.

An eWallet Success Story!

Every now and then we receive an email from a customer who shares an eWallet “Success Story” with us. Now admittedly, as is the case in this example, these stories usually involve some sort of misadventure, but eWallet is the silver lining! We love to hear these, because stories like this are part of the reason we created eWallet. Making enough to pay the bills is certainly a motivator, but the thing that makes this job so fun is working on a product that really does help people!

So here it is! A very cool eWallet success story:

I was pick pocketed in St. Petersburg, Russia; I had my iPhone with ewallet and was able to cancel all credit and debit cards within an hour of the event.  Thanks for great software.  Now I’m looking forward to being able to synch with a version on my PC.

The thing the customer told me (I promised him I wouldn’t share his name) was that he’d entered all of the “Call of Lost or Stolen” numbers from his credit cards into his eWallet cards. No searching for old billing statements at home, no wracking his brain to figure out which cards he had. He just opened eWallet and started calling.

So there you go! A little bit of self-congratulatory back patting, I know, but the story put me in a great mood so I just had to share it.