eWallet at the Apple Stores

Although you still have to buy eWallet for iPhone through the iTunes AppStore, if you visit your favorite brick and mortar Apple Store you just might spot eWallet there! The Apple Stores revealed a new window display this month that includes a display of 54 application icons. For your viewing pleasure I’ve included a picture of one of these displays below*. Sure enough, if you check out the right hand column, there’s the eWallet icon! With thousands of applications to choose from, it’s a real honor that they chose to include us in the display!

And credit where credit is due – I discovered this while checking out a cool site called The iPhone Savior. Definitely worth checking out!

*Picture credit: Kitetoa┬ávia FLICKR – Thanks Kitetoa!

5 thoughts on “eWallet at the Apple Stores

  1. Anthony

    Any update on when Listpro might be coming to the iPhone….the page on your website still says “later this Summer”. Listpro was my favorite app on my old Ipaq.

  2. Larry

    I’m using EWallet on the Iphone and love it. However, for us old folks, how about a minor update with larger fonts and the ability to look at the cards in landscape view?? Plz?

  3. Mike Abrams

    I also really want to use ListPro… The program splashing on my phone now doesn’t cut it.. when is ListPro coming??

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