eWallet for BlackBerry is Out!

eWallet for BlackBerry is now available! That’s right! It isn’t a beta – it’s the real deal. For a limited time, eWallet for BlackBerry is only available directly from Ilium Software and WebIS. We are working on getting it into your favorite retail stores, but rather than delaying the release further we figured we would make it available through our direct store today.

It has all the great features you’ve come to expect from our products, syncs with the current version of eWallet for Windows PC, and is fully compatible with all of your existing wallet files. We worked with WebIS to bring this great product to you,¬†and please contact Ilium Software directly if you have any questions. Our support staff is here to help you with eWallet for BlackBerry just like we do for eWallet on all the other platforms. (For those of you who are new to eWallet, we’re available toll free at 888-632-5388 M-F 9am to 4:30pm ET or via email at support@iliumsoft.com.)

You can download eWallet for BlackBerry here. Try it for 30 days to see if you like it! If you do, you can purchase eWallet for BlackBerry here. And if you are a current eWallet user, find out about getting BlackBerry for the discounted $10 add-on price!

13 thoughts on “eWallet for BlackBerry is Out!

  1. Tony

    YEAH about time!
    I’m having a hard time loading it via my virtual Vista spot but other than than, once I get beyond that it will be so cool!

  2. RJ Czajkowski

    Unfortunately, it is impossible to purchase the upgrade of eWallet for Blackberry (I already have eWallet for Desktop PC, Windows Mobile, Palm and iPod Touch). No matter if I try PayPal, VISA or MasterCard, after I click on submit transaction I get a blank page displayed after a short wait.

    Looks like there might be a problem with Ilium’s server…

  3. RJ Czajkowski

    Oops, it looks that the link to 30-day trial version included in the blog post also does not work (download seems to start, but just sits there with nothing being downloaded). Huston, we have a problem!

  4. Tim

    It’s finally here! Too bad you can’t actually get it because of problems completing the purchase/upgrade process. It’s like going to a new retail store and finding out they forgot to install cash registers! Hope you guys get this worked out soon!

  5. Ellen

    Sorry, everyone!! We’re having server problems. We’re trying to get them resolved now, but things may be a tiny bit flaky for a few day. Please keep trying. Sorry about the extra trouble.

  6. polskasweetie

    I currently have the Windows version of this app, but will be switching my handset to a Blackberry Bold and was starting to look for a replacement software running on the Blackberry that can take .wlt files and already found one but didn’t purchase it yet as the interface was not that similar. Luckily, I decided to check Iliumsoft today and lo and behold, they actually came out with a Blackberry version today!

    I say well done Iliumsoft, it’s about time! And I’ve seen the version for the iPhone too. Very nice indeed. Innovations like these are what it takes to make loyal customers like me stay with Iliumsoft! Did I mention their customer service is nothing but excellent too?

  7. Jake

    Hey guys – not to sound like a dummy – but what is the real advantage to having an ewallet vs a real wallet – I just don’t get it?

  8. Marc Post author

    @Jake: Despite the name it is much more than a wallet. Still, looking at it purely from the “electronic version of your wallet” POV, here is one example:

    – You drop your real wallet, I pick it up, I open it, I have all your private info.
    – You drop your PDA with eWallet on it, I pick it up, I have no access since it’s locked down with 256-BIT AES encryption.

    As for other uses, eWallet isn’t just for “regular wallet” info. You can keep everyting from software serial numbers to web passwords in it. It’s an all-purpose secure storage application. Plus you can sync it to your PC and other devices, so that if you ever DO lose it, you have full backups in multiple locations.

  9. Jake


    I hear what you saying…but I still need to carry a regular wallet with cash, DL and other id’s. Besides – if I go into a store to make a purchase – I still need my CC. It seem like the only benefit is online shopping and backup. I still have carry everything with me.

    Am I missing something?

  10. Marc

    @Jake: Maybe it just isn’t the right tool for you, Jake. I have dozens and dozens of passwords I keep in eWallet. I also keep the combos for the padlocks I use on my sheds. I store the serial numbers for my appliances and electronics. I store the CC numbers for teh credit cards I don’t actually carry with me. I also record the “call of stolen” numbers, since if my wallet is stolen – well, I don’t really have the card to get the number off it. I keep my passport info. I keep my prescription numbers and info. I keep my glasses prescription.

    If you only think of it as an electronic version of the wallet in your pocket, you’re missing a big part of it. Frankly, the best thing I can suggest is for you to try it. You can try it for 30 days free.

  11. Jake

    Marc – thanks for the insight. I have a better understanding of the features of eWallet. I really like the idea of storing the CC “call if stolen” numbers – very, very good idea.

    I think that I will give it a shot.

  12. Jeff

    eWallet worked really well when I had a BlackBerry 8830 but on the Storm that replaced it, it is a bit kludgey. Is a version of eWallet for BlackBerry in development for the Storm (9500 / 9530)?

    Happy New Year!

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