Store Problems – We’re On It!

Apparently we’ve got some store problems (and it affects more than just eWallet for BlackBerry folks). Our crack team of emergency technicians are on the job, and hopefully we’ll have everything sorted out soon! In the meantime, if you have had problems, drop us an email at or call us after 9:30AM ET at 888-632-5388. If you email us, you can help us expidiate responses for this problem by using the subject “Purchase Problems.”

Just to assure everyone: if you purchased the software you WILL get what you’ve paid for. Again,┬ácontact us and we’ll jump on it right away. Also, if you tried to purchase again and are worried you might get double billed, we’re checking for this as well so you should NOT get billed twice.

Strange, it’s like someone is TRYING to stop us from releasing eWallet for BlackBerry…hmmm…

Update: The site problems have now all been resolved — thank very much for your patience and we’re very sorry for any trouble you may have had.

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