Have Coffee with Marc!

If you’re attending MacWorld (or if you live in the Bay Area) come have coffee with me tomorrow morning! I’ll be camped out at Starbucks in the Marriott lobby from 8am to 9am, stocking up on caffeine to get me through the day.

It’s your chance to ask me your burning questions (yes, we’re working on the Mac version), offer up your ideas, and find out what we have planned for the future. We’d love to hear from you so come on over.

And if you can’t make it tomorrow, I’ll be there again on Thursday morning!

Just look for the stunningly handsome bald guy with an Ilium Software shirt on! 😉

See you there!

9 thoughts on “Have Coffee with Marc!

  1. David Via

    Missed the window this morning for coffee, but if you have time maybe you could drop by the booth I’m working today? Would love to meet and chat with you for a few minutes. I’ll be at 3418 from 2-6 this afternoon.


  2. Luther

    Marc, I hope MWSF was great for Ilium. I am loving the iphone version but am now hanging out for the OS X desktop. That will be my last legacy app from MS-ville. You guys have been my saviour more times through my early Palm devices and now my iphone – years and years. So keep it up and I can’t wait for the desk version so I can ditch Windows completely!

  3. Alan DeRego

    First off, I enjoyed the podcast that you did on MobileAppsToday.

    Next, I thought maybe you would have talked about the Mac version.

    Third, Is there any updates on the Mac version?



  4. Robin

    I can’t be there, but I do have a burning question: What’s happening with web companion?

    Why is it taking so long?

  5. Marc

    @Alan: 1) Thanks! 2) Not much more to say than we’ve already said I’m afraid. Sorry! 3) Same as 2!

    @Robin: I did a whole post, just for you! 🙂 See today’s new post.

  6. nirfx

    Hi there,
    you guys are already working sooooo long on the mac-version… this should be a hell of application then, once it will be out…
    the more time you need the higher the expectations will be….

    thanks, and still waiting…


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