App Store Survey Results

Results #1: How You Find Apps

appstore1The short version: OK, I’m surprised.

The longer version follows. In case you missed it, last week we posted a survey about how people use the iTunes App Store.

First, a few disclaimers. I doubt this is really a representative group. Or a big enough group to make the responses statistically believeable. My questions weren’t written or organized in such a way that we probably got the best information. You’re welcome to use the information, but it’s at your own risk.

So, with that out of the way, here are some results. I’m going to split these up over a few days, so any given post isn’t too long.

Starting with what was most interesting – and surprising – to me: how you find apps. From the 200+ people who responded:

85% said yes, you do look outside iTunes to find, or find out about, available apps. Only about 12% said no to that one. (Click on the graphs to see the bigger versions.)

Survey Question 1


On the question of how you find new apps, the response was very spread out (and yes, people were allowed to pick more than one option). But the most popular answer – from websites outside iTunes – got under 20%. Ads got least votes: just about 1%. Don’t tell Apple; I love seeing the App Store ads on TV, even though they don’t feature our stuff (I’d go through the ceiling if they did). Power Search, the second lowest response, got just over 3%. Here are the details:

Ilium Software iTunes App Store survey result


The “other” responses included magazines, RSS feeds, specific site names, and “It’s so un-organized you cant find apps!”. It’s true. I’m hoping to write more about finding apps in the store soon.

And finally (in the Find apps questions), when asked whether you ever go to an app developer’s site, over 87% of you said yes! Only 10% said no. OK, time to work on our site.



I’ll write about what the rest of the answers were later in the week, as well as some commentary and of course the prize giveaways. Meanwhile, the survey is still open, so if you haven’t taken it yet, please do! This is really an eye-opener for me. And I’m happy to keep posting results, and giving away prizes, as long as more people respond.

And, before I forget, many thanks to everyone who participated, and who posted about the survey.

8 thoughts on “App Store Survey Results

  1. patrickj

    Good stuff Ellen. Glad you got a good amount of feedback. I think the biggest surprise in this first glance at results is that huge percentage of folks who visit developer sites.

    That’s impressive – and probably a very good idea. I’ve found that you sometimes find very dodgy looking sites, or sites marked only as ‘Coming soon’. That might mean nothing in some cases, but it seems a bad omen to me.

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  4. Matt

    I think you have to remember that this survey was in the web. That explains why so many people answered “yes” to “look outside iTunes” and other staff. Your participants are much more experienced than average iPhone users, I believe. Thus, the real (offline) iPhone holders survey you would show you absolutely different numbers.

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  6. Keri

    Just found this thread and wish I’d found it earlier. I’ve never even looked at the iTunes app store, though I visit other areas of the store frequently.

    This is off-topic, but I came to ilium software today because I’m a long time ListPro fan, and was hoping (not expecting, mind you) to find a desktop widget version. Preferably adobe air. I recently tried several to-do lists because I like the widget interface, but none of them measure up to ListPro –or offer smooth mobile sync like ListPro.

    Any plans for offering a ListPro Widget?

  7. Marc

    @Keri: We don’t really have any Widget plans for ListPro right now but neither have I ruled it out. We’re looking at a few things and I’ll definitely add your vote!

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