No joke: we have a winner

april-fools-day-contestWell, the contest is now officially over – the secret text on the secret page has been changed back to normal, and I have a winner to announce!

I got a lot of great entries – thanks to everyone for playing! There were only┬áthree correct guesses, so it’s interesting to find out that some of you took other “serious” text on our site as a joke!

I put the three correct guessers’ (is that a word?) names into my magic contest hat, and the winner is: Greg. Congrats, Greg! I’m going to reply to your entry email now to get the details I need to send your prize out.

If anyone is curious, before I fixed the website I took a screenshot of the fake text:

click to enlarge
(What’s fake? We’re in Ann Arbor, MI – not Canada, and yeah… those aren’t our real names. Click the image to see it full size.)

Thanks again to everyone who played – be sure to keep coming back, and next month we’ll return to your regularly scheduled blog comment contest, so you’ll have another chance to win!

8 thoughts on “No joke: we have a winner

  1. Peter

    I figured it was an actual contest, but don’t actually have a use for the prize that was offered so left it to others to enter. Congrats to the winner and I appreciate your offering of a contest on a day so dedicated to silliness. (Amusing at times, but still….)

  2. Patrick

    Congratulations on the winner! just as Chicago Realtor said I also hope to have another contest and try to participate in it.

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