What’s with the Windows bugs?

Although most of the people who have upgraded to eWallet 7 on Windows PCare having no trouble at all, there are a few folks running into bugs. A few of these bugs are really frustrating and we’re not taking this lightly. We’ve got developers working non-stop on these and we hope to have an update in the near future.

Most of the people who are running into trouble are already working with Kevin, Lee, and myself on getting the issues ironed out but I wanted to just take a minute to explain why you are seeing bugs! Understanding the developer end of things may not make everything better, but it might help give some insight into what is going on.

I’m also going to mention a few of the bugs we’ve seen at the end of this post. One reminder, however…please send us email if you need support. We just can’t do it here in the blog comments!

That said…read on if you want the full story!

So what is so different about eWallet 7 on Windows PC?
The underlying challenge is this…with eWallet 7 we literally rewrote every single piece of the eWallet program. The program you were all using before was over 10 years old and while the original code base was strong, it had some issues. None of that is left in eWallet 7. It’s a brand new application.

But why did you change it?
First, it was rigid, meaning it was exceptionally hard for us to do things that people felt “should be easy to implement.” We needed flexibility so we could remain relevant going forward.

Second, it saw a lot of add-ons over the years. eWallet 6 was a LOT different (feature-wise) from eWallet 1. At some point, all that adding on takes its toll and makes it really expensive (in time and money) to improve the application.

Third, the user interface needed a major face lift. I know a lot of our long term users didn’t mind it (I kind of liked it!) BUT many old customers felt we weren’t keeping up with the times (and said so!) and for new customers it made it hard for us to compete (once they TRIED the apps they chose us, but in a screenshot to screenshot comparison it was tough for us!) Just sprucing up the old version wasn’t an option (see the first and second points!)

Didn’t you test this thing?
Did we ever! We had over 100 people actively using eWallet for around two months straight. In addition, we’ve been using eWallet 7 in-house even longer than that! Plus we did all our usual automated and manual testing that we do with every release. So yes – we tested this – A LOT!

So how did bugs get through?
Remember the part about rewriting the entire application? When you do that, no matter how carefully you test, it is impossible to find all the bugs. With Windows PCs there are literally an infinite number of installation and configuration combinations. There is NO WAY to test every condition. You test as many as you can and catch as much as you can, but you’ll never catch everything. It’s a mathematical impossibility.

Even now, with people helping us work on the bugs that have come up, many of these we can’t even replicate in-house. It is exceptionally difficult BUT we’re working on it and we will work these out. Believe it or not, the last version of eWallet had its problems – we worked through them and the same will be true here. We’ll do everything we can to help you in the meantime.

In the end it’s what we had to do…
We knew we’d be facing challenges like this when we went into this. We had a 7.0.1 update release on the calendar prior to eWallet even going out. If we didn’t do this overhaul now, however, there would have been costs down the road. We had to bite the bullet and make it happen – it took a long time, a ton of work, and we’re working through some challenges now, but in the long run eWallet will be a better app for it and will be poised to serve you for the next decade.

So what is a customer to do?
First, let support know what you saw by sending them an email. LOTS of people want eWallet 7 so we are getting slammed by questions, orders, and requests but we WILL answer you. If you don’t email us, however, we won’t know what is happening.

Second, if you’ve got one of the uglybugs and you decide you want to use eWallet 6 for now, that’s fine – just say so in the email and we’ll send you what you need.

Finally – talk to us! We really do want to make things right and we’ll do everything in our power to do so – so let us know what YOU need and we’ll work with you.

Sincerely, Marc

PS: Here are some things we know folks are seeing right now –

Windows 7 Explorer Crashes: Can’t replicate this in-house but we’re working with some customers to figure out what is happening.

BSOD: Holy crap! A couple of people have seen really bad crashes – again, for the life of us we can’t replicate this but we’re working with some folks and will get this ironed out as well. The strange thing here is that we quite literally aren’t touching anything in Windows that should allow this! It’s nuts but we’ll figure it out!

Blank Text: Can’t see the text? We found that some customers using particularly high DPI settings are running into this. We have a solution we’re testing so hopefully we can get it into the next build.

Error 1010 On Sync: If something goes wonky during install (maybe from other programs running or something like that) it might damage your sync partnership. If that happens just delete the partnership from sync setup and re-add it. You should be all set!

These are a few that I wanted to mention just because they are the most likely to make you nuts if you get them! As I said – most people aren’t having any problems – seriously, we’ve got thousands of people using eWallet 7 now and only a handful see these – these bugs suck – we know – but odds are you won’t see them…and again…IF YOU DO, PLEASE EMAIL US! We can’t do support on the blog. It just isn’t setup for that!

23 thoughts on “What’s with the Windows bugs?

  1. Paul A.

    Nice to see the Mac beta but bugs here too!!! It syncs initially but then the desktop version freezes even when you try to re-size the window.

  2. Fabrizio

    Since the initial release I’ve been running eWallet 7 on Windows 7 Bootcamp and Parallels Desktop without a hitch (it’s not even the latest build).
    The key to running smoothly anything on windows is having clean environments inside your operating systems. If people have so many issues, they should look into fixing up their machines rather than expecting the developer to account for every single scenario their software will encounter.
    On the other hand… just get a MAC!!!

  3. Jeff


    I’ve contacted support several times about some severe slowdowns on Windows 7 on eWallet launch, but noone has gotten back to me.

    I’m seeing this on two PCs, one x86 and one x64.

    Can someone please contact me?

  4. Marc

    Regarding the Windows 7 Explorer Crash
    We have now managed to replicate this problem! I understand that there seems to be a connection to eWallet. At the same time, type “Windows 7 explorer crash” into google and check out what google suggests – “Windows 7 explorer crash on right click” is apparently VERY popular. Apparently this issue is pretty wide spread and not necessarily related to eWallet 7 (having started with the Windows 7 release) – that isn’t to say we won’t work on this like crazy – I’m just warning that if there is something wrong with Windows 7 it might get tough to resolve this – but again – we’ll keep trying.

  5. sm77

    Windows 7 Explorer Crashes: same problem here.
    ewallet 7 demo installed after a fresh install of windows 7 professional 64bit.

    Another error is a exception error when I try to edit a value in a field of any card.
    I get Invalid field ID 0x80AB for this card kind.

  6. Adnny

    I have no problems with the new version on Windows7 x64 but I do have two things I’d like to mention.

    One, the new ONLY 45 days of free upgrades. That’s a pretty short window!

    Two, for those of us with poor eye sight, it would be a great feature if on the iPhone & PC the cards could be magnified. Otherwise, I’ll need to move to another application soon…

    Thanks for your hard work

  7. Marc

    @sm77: That field editing issue isn’t anything we’ve run into – I’ll pass that along to the support folks.

    @Adnny: I’ll pass on the magnification request!

  8. Ken

    As far as magnification, I’ve requested the cards to be able to be displayed in landscape mode. They could be larger and more legible that way. I would really like to be able to turn the iPhone sideways and have the card switch to landscape.

  9. Jeff

    FWIW – I’m seeing the same explorer crashes since installing eWallet 7.0.

    I’m also seeing really really slow (20-30sec) eWallet load times on Windows 7, both for the first launch, and subsequent launches. I’m seeing this on x86 and x64 machines. So far, I’m 3 for 3 seeing this slowdown.

    If anyone else reading this is seeing this as well, please post here so perhaps IliumSoft can narrow this down.

  10. Ronald

    I ´ve installed the new eWallet 7 this morning (working with Vista Business 64bit) and have the same problem. When eWallet starts the sync the windows synccenter ends the connection, eWallet crashes and is being closed, then after a while the explorer crashes as well. So this is not a problem of Windows 7. In the moment the whole sync process pc-pocket pc doesn´t work.

  11. mattbg

    @Marc: regarding the Windows Explorer issue, it’s been quite awhile since I’ve had problems with Explorer in this regard, and I have quite a few Explorer shell extensions installed. I don’t remember having a problem like this either with Vista or Windows 7 (with any product). The problem with eWallet 7 isn’t limited to right-clicking, either. I haven’t been on my 64-bit machine all week and this problem doesn’t occur for me on any of my 32-bit machines. But, one of the two times it happened to me on my 64-bit machine, it wasn’t associated with right-clicking. Explorer simply crashed every few minutes while eWallet was open and stopped when I closed eWallet.

    Anyway, I’m sure Explorer can share some of the blame because it shouldn’t really be crashing because of the failure of something connected to it… if the BSOD is true then that’s even worse (I seriously doubt that would be eWallet’s fault)… but I honestly can’t remember anything like this ever happening to me on Vista or 7.

  12. Marc

    @mattbg: I’m not saying that we have no part in the problem, but I am saying that the fact that this is a pretty well documented problem in Windows 7 even without eWallet, suggests that whatever it is MAY be tougher to fix – if we screw something up and are the sole source of the trouble THAT we can fix. If Windows is doing something unexpected so we have to build some form of workaround – that gets a little tougher.

    Additional Explorer Trouble Information
    For the most part, as mattbg reported in his experience, the trouble seems isolated to 64-bit installations. Kevin here uses 64-bit has replicated this problem and we’re working on tracking down just why it happens. We’re going to hit some of our MS contacts as well and see if they can shed some light on this.

    And THANK YOU to everyone who has emailed us their information – that has been extremely helpful in narrowing down the issue.

  13. Dino

    Nobody’s gotten back to me from support either since Nov.25!!

    I’ve paid for the upgrade and haven’t gotten it yet!

  14. Rob

    I’ve installed eWallet 7 on two (2) Windows XP SP3 machines. Basic functionality is fine however the program is slow to load. Most seriously is a .NET error when closing eWallet. The error occurs every time the program is closed without exception. Same error on both machines.

    .NET-BroadcastEventWindow eWallet.exe – Application Error

    Had I not paid for the upgrade before installing……Sigh.

  15. Frank

    I consistingly run in to the right click issue on after exiting ewallet I am running the Windows 7 64-bit. It has gotten to point I just restart Windows after I use eWallet.

  16. Kim

    Well, it’s nice that, after paying for both eWallet for iPhone 3Gs and an upgrade to eWallet 7, that I’m going to have to pay again for eWallet 6 if I want to have eWallet running on both platforms. Yes, when trying to register the registration key I received when I purchased V7 is rejected. Come on, guys, if one buys a later version don’t stick it to us again when we try to register an earlier version.

  17. Marc

    @Kim: I really don’t understand what you’re referring to regarding an additional purchase. What platform are you installing eWallet 6 to? As for the key, no, an eWallet 7 key won’t work in eWallet 6 – but if you own eWallet 7 we’re more than happy to send you an eWallet 6 unlock code. Just send an email and ask! Please don’t assume the worst – if you just send us an email we will help!

    @Dino: We replied on Nov. 30th and Dec. 2nd. Both emails were sent to the address you used for this blog post. If you are asking about unlock codes specifically, those are all going out – we have to send thousands upon thousands of emails – it takes time. No matter what happens, you will receive your code prior to the end of the trial period on the software – and seeing how our trial is exactly the same as the full version (except the time limit) there is no loss of functionality. (The reason it takes time to email these is that the email providers mark us as spammers if send out too many at a time – even though we’re sending free upgrade emails!)

    @Rob: Just email the folks here and say “I really shouldn’t have upgraded.” Our 30 day money back offer for purchases made directly through us remains in effect.

    @Frank: As we’ve stated in this and previous posts, we are aware that some folks running Windows 7 64 bit are seeing this. We are working on it. If you’re rather just use eWallet 6 whiel you wait for a resolution, please let the support folks know and they’ll help you revert back.

  18. Dimitris

    As I have mentioned before, I am also facing the windows 7 64bit explorer crash after installing and using ewallet7.

    I do not know if this can help you pinpoint the problem, but it seems the crash happens when you right click something… sometimes but not always…

    For example if I right click on ewallet icon, pinned on my taskbar, then when I right click on ewallet icon, 3 out of 4 times explorer crashes.

    Reading similar problems on other sites, I came down to the conclusion that somehow ewallet 7 messes something up with the context menu.

    I tried using shellexview but I couldn’t see any reference there to a context menu related to ewallet so as to disable it.

    Could you please investigate this as well?


  19. Mel Schwartz

    I haven’t encountered any problem or bugs with my eWallet yet and I’m thankful about that. It’s good that you made some clarifications on some of the issues your customers have experienced, Marc. At least, we’ll have an idea on what to do if we encounter the same problem.

  20. Marc

    Windows 7 64-bit Explorer Crash
    FOUND IT! We discovered the problem! Thanks to the input from folks like you as well as some AMAZING work from Kevin and Matt here at Ilium Software, we tracked the issue to – a Microsoft bug! The good news is that we’ve reported the bug to them AND we’ve found a way to work around it! We’ve already sent some advance copies of 7.0.2 out and it definitely fixes the issue. If all goes well we’ll release 7.0.2 before the week is out (which includes a number of other minor fixes). As always we’ll announce it here on the blog when it goes live!

    @Dimitris: Thanks for the details! We really appreciate that sort of info.

    @Mel: Thanks Mel! We’re doing our best to keep people informed!

  21. Dimitris

    It’s good to know that I’ve helped!!!

    When should I expect to receive my 7.0.2 copy? Will you be sending e-mails or we should download it from the web site when available?

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