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How Did You First Hear of Us?

I was talking with someone I used to work with yesterday, and he asked me how our users hear about us.

It was a good question, and one that a good marketing person should be able to answer. Too bad I’m not a good marketing person.

So rather than trying to figure it out from not enough information, I’m just going to ask – if you’re reading this, how did you first hear of us? An ad? A review? A friend? Browsing an app store? Something else?

Please help us out and let us know. Leave a comment here – you don’t have to create an account or send us any info – or just tweet me an answer. As an incentive, we’ll give away some Amazon and iTunes gift cards to a random selection of people who respond.

And, of course, our sincere thanks.

iPhone Password Hacking App

thief3No, it’s not ours.

And while I can see a need for password recovery, I admit I’m having a hard time seeing the line between recovering a password of your own and hacking someone else’s.

But, that’s actually not my point. My point is that apps like this exist. Continue reading

Proof the Google Tablet is Coming!

I found the most convincing proof I’ve seen that Google is making a Tablet. I found it while hunting down screenshots and pictures of the Apple iPad using Google Image Search. No matter how hard I tried I kept coming up with everything but pictures of the iPad.

So I did something I very seldom try – I used Bing…and suddenly I have tons of pics!

Now I love a lot of things about Microsoft, but Bing isn’t one of them. In all honesty, it very seldom returns the thing I’m actually looking for. And trust me – I’ve used Bing a LOT. I was in the beta program and used it enough to get a free copy of Zoo Tycoon.

I gotta say, it really looks like Google is “cooking the books” on this one. Missing the mark on a search this badly ┬ájust doesn’t fit. Even if you yank the image size criteria I entered, you still get a bunch of images that very clearly are not an actual iPad.

I’m sure folks will come up with all sorts of reasons that it makes perfect sense that Google has completely failed to return the search results I expected, but they’ve never missed this badly before – it just doesn’t make sense!

What do you think?



Search Criteria:

Text = Apple iPad

Image Size = Large

iPad, Kindle, and an Idea for Amazon

azA lot of people are writing their opinions on the effect the iPad will have on Amazon’s Kindle sales, and their ideas of Amazon should be doing in light of last week’s Apple announcement. Here’s mine:

Turn their eBook collection into an online, cloud-based lending library.

What I mean by this is to offer a service like the one LaLa now has, where I can buy songs for 1/10 of what I’d pay for the downloadable mp3, but I can’t download the songs. I can, however, listen to them any time I want – I “own” the listening rights, but the songs stay online.
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