eWallet for iPad – Now Available!

Update: eWallet for iPad is available now in the iTunes App Store.

It’s a universal binary, so anyone who’s bought or received as a promo eWallet for iPhone should get this version with no charge.

If you have questions about it, we’ll be back in the office Monday and be happy to answer them all.

Original post:

We’ve been quiet about our iPad development, as we’ve learned – really we have – about the pitfalls of pre-announcing anything at all before it’s released, but since so many people have asked: yes, we plan to release a version of eWallet with full iPad compatibility, and in fact we submitted it to Apple on Friday, March 26. It’s in review. Of course we hope it will be approved as soon as possible.

We’ll post again when we have more information.

And yes, we are still working on eWallet for Android, eWallet for Mac, and ListPro for iPhone. We did give eWallet for iPad higher priority, but work on those other platforms/projects is still going on. I’m sorry it’s taking as long as it is.

19 thoughts on “eWallet for iPad – Now Available!

  1. Greg


    Will this be a universal binary app bundled in with the original iphone app or will it require a separate purchase?

  2. Lynn

    I loved ListPro on my ancient Sony (PalmOS) PDA, but its been replaced by IPOD Touch. Any estimate on when ListPro will be available for IPODS?

  3. Lucy

    Hi there. Thanks for being frank with your customers. You are good at doing that. I do hope the Mac isn’t too long coming though as you did say ‘soon’ 2 years ago when I first bought my iMac. I was hoping to have got rid of Windows on here way before now! Good luck with the development work. Long live eWallet!

  4. Mark

    Really pleased to see Android being talked about now. I’m now using an HTC Desire and is the best phone I’ve ever touched by a huge margin! Now carrying my old WinMO 6 phone around purely to access eWallet, takes me back to the early days of carrying a mobile and a PocketPC!

    Please focus on getting a quick and dirty eWallet viewer for Android out first, then you can take your time getting a fully working eWallet for the platform in slow time and keep existing users happy!

  5. Dave Beauvais

    I’m also really happy to see official word that an Android version of eWallet is in development. I recently switched to the Nexus One after more than twelve years carrying the various incarnations of Windows Mobile. I have been looking at Android alternatives to eWallet, but was holding out hope that Ilium would develop an actual Android version. Thanks for the good news! I would also echo others’ comments about an eWallet viewer, as nearly 100% of my Windows Mobile eWallet usage was in a read-only capacity, anyway. (Oh, and just so this comment isn’t entirely off-topic, I’m sure the iPad users appreciate your development efforts, as well.) ;-)

  6. Rob K

    The iPAD version is now available on the apple store.

    EXCELLENT WORK Guys.. It looks great!

  7. Alan DeRego

    I just downloaded the iPad version.
    Now… How do I transfer my wallet from my iPhone.
    Or better yet, How do I sync them both?

    Happy Easter IliumSoft…

  8. Alan DeRego

    Never mind…
    I was trying to use my iMac and I gave up. So I used my Windows 7 machine which worked fine.

    By the way for those who wondered… the layout on the iPad is awesome.
    The names of the cards are on the left and the card is displayed on the right. One page shows all just like the desktop version.

    Thanks Ilium Soft you guys did a great job again!


  9. Alex

    Great now we have yet another iProduct support. This must be a milestone for you to actually release it before iPad came out. Job well done.
    To those waiting for ewallet for android and other platforms, don’t get your hopes up :) if its not for iphone/ipad its not a high priority item for ilium software. Case in point ewallet for mac (2 years and counting)

  10. David

    I don’t claim to be an expert on knowing the proporation of iPhone owners who use the Mac OS versus Windows, but my guess is that there’s a HUGE subset who are on the Mac. By alienating the Mac users with delays the Mac version of eWallet, their only shooting themselves in the foot. It’s fine that an iPad version is out but given that iPhone –> iPad program migration is pretty straight forward, it’s no surprise it came out this soon. eWallet’s true power is in the portability of the info…and having it when you need it…everywhere. I still don’t see the day when people will be walking down the street with their iPads like a giant mobile phone. It won’t have the same level of ubiquitous presence like the iPhone / iPod.

  11. Bryan

    On topic: Congrats on getting your iPad/iPhone/iPod update out for eWallet. It’s one of the most useful apps I have on my iPhone.

    Off topic: I’ve also just recently moved to a Nexus One. I’m really anxious to see eWallet for Android. Like Mark’s post, I’m carrying around my old iPhone (now an iPod Touch I guess) just for eWallet and one other app. Keep us in the loop on your Android progress… we’re looking forward to it.

  12. Jen

    ListPro ListPro ListPro LISTPRO!!!!!!!

    I’m glad to hear that the iPad version of eWallet is out, but I’m simply desperate for ListPro on the iPhone and iPad. It doesn’t have to be pretty, it just has to work.

    I’ve tried just about every other list management app out there, and nothing even comes close. I keep reading this blog and waiting for the announcement that will make (most) of my dreams come true. . . .

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