Just updated: eWallet for Mac Beta Preview

eWalletWhat a week for software updates and releases! Believe it or not, I have another one to tell you about. We’ve just released a new version of the eWallet Preview for Mac OS. We’ve made some great progress and wanted to share the updated version with you. Note that if you were using the 30 day trial (which you can download here), installing this version will give you another 30 days.

So what’s new in this release? There’s actually quite a bit, so hit the jump to read the lists!

First, we added a number of new features including:

  • Added Auto-Backup option
  • Added option to close eWallet on inactivity timeout
  • Added “Save As” option in File menu Note: Oops, this isn’t in the released Build 123 yet.
  • Added iPhone, iPod, and Star icons
  • Added confirmation when removing attachments
  • Added “Hint” and “No Password” options for new wallets
  • Improved installer
  • “Add New Category” naming button
  • Better response to clicks and double clicks
  • Improvement on registration process
  • Widened Properties Pane default
  • URLs are live on cards
  • Better handling of unsupported OS
  • Improved drop down boxes for card template and category selection
  • Details and Notes panes hidden when Note Cards are displayed
  • Hides Info button for Note Cards

We’ve also done a lot of “under the hood” work on Mac eWallet, but here is a list of some of the problems folks saw that we’ve fixed:

  • Inability to edit first line of card
  • Problem viewing Note Cards
  • Embedded pictures cause eWallet to close
  • Problems with creating new categories
  • Updated 2 Billion Day trail period
  • Registration notice comes up every day
  • Unresponsive after “show/hide password” in Flex View
  • Credit Cards don’t display properly
  • Card icon in Flex View should have transparent background
  • Cannot show hidden passwords
  • Cannot turn off inactivity lock
  • Background images display improperly
  • Free Form cards can cause the application to fail
  • Hidden passwords are hidden in the Properties Pane
  • Application fails after reopening auto-locked wallet

So there you have it – a new version of the eWallet for Mac Beta Preview. You’ll find the 30-day trial version right here. And if you don’t already own eWallet, when you buy it you’ll get a registration key to unlock the Beta Preview and continue using it after the 30 days are over. Plus, you get eWallet for any mobile device we support, and any Windows PC, laptop or netbook you use – for one low price. You can buy eWallet on our store.

22 thoughts on “Just updated: eWallet for Mac Beta Preview

  1. Whitney Roberts


    Thanks for posting the update and for the work going on behind the scenes to make it happen.

    One question that I have though – and this is something that I noticed with the first preview…. being able to right-click and copy a field value (like a password in a password card of a registration field in a software serial number card) from the card view isn’t working – is this an oversight or will it be added by the time the product is released? This works fine in the Windows version and has for years.

    I know that this isn’t feature-complete so I’m not expecting everything to work, but this seems like a very basic thing – just curious.

    Thank you!

  2. Julie Post author

    @Petr: We just tested the download from our site and we are getting the newest version (build 123). Kevin from support is emailing you to find out more about how you downloaded to figure out why you’re having trouble.

    @Whitney: You’re right – this hasn’t been added yet (context menus) but we will be adding it!

  3. Petr

    @Julie: I’ve just tried to download .dmg again using another browser and got the right version with the installer and new build. Honestly, I don’t understand what happened before, maybe my Chrome beta did not update the cache or something else.

    Thank you for the Mac version btw, I now have eWallet on all OSes I use :)

  4. Whitney

    @Julie: Thank you for the confirmation. One thing I will say – I very much like the clean and logical layout of the Mac version. I appreciate the simplicity – it is just like V6 on Windows used to be… V7 is a “bit much” and I had to switch back to classic view on that platform.

    Nonetheless, congrats on this milestone and I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that we are looking forward to a feature-complete final release.

  5. Hugo

    Oh Dear! I was so looking forward to finally getting eWallet for my PowerBook G4 – only to discover that the preview is not supported on PowerPC Macintoshes :-(. Do you have any plans to support PowerPC in the final version?

    I have been trying out another program that does work on my Mac as well as PC but I don’t want to have to re-enter hundreds of records. I would far rather use eWallet, as I have for SO many years.

    “But a new Mac” I hear you say :-)

  6. Mark

    I installed the new beta version of ewallet and transferred my wlt.file from my iphone. I do not see a “Save As” option in the file menu. Where is my .wlt file stored when I close ewallet on my mac? Thanks

  7. Kevin

    @Mark: It turns out “Save As” didn’t make it into _this_ released update. I just corrected that in the post.

    Save As just lets you tell eWallet to save a copy of your .WLT file in a particular place. It’s a rewording of our old ‘Make Backup’ feature.

    Your wallet file saves automatically whenever you change it, and the file is edited in place. So, your file is wherever you put it when transferring it to your Mac.

    @Hugo: Unfortunately, I just don’t know if we’ll be able to support PowerPC or not.

  8. Dan

    Nice work. I was just about to take the 1password plunge and came across the update.
    You would be well served to add comments announcing the release to the many blogs that were telling a story close to mine. Ie had ewallet on the PC and win mobile, then went iphone and Mac, and keep trying to hold out from having to make a switch to a diff program.

  9. Andrew Offen

    I just downloaded the mac beta and it installed fine. However when I tried to open my old windows wallet which I run in Fusion (I am still on version 5.02.21698) I made a copy of the wallet in a shared folder and opened it up. The file opened and all the cards are there, but there are no details on any of them. They are all blank with just the title ported across. Is there something I am doing wrong or are the versions incompatible?

  10. Elvin

    @Andrew I may be mistaken but I think the import instructions on the Support page for e-wallt says that the file needs to be opened or converted in the 7.0 version of windows e-wallet. The Mac version will not open older versions

  11. Elvin

    @ Julie Thank you for this version it work a 1000 times better than the previous version and is much more stable and usable than the past version.

    One bug though.

    When looking at cards in which the password is not part of the actual graphical card (like when looking at a credit card) the password in the details window below the card graphic is not masked. This is different from how it works in the windows version. I could not find anything in the settings to turn on the masking.

    Was this intentional or something that will be fixed in a future release.



  12. Elvin

    Sorry one other small bug.

    The properties pane on the right hand side is not big enough to show all of the fields displayed particularly the drop down fields use to define the types of fields. All the “hidden” option for passwords does not mask the password when the card is displayed in the details pane.

  13. Andrew Offen

    “@Andrew I may be mistaken but I think the import instructions on the Support page for e-wallt says that the file needs to be opened or converted in the 7.0 version of windows e-wallet. The Mac version will not open older versions”

    Does that mean I have to purchase the windows version to convert and then the mac version to use my old data? Seems a bit harsh….

  14. Andrew Offen

    Ok just downloaded a trial of v7.1, converted the old v5 wallet and then swapped that over to the mac. Works like a dream.

    Question for Ilium. If I upgrade to windows ewallet v 7.1 do I have to pay again to get the mac version when it is released?


  15. Kevin White

    @Andrew Offen: You cannot register the Preview version unless you own eWallet 7, so if you want to use it for more than 30 days, you do need to upgrade to eWallet 7 for $10.00. You can use the trial to convert your data, however the trial will expire after 30 days.

    We don’t yet know if the final Mac version is going to be part of a paid upgrade to eWallet 7.x or part of the current license. You won’t be buying just the Mac version if it is part of a paid upgrade – you would be upgrading eWallet for every platform we support it on.

    @Elvin I just put those bugs in!

  16. Dean Roberts

    I really would have liked to see the “ribbon” interface that you used on the Windows version. I believe that interface makes it way better to design and manage cards.

    Office 2011 for Mac is also going to have the ribbon interface when released at the end of the year.

    I know not everybody is a fan of the ribbon but I really like you version for Windows!

    Would be nice if you could design it so we could choose our interface… turn ribbon on or off to try and please everyone!

  17. Derek

    Hi guys,

    I’m looking to move to Mac in a week or so and this has been great news to see a Mac version of Ewallet. Just a quick question, will my ewallet file in XP be transferable over to MAC to avoid entering the data all over again?

    Thanks again guys, you just need to get us onto the Blackberry and we’ll all be smiling!!

  18. Derek

    OK *Give myself slap on the wrist*

    I’ve just read the other posts and see that I must upgrade to latest ewallet for windows for the file to be transferable….many thanks ppl.

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