A pair of updates: eWallet and eWallet Lite for iPad

eWallet for iPadIt’s only been just over a week since the iPad version of eWallet was approved by Apple, and I’ve already got an update – with some cool new features – to tell you about!

The big news is that we’ve added a method for backing up and restoring wallets from email in eWallet for iPad. Just select a wallet and click the Backup button to send a copy of your wallet to yourself via email. You can also move wallets into eWallet on the iPad by emailing them and opening the attached wallet on your iPad. eWallet will automatically save the wallet and open it on your device.

It’s a great way to move and restore wallets, especially if you aren’t using a desktop computer to synchronize with. And to those with iPhones, the announcements regarding iPhone OS 4.0 suggest that we’ll be able to add the same functionality to eWallet for the iPhone and iPod touch in the future.

We also improved the tap and hold functionality. A number of eWallet functions (renaming field labels, accessing the password generator, and changing field types) are accessed by tapping and holding on a field. With this release we’ve tweaked that function a bit to make it a little easier to use.

And we also released eWallet Lite for the iPad this week! eWallet Lite for iPad will let customers try out eWallet before they buy. Just like eWallet Lite for iPhone, it limits you to a single wallet and 10 cards, but it has all the other features you’ll find in the full version of eWallet.

Find out more on our site: eWallet for iPad and eWallet Lite.

5 thoughts on “A pair of updates: eWallet and eWallet Lite for iPad

  1. Dan

    Nice workaround on the emailing of wallet. Is there a trick to getting my wallet off my iPhone to my iPad without sync? I’m away from my pc for the next week, just have iPad, MacBook and iPhone, the wallet is uptodate on the iPhone only.
    If I get a file manager on the iphone is the wallet.wlt file sitting on there somewhere.

  2. Kevin

    @Dan: You can’t access eWallet data outside of eWallet on the phone unless your phone is jailbroken. So, you can’t just get some sort of file browser app and use it to copy the file around.

    I’m going to send you an email with all of the detailed instructions for how to move your data from the iPhone to the iPad, just to make sure you get them.

    For anyone else reading this, you can use the steps here (the instructions are for Mac but if you know how to use an FTP program on Windows, you can substitute where appropriate):


  3. Dana

    OK, I’m going out on a limb here, but…

    Do I take it that you might add this new, incredibly cool, backup/restore via email functionality to the upcoming ListPro on iPhone as well, thus greatly simplifying our method of converting from our existing ListPro data that’s languishing in our PC/WinMo versions of ListPro onto our iPhones? And because the feature isn’t fully “ready”/usable until iPhone OS 4.0 (?), I take it ListPro won’t debut until OS 4.0 is formally released? Meaning we’ll see ListPro on iPhone this summer???

    Say it’s so, Joe! :-D

  4. Dan

    @Kevin thanks for the instructions worked perfect. I am guessing that’s not a trick the iPhone app approval process knows about ;)

    My hone is jailbroken, but that way is much easier than digging through folders.

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