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Opera, eWallet and Me

Opera, eWallet, MeI recently installed IE7, and for a lot of reasons, didn’t like it much. I’ve never managed to get along well with Firefox, but after spending some time with Opera, found that it worked pretty well for me. There’s a lot it doesn’t do – I do keep IE7 and Firefox both available as well, but I decided to use Opera as my primary browser. Given that Opera imported my IE bookmarks and that I only ever let IE save the passwords I didn’t care much about (things that I don’t really consider very secret, like my logins to sites where I have to register just to read an article), I figured the hardest part about converting would be retraining my fingers.

It turned out I had let IE save a lot more passwords than I’d thought. I haven’t been keeping formal count, but I’m pretty sure I’ve found over 30 so far, and I know I haven’t hit them all. Fortunately, I’d also recorded all the passwords in eWallet (in the Category I call “junk regs”), so it was just a matter of re-entering them all into Opera. But I was surprised – I would have thought I would have saved maybe 10 in IE. eWallet really saved me a lot of trouble on this one.

Why I like Opera – it seems to me a lot faster than IE7 and Firefox. I like tabbed browsing, and the built-in newsreader and RSS reader, but most of all, I like being able to search in my bookmarks, being able to pick “author mode” when I don’t like a page’s fonts and colors, and how configurable it is.

Why I don’t like it – it doesn’t support Web 2.0 very well, resized graphics look pretty awful, and I still end up surprised (at best) or puzzled (at worst) about where a window went or how to get back to one. But overall, it’s my current favorite. If you’re not happy with your current browser option, it’s definitely worth a look. Be sure you’ve got all your passwords, though!

(And, on an almost completely unrelated side-note, this preview is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time. The reason it’s slightly related is that probably only people who are familiar with the kind of opera that involves singing, classical music, and live performers will find it funny.)

And, yes, we will be fixing our site so it looks better in the newer browsers. And I’m hoping that we’ll be able to extend eWallet’s AutoPass feature to work in other browsers as well as the IE ones.

‘Tis the Season for New Freeware

Camera.jpgMaybe it’s the holiday spirit, or leftover giddiness from the release of eWallet 5.0 last week, but I’ve decided today would be a great day to release another new product – and this time, it’s free!

Ilium Software Screen Capture is a fast and easy-to-use application that lets you take screenshots quickly on your Windows Mobile Pocket PC or Smartphone. In only a few steps, the program is ready to take all the screenshots you need at the push of a button.

Ilium Software Screen Capture is the newest of many handy utilities and fun games available for free on our website. Visit our freeware page today to download any of these great programs.

eWallet Open Beta: The Results Are In!

beta.pngWhen I announced our open beta I promised that I’d let everyone know how it went. I mean this is a ‘behind the scenes at Ilium Software’ blog after all! I’ll start by saying that overall, this was a great experience. We got some really excellent insights into how people reacted to changes, caught a number of bugs, and found out how folks liked the new features. Without question I plan to run additional Open Betas in the future.

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eWallet 5.0: Just What Your Passwords Have Been Waiting For…

wallet120.jpg That’s right – eWallet 5.0 has been released! You may have heard us talking lately about eWallet 5.0 in the open beta, or maybe you even downloaded the beta version yourself, but now – the real deal is here!

For those of you who didn’t test drive eWallet 5.0 in the beta, or haven’t heard about it yet, let me recap some of the great enhancements we’ve made with this release. eWallet 5.0 includes a simple-to-use Sync Setup Interface, and gives you lots of options when it comes to synchronizing your information: you can sync with multiple PCs or PDAs, even USB drives and computers on a network. Plus, we’ve partnered with FilesAnywhere so you can automatically synchronize all your wallet files on your Windows PC to a secured location and access that data from any computer with an internet connection.

If you’re a current eWallet user wondering if you should upgrade, or if you’ve never tried eWallet before, version 5.0 gives you the benefits listed above, and more. We’ve updated eWallet with a great new set of icons, and added “Always-On” password protection to give you that extra little boost of security. Plus, the same great features of previous eWallet versions are still included, like nested categories, limitless wallet files, and the ability to set up your information however you want, so you’ll be able to find it all as quickly as possible.

Sound interesting? You can visit our site to find out more about eWallet, or read all about upgrading here.

Happy Birthday Aximsite!

cake.jpgWe want to wish a very happy 4th birthday to Aximsite. We watched Aximsite wade into some pretty deep waters four years ago as they went up against a lot of well established PDA and Pocket PC sites. They’ve proven their worth and have not only survived but thrived. Congratulations Aximsite, from everyone here at Ilium Software! You’ve got a great site! Here’s to your continued success!

eWallet 5.0 Open Beta Now Available

wallet120.jpgThe eWallet 5.0 Open Beta has begun! If you want a look at the new version of eWallet, use the link at the end of this post to hop over to the Open Beta page and get your copy! For current users there is a lot here to like including a completely rebuilt sync setup UI, greatly expanded sync options (including FTP sync, synching to other computers on a server, as many PCs as you want and devices synching with each wallet as you want, and much more), a new partnership with FilesAnywhere to provide online synching of your data and all new icons!

And if you’re new to eWallet, it’s always been simple to use, but we’ve streamlined much of the program to make it easier than ever to use. Quick access to your primary wallet, easy synching, and a built-in step-by-step help guide called the eWallet Companion make this the best version of eWallet ever!

So try it out and send your comments to to let us know what you think!

Get complete information – and downloads – here.