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Keep Track 2.1.4 Released

kti.jpgJust a quick note! We’ve released a minor update to Keep Track. It doesn’t include the pile of updates we’d like to release right now, but it does fix a couple of minor things that we don’t want folks to wait for. In particular, it now supports the Motorola Q landscape display, fixes a couple of Smartphone bugs, and smooths out a couple of wrinkles in Windows Mobile synching.

 So if you’d like to grab the upgrade just download a trial version from our site:

The software should automatically register if you had it installed before. Otherwise your existing unlock codes should do the trick.

Life as a software tester for Ilium Software


This picture illustrates two things. One is that I have terrible handwriting, especially on a white board. It also gives a glimpse into what software testing is like here at Ilium Software.

I’ve been meaning to talk about testing, but between testing eWallet 5.0, InScribe 2.0 and just finishing up on a Keep Track update, not to mention supporting our existing and new software… there just wasn’t time. If you have some time, read on!

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The Changing Definition of “Mobile”

UMPC2.jpgMore and more it becomes clear that the definition of “mobile” in our market is changing. From wi-fi connectivity on the Nintendo DS to more obvious candidates like the iPhone, mobile computing is evolving before our very eyes.

My mobile future? Personally I use my UMPC for everything, have a Windows Mobile Smartphone, and a dedicated MP3 player right now. I also wear two USB drives (one of which is a U3 device) around my neck almost all the time…it’s a little like I’ve got some sort of technological talismans protecting me from the demons of the disconnected world! 🙂  My laptop meanwhile sits gathering dust in the corner and my poor Toshiba E800, with all it’s high-res glory, spends more time running Dockware than anything else.

So where is the mobile revolution taking you? What devices are finding their way into your backpack, pocket, and purse as we move into the future?

 PS: Sorry for the long pause between posts!! As the folks in our beta team know we have some new stuff coming down the pipe and as Product Manager it’s eating up a fair bit of my time! Hopefully I can start writing more regularly again!

Extreme Makeover – Ilium Software Style!

powertool.JPGSo I’m toying with our free products the other day and I think “Holy Cow! These babies need some help!” I figured this was a good time to turn to you guys and get some advice.

If you could choose only one free product from our free software section to get updated, which one would you choose, why would you choose it, and what is your number one request for how we should update it? (and you can already assume that we’ll update them to be WM 5.0, WM 6, and screen size compatible.)

CTIA Post-Game Report

logo_small.gifHey everyone. Just a quick CTIA follow-up. Rather than a blow-by-blow or other less than exciting method of telling you about it, I’ll give you the CNN news-blurb version including the most interesting things I saw (or didn’t see as the case may be!)

  • Handango was present with a nice booth. Got to spend some time with them.
  • Motricity had a HUGE MTV2 party (2000 people) at Hardrock with focus on downloadable media/entertainment.
  • Handmark had a nice presence as well and I got to talk to them.
  • Palm had a big booth with lots of people showing off their phones.
  • There was ONE Palm OS device on the entire show room floor (which was huge.) (The Treo 680).
  • Motorola had a big booth but dedicated as much time to music players, bluetooth headphones, and other electronics as to mobile devices.
  • The UMPC had equal positioning at the Microsoft booth as all other devices. The newest tiny UMPCs are REALLY nice.
  • Every Kiosk at the Microsoft booth including Windows Mobile devices.
  • Saw the new HP WM 6.0 Smartphone (Standard) device. Very nice.
  • HTC was at the MS booth as well.
  • Saw more Windows Mobile devices in the hands of attendees than ever before although I still saw 2 Franklin Planners. 🙂
  • Most people I met didn’t know what my UMPC was but as soon as they saw it they had to ask about it and closed with “Oh my god, I WANT one of those.”
  • Plenty of Symbian devices being displayed. Some Blackberry devices as well but a smaller presence than I’d expected.

So there you have! Marc Tassin’s “in-a-nutshell” review of the CTIA Wireless show. A great show though and lots to think about!

It’s April, and You All Know What That Means….

carrot2.jpgIt’s time to pick another winner in our ongoing blog contest, and give stuff away!

This month the lucky winner is m m, who commented on the post eWallet 5.0.1 is Now Available. Congratulations! I just sent you an email explaining how to get your prize. If you don’t receive it just reply to this post and let me know.

To everyone else, it’s not over yet – I’ll pick another winner in the beginning of May. Keep the comments coming and maybe this month, the winner will be you!