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Election Day is Here! We Need You!

THANK YOU to everyone who nominated us for the BestAppEver contest! Thanks to your help, eWallet and Kings Corners have made it to the finals for the BestAppEver! This means that out of 17,758 nominations for 1,259 applications, eWallet and Kings Corners made it to the Top Ten for multiple lists. What’s more, eWallet got SO many votes that it is now up for the mother-of-all awards – the Best iPhone Application Ever! You guys rock!

Now it’s time for the big game! With the field narrowed to 10 applications per category, the final voting begins. We need your vote! As before, we’ve made it easy! Just:


We need you! I’d shake your hand and kiss your babies if I could! OK, maybe that’s a little creepy, but you get the idea. Voting ends on January 6th! Winners are announced on January 7th!

Thank you!!!

PS: Yep, we’re making eWallet for Mac! I just got a new build. Card display looks great! Some additional UI elements are coming in the next week or so. Woot!

PSS: Yes, we’re still planning ListPro for iPhone. We’re experimenting with ways of transferring data. We’ll keep you updated!

Podcast with Todd Ogasawara

Todd Ogasawara, who runs one of my very favorite blogs: the really excellent MobileAppsToday, did a podcast interview with Marc and me yesterday. It’s published on his site and I’m going to add the player here once I make sure it will work.

We talk about products, platforms, trends and how to find us at CES and MacWorld next week.

Here’s the player, if you want to hear it directly:

Thanks, Todd, for including us!

Vote for Ilium Software!

We know you probably forgot to get us a Christmas present – that’s cool. We know everyone is busy. But IF you still want to get us something before the holiday, here is your chance!

Vote for us today in the 2008 BestAppEver Contest! The folks over at 148Apps are having a best iPhone applications contest, and we need your vote! To make it easy for you, we’ve created a page full of handy links:

No registration needed or anything like that. Just go to the link using the buttons we provide, then click NOMINATE when you get there! That’s it!

Thanks for your support!

PS: And don’t forget to vote for Notes2Self from our friends WebIS while you’re there! We included links for them as well!

PSS: And YES we’re working on ListPro for iPhone and eWallet for Mac! 🙂 I just got a new build of eWallet for Mac today. Looks VERY good. I’ll do a progress update after the holiday!

Support Snowed Under

We got a lot of snow last night, and it’s still going on, so we’re a little short-handed, and it may be a little harder than usual to reach us today phone or email. We’re here, so don’t hesitate to email or leave a message, but please be patient about getting an answer quite as quickly as usual from us. Thanks for your patience!

Holiday Thanks

If you’re reading this, we want to thank you for all the support you’ve given us this past year (and other years too). Reviewers, readers, people who link to us, comment on our posts, and use our products: we couldn’t do what we do without all of you!

I’d like to thank everyone in person, but I still can’t teleport (not for lack of trying). So I’ll just thank everyone here, and of course wish you happy holidays (whichever ones you observe) as well.

Looking forward to another exciting year,

MacWorld Bound!

MacWorld is just a couple weeks away and both Ellen and I are planning to attend. If you’re going to MacWorld, or live in the area, let us know, or just look for us in the main hall. We’ll be wearing our Ilium Software apparel so we should be easy to spot!

We’re even bringing some presents, so if you catch us before our bag is empty, we might have something cool for you! The Expo runs January 5th to 9th and we’ll be around for the whole thing. See you there!

Blogs, mobile devices, and….talking cats???

Yep, you read the title right. After the BlackBerry eWallet release and all the technical problems we had last week, I wasn’t up to posting anything too deep today, so I figured this was a good time to mention a couple of fun things. This first post is really a bit of self-promotion, but it actually does have a mobile device slant to it.

As some of you might know, I live a secret life. In the dark of night, when the office is closed and my family is asleep, I sneak down to my basement and become…a writer! That’s right, I’m secretly a writer. I’ve published a number of short stories and with luck I just might have a novel out within the next year or two (depending on approvals and publishing schedules.)

My latest work is a story about a newsstand cat who makes the horrifying discovery that people don’t need newspapers and magazines to get their news anymore. It’s all due to a frightening invention called – the internet! Besides talking cats, the story features blogs, iPhones, and a cameo by Smartphone and Pocket PC Magazine.

The story is in an anthology from DAW called Catopolis, and you can find it up at your local brick-and-mortar store. Of course you can also grab it from Amazon (here). Amazon also has a Kindle version, and it’s out for various other eBook readers as well.

And if you want to see the other stuff I’ve done, check out my site!

Enough self-promotion! 🙂 Back to your regularly scheduled blog!

Store Problems – We’re On It!

Apparently we’ve got some store problems (and it affects more than just eWallet for BlackBerry folks). Our crack team of emergency technicians are on the job, and hopefully we’ll have everything sorted out soon! In the meantime, if you have had problems, drop us an email at or call us after 9:30AM ET at 888-632-5388. If you email us, you can help us expidiate responses for this problem by using the subject “Purchase Problems.”

Just to assure everyone: if you purchased the software you WILL get what you’ve paid for. Again, contact us and we’ll jump on it right away. Also, if you tried to purchase again and are worried you might get double billed, we’re checking for this as well so you should NOT get billed twice.

Strange, it’s like someone is TRYING to stop us from releasing eWallet for BlackBerry…hmmm…

Update: The site problems have now all been resolved — thank very much for your patience and we’re very sorry for any trouble you may have had.