Monthly Archives: January 2011

eWallet GO! for Windows Phone 7

We’re very excited to announce the release of eWallet GO!™ for Windows Phone 7. eWallet GO! is a streamlined, stand-alone secure information manager. It allows you to safely store your important information on your Windows Phone 7 device and to backup or restore your information using Google Docs or Dropbox.

eWallet GO! makes it extremely easy to store and access your most important information, and with the power of eWallet’s 256-bit AES encryption, you’ll know that the information you put in eWallet GO! is extremely safe! At just $4.99, it’s an incredible value.

You can get eWallet GO! today through the Windows Phone Marketplace on your Windows Phone 7 device or visit this page to find out more.

Existing users with questions about eWallet GO! can find out more here.