Meet (one of) the support staff!

Since we now have a blog, I can introduce myself officially. I’m Kevin, and if you call or email Ilium Software for tech support, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll talk to me at some point.

I’m not just a tech support guy who provides PDA software tech support – I actually use the things I support on a regular basis. In general, Ilium “eats its own dog food” – I think that’s the saying. We use eWallet for company passwords and other super-secret things, and we use ListPro for keeping track of not-super-secret things (including many of our QA test lists, the phone support log we keep notes in while on calls, and our feature request tracker.)

I use eWallet to keep track of all my passwords and bank information (you cannot believe how cool it is to be able to call for a pizza and just flip open eWallet on the same phone and read the number right off!), and ListPro to handle my grocery list, consulting hours, and car mileage. I can’t go shopping without looking in ListPro first. This isn’t a sales blurb – I really use both products, they really help me out, and I figure it’s important for people to know that I’m not just paid to say eWallet is super cool.

I’ve been using PDAs since I was in middle school: the first one I got was some 20 dollar electronic organizer that I’d keep my homework assignments in, to the astonishment of the other 6th graders. Next was a Palm IIIx (the screen broke), Dell Axim X5, Palm Zire 31, Audiovox SMT5600, and finally a Palm Treo 650 which seems to be the best fit.

I don’t just support our products; I also help test them. As a result, my desk is a breeding ground for PDAs as you’ll see in the picture below:
The PDA Menagerie
Back row: Dell Axim X51V, HP iPAQ 3870, iPAQ 4350, Palm Tungsten T, iMate Pocket PC, Orange SPV-e200, iPAQ 3600, Handspring Visor, Sony Clie NR70.

Front row: Palm Zire 31, Memorex U3 flash drive, Palm Treo 650, Motorola MPX-220, T-Mobile SDA, Motorola MPX-200, Palm M505, Palm Tungsten T3, Palm Zire 71, and my iPod.

The camera: Palm Treo 700w

That’s a lot of PDAs.

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About Kevin

My dad brought a laptop home from work one day when I was in 5th grade, and it was all downhill from there. I've owned Palm PDAs, Pocket PCs, Handheld PCs, and Windows Mobile Smartphones, and finally found one that I could settle down with. Hopefully. I also graduated from the University of Michigan here in Ann Arbor, with a B.S in Computer Science.

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  1. PatrickJ

    Hey – it’s great to a blog site from you guys. I like the idea, the content, and especially the device menagerie photo. I hope you do not object (if so, will remove it) – but I have done a short piece on my blog recommending this site, and including the ‘device menagerie’ photo. Hope you will not mind, and maybe you’ll check out my fledgling blog site a little.
    Cheers …

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