eWallet 5.0 Open Beta Now Available

wallet120.jpgThe eWallet 5.0 Open Beta has begun! If you want a look at the new version of eWallet, use the link at the end of this post to hop over to the Open Beta page and get your copy! For current users there is a lot here to like including a completely rebuilt sync setup UI, greatly expanded sync options (including FTP sync, synching to other computers on a server, as many PCs as you want and devices synching with each wallet as you want, and much more), a new partnership with FilesAnywhere to provide online synching of your data and all new icons!

And if you’re new to eWallet, it’s always been simple to use, but we’ve streamlined much of the program to make it easier than ever to use. Quick access to your primary wallet, easy synching, and a built-in step-by-step help guide called the eWallet Companion make this the best version of eWallet ever!

So try it out and send your comments to beta@iliumsoft.com to let us know what you think!

Get complete information – and downloads – here.

2 thoughts on “eWallet 5.0 Open Beta Now Available

  1. Paul

    So we’re up to version 5…

    STILL no import facility built into the Desktop Client [1]

    STILL no way of importing new data into an existing Wallet [1]

    STILL no way of dragging and dropping more than one card between Wallets or into new categories on the Desktop Client. [2]

    STILL no way of editing the properties of more than one record at a time [2]

    STILL charging customers for changing platforms [3]

    STILL not listening to customers’ wishes!

    [1] Yes I know there is a clunky separate import utility, but this will not import more than one CSV into a single Wallet, nor will it import into an existing Wallet.

    [2] Which makes the organisation of records after using the import tool impossible. Life’s too short to drag, drop and edit ~1000 records individually by hand.

    [3] SplashID licenses work on all platforms, so if you change device, it doesn’t cost.

    Splashdata have done all this with ease for years. How much longer will it take for ilium to wake up and make their data truly portable?

  2. Marc

    I’ve got to say we certainly understand your frustration. It sounds like this release just doesn’t cover the areas that you would really like to see changes in. In fact this happens every time we come out with a new version. There are so many great things that we would love to do but a very limited amount of time and resources to implement them. As a result we look at the things that a majority of our customers are asking for and we try to focus in those areas. The bad part is that this leaves other customers frustrated because we didn’t hit the areas that are the most important to them.

    I’d also like to address some of your concerns. Not making excuses here…you’re right that we just didn’t do some of these things, but at least an explanation. Part of the goal of this blog is to explain what happens behind the scenes so this is a chance to offer that.

    NO BUILT-IN IMPORT: We purposely don’t build it in. The reason is that for most users, importing is a one time activity done on the first day that they use the software. After that they never import again. Adding import into the program just makes it bigger and more complex, for a feature that most users seldom (and many never) use. We don’t have plans to build import into the program at this time. Sorry.

    NO WAY TO IMPORT NEW DATA INTO EXISTING WALLETS: This is a great idea and one we’d like to do. In fact it is on our “List” of things we would like to do in the future. It just didn’t make it in for 5.0. You CAN merge two wallets on your desktop by synching the first wallet to the second (you can sync two wallets on the same computer).

    DRAG & DROP MULTIPLES: Again, we’d like to see this too and it is still on “the list”. Part of the reason it isn’t at the top is that most users don’t have 1000 cards making it a change that fewer users are looking for.

    EDITING PROPERTIES FOR MULTIPLE CARDS: Not sure exactly which properties you are referring to (hide passwords maybe?) but yes, another one that would be nice to add.

    PLATFORM CHARGES: We need to make business decisions about what it takes to be profitable. Our goal is to make a fair profit that keeps all of us working and a top quality product on the market. If we could find a way to do that and lower prices/give it away/etc. you can bet we would.

    ARE WE LISTENING?: We listen to all of our customer’s wishes. We just can’t DO all of those things. There are a million cool things people suggest that we’d LOVE to do but we can’t do it all. Unfortunately this means that some people, like yourself, end up watching release after release come and go without the feature you want. Other folks jump up and down as we add just the thing they are looking for. It happens with every release and we’re very sorry that it’s happened to you Paul.

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