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Blog Tag!Ellen walked into my office this morning and told me I’d been tagged, and I had no idea what she was talking about. It sounded like a bad thing at first, but I’ve found out that it’s just my turn in an online game of tag that’s been going on for a few weeks now. Doug over at Just Another Mobile Monday chose me. The rules are pretty simple, I have to tell everyone five things about myself, and then I get to choose five unsuspecting bloggers to tag next. It’s like a big ol’ chain letter. So here are my five things; I’ll try to make it as fascinating as possible:

  1. This June, I will finally get my Bachelor’s Degree in web development, after eight years of going to college full-time. That’s right: I’ve changed my major four times, and dropped a heck of a lot of money in the process, but it’s almost over, and I can’t wait. I actually want to take a year off and then start working on a Master’s, but I haven’t found a program yet that interests me.
  2. I love to read. I don’t get a chance to do it while I have classes, but I read three books while I was on my winter break. I read Lamb and Island of the Sequined Love Nun by Christopher Moore, and Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut.
  3. I have two cats. Seuss weighs 22 pounds likes people food, including lettuce and pasta. Campbell weighs 14 pounds and does not like people food. Unfortunately, he eats everything else, inlcuding duct tape, wood, and plastic. (Don’t call the Humane Society – he has a chewing addiction. I’ve tried several methods to stop him, but none work. He was never weaned right. If anyone has ideas, I’m not kidding, I’d love to hear them.)
  4. I had my dad make me a wooden Christmas tree this year, so Campbell wouldn’t eat the branches. It was pretty darn cool, too, but the cat still chewed through three of the limbs. That’s determination!
  5. I collect Converse hightops. Right now I have eleven pairs. I’m trying to pick a favorite pair as I’m typing, but that’s too hard. I think it’s a tie between the red plaid, the ones with comics printed on them, or the black ones with little skull and crossbones on them.

So, there you have it. That’s me, in a nutshell. So now I get to tag five more people. And let me tell you, it wasn’t easy trying to think of five people – this game has been going on for a few weeks now, and a lot of bloggers have already been tagged! I chose:

  1. Jimmie Geddes (GadgetsontheGo)
  2. Sammy McLoughlin (PalmAddict)
  3. Todd Ogasawara (MobileViews Blog)
  4. Warner Crocker (GottaBeMobile)
  5. Doug Miller (Daily Gadget)

Tag, guys, you’re it now! 

6 thoughts on “Tag – I’m It Too!

  1. Doug

    Hey, Julie. Nicely done. 🙂 And congrats on getting your bachelor’s degree. I think you definately deserve a yar off from school (or several) after 8 years chasing this one. 🙂


  2. Julie

    Thanks, Doug, for the congrats. It gets a little tough to keep up enthusiasm in my classes, but my mantra now is “Just six more classes, just six more classes….” 🙂

  3. spmwinkel

    I thought the Ilium job was a full time job already, but you also take full time classes!? Wow.
    And maybe I should have added my Converse AllStar love as one of the five things in my list. I don’t have a lot of shoes (certainly not 11!) but I didn’t even wear the shoes I purchased for the winter yet. My AllStars are a little cold sometimes, but the other shoes.. Well they’re just not AllStars! I really need those on my feet!
    Another random thing – when I watch people (might sound odd, but it’s fun to do!) I always check their shoes first. When someone in a group wears AllStars, it’s probably also the person I’d like most in that group.

    If someone at Ilium wears Converse, Ilium must be one of the best software companies around. 😉

  4. Julie

    Hi Stefan,

    Long live Converse AllStars!

    But I don’t really wear mine in the winter either – I found that they don’t have any traction for slippery ground, so it’s a little too dangerous for me. Plus, you’re right, they aren’t a very warm type of shoe….

  5. Taccy

    Hi Julie,
    I saw your plea for help with cat chewing addiction. One of my parents cats seems to have this. She brings in sticks from the garden to chew like a dog. However her real obsession is power cables. Any plastic covered power cable gets chewed, TVs, phones, Pcs, ariel leads, everything.
    If my parents cannot be contacted, it is usually because the cat has chewed the phone cable again. Obviously this is dangerous, and she has lost one of her canines when chewing through a live cable, so something had to be done about it. My father has recently discovered that she will not chew the woven fabric type of power lead that is usually found on steam irons. he is in the process of changing all his power leads to fabric shielding. A modern laptop with a woven power cable looks really strange, but at least it seems to have stopped the constant replacement of power cables.
    If your cat goes for the cables too, it might be worth a try.

  6. Julie

    Hi Taccy,

    Thanks for the suggestion. Yes, my cat LOVES chewing my cables, and actually ruined my printer’s power cord a few weeks ago. I’m worried that he’s just going to electrocute himself one day, so I might have to try this fabric shielding idea of yours. It’d be worth a try, though I have a feeling he’d just chew on those too!

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