eWallet 5.0.1 is now available

wallet120.jpgEarlier this week we released NewsBreak 2.0! Now we’re very excited to announce – eWallet 5.0.1! OK, well maybe “very excited” isn’t quite the right description but hey, it’s finished and released so “Woo Hoo!”. We’re happy!

eWallet 5.0.1 is a minor update to eWallet for all platforms. It includes almost a hundred (sorry, I’m not going to try to list all 100!) tiny changes, mostly fixes or tweaks to smooth out things we discovered after the release of 5.0 . None of these are earth shattering and if you never install 5.0.1 you probably wouldn’t notice a difference. For instance, on some cards on some smartphones an extra line got left on the screen when you scrolled through card fields. On the off chance that you use that card on the affected smartphones, 5.0.1 fixes it – no more line! Woot!

Still, we tend to be perfectionists at heart at Ilium Software and if even a few people could run into the problem we like to fix it. So here it is! 5.0.1. If you’ve installed the 5.0 full version (or unlocked the 5.0 trial), installing the 5.0.1 trial over the top of it should result in a full, unlocked version. If for any reason it doesn’t, the same codes that unlocked/registered 5.0 will do the same for 5.0.1.

And we won’t be hitting all your email boxes to tell you about this one so don’t feel bad if you don’t get a notification. Like I said, most folks don’t really need it and spamming you with yet another upgrade email isn’t what we’re shooting for.

So feel free to grab the update if you’re insterested and, as always, if you have any problems or questions, let us know!

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16 thoughts on “eWallet 5.0.1 is now available

  1. Kay

    5.01? Come on, I thought we were way past this, when’s 6.0 coming?

    Don’t you think we’ve waited long enough already? 😉

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  3. spmwinkel

    Small bug fixing releases are always appreciated! Even more when there a 100 of them ;).

  4. Marc Post author

    Like I said…they weren’t ALL bugs…most of them were things like “It should scroll better here” or “this one button should have a vertical line next to it” and things like that.

    Plus a bunch of things we really WANTED to do for 5.0 but ran out of time for on the release schedule. Behind the scenes stuff that just makes it a better written program for US to work with.

  5. spmwinkel

    Ok make that “small bug fixing releases” “small changes releases” then. 🙂
    If it makes eWallet a more solid program, I’m all for it!

  6. Judy

    Upgrades are good and its great to see that you are pandering to us Europeans (or Brits in particular) by including icons for Sterling and Euros as well as a graphic Harrods (where we can’t afford to shop!). I mean who do you know that has a Harrods chargecard?!!!!

    Keep up the great work

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  8. Marc Post author

    Although we still don’t “officially” support Win2000 version 5.0.1 will install to 2000. We’ve also done some base testing here and don’t see any problems.

  9. Tilley

    I’ll be happy to download this update…..once I get around to installing 5.0 that is! Looking forward to it. Thanks!

  10. Todd

    Still looking for that “compelling” reason to upgrade to eW5, but having seen it in action on a friend’s laptop, that “synch from anywhere” feature is fantasic, something I requested back in eW3 days. Love it and it just may push me to upgrade.

    Still one feature missing though – marking cards as “favorites”. Basically, a custom search folder that brings up my most frequently used cards so that I don’t have to + and then + and possibly even + again just to get to cards I regularly use.

    While I’m at it, how about a batch launch of AutoPass cards too? I typically pay all my credit cards together at the end of every month. Launching all sites with AutoPass at one time would be really nice.

    Oh, I could go on all day with feature requests 🙂

  11. Rob Dalziel

    I use XP at home but 2000 at work so I was disappointed 2000 wasn’t supported by 5.0 – mean’t I couldn’t keep a duplicate wallet on my work PC. But by chance I read the post that mentions unofficial support and downloaded 5.0.1 Bingo! It works!

    I don’t sync at work – it is just easier to look stuff up on the PC than on my Palm device so it is great to have this ability back.
    Good work team:)

  12. Marc Post author

    Thanks Todd. Glad you like it so much!! And we’ll add your vote for a favorites category and AutoPass bulk launch to our list.

    And glad you like the update Rob!

  13. m m

    Even if the fixes are all minor, I’m glad to see that they care about the minor details. I look forward to future improvements–but I mostly appreciate how reliable eWallet (on ppc and pc) has been for me.

  14. Marcin

    If I have bought eWallet Professional Edition – Smartphone can I use PC and U3 version ore should I stick to only one (except Smartphone version)?

  15. Marc Post author

    If you own the desktop version you are eiligible to use the U3 version. It takes a different installer but the same codes will unlock it. And it won’t hurt to use it on multiple devices. Set it up however you like and it should all work great.

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