Extreme Makeover – Ilium Software Style!

powertool.JPGSo I’m toying with our free products the other day and I think “Holy Cow! These babies need some help!” I figured this was a good time to turn to you guys and get some advice.

If you could choose only one free product from our free software section to get updated, which one would you choose, why would you choose it, and what is your number one request for how we should update it? (and you can already assume that we’ll update them to be WM 5.0, WM 6, and screen size compatible.)

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16 thoughts on “Extreme Makeover – Ilium Software Style!

  1. spmwinkel

    Great! I remember that I e-mailed about exactly this once… Let’s see, it was October 10th, 2006. 😉
    So to answer your questions…

    1. Dots
    2. It’s simple but addictive!
    3. Multi-player support. 🙂

    It does get boring after a while when it’s single player, but it’s so incredibly simple, you can play it with everyone when you’ve got only a minute of free time. That is, when it has multi-player support…

    Bluetooth would be nice, but 2 players on 1 device would already be practical! 🙂

    Thanks for considering this! 🙂

  2. spmwinkel

    (October 8th actually, if you keep an e-mail archive and was planning to look it up. Your reply a day later was that it’s a popular request and that you’re considering it.)

  3. Dianna

    I think it’s silly that Dots isn’t two player 🙂 I know that all it really requires is a pen and paper, but that’s why I carry my PDA – to avoid that! I suspect that won’t be a very difficult change to make.

    Dockware could use some configuration options in the form of a menu, particularly in the case of the ‘Blocklist’ – this could confuse some users. Perhaps a use configurable source for the pictures would be helpful as well, particularly if someone has a camera. Configuration options for the text, particularly font, position, and color would be bonus.

  4. Doug

    I love Dots. In fact, it was one of the games featured several months ago in my inaugural edition of The Arcade, my monthly roundup of freeware games.

    I have to agree with the previous commentors, Dots just screams for multiplayer action.


  5. Chris Magnusson

    I’m thinking Count Six. It just looks very useful for keeping running totals. Imo, it should be updated to work with the keyboard/keypad on keyboard/keypad enabled devices and Smartphones.

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  7. Todd

    Screen Capture, but only if it includes the ability to capture multiple times. For example, I push a key combination to caputre and then press that same combination to caputre another and so on.

  8. Fred

    It may not be on the list you pointed to, but how about additional icons for eWallet or better yet an icon maker specifically for eWallet (import graphics)? I try to use accurate representations for my cards of all kinds and while the free ones you have are great, there could be more.

  9. Judy Dye

    I’d like for either Dots or Screen Capture to be available for the Palm OS. I know we Palm users are in the minority but your eWallet software is so superior to anything else available to us that it would be a shame to miss out on free applications.

  10. ria

    i’m trying to get a program to do makeovers – hair, nose, etc. but all offers is only for us. what about us in s.a? if know of program plesase e mail me, thanx

  11. David

    This is a request for all products and a pretty easy thing to add.

    It would be great if the PC versions of software minimized to the system tray. I have eWallet and ListPro open 99% of the time my PC is on, but I wish they didn’t take up room in my taskbar. I much prefer it when programs minimize to the system tray and can be reactivated by double-clicking the icon.

    Eventually this could lead to a right-click context menu on the icon with functions like ‘create new list’, ‘edit ‘, ‘copy password to clipboard’ etc.

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