We’ve Made It – 10 Years!!

10hat-big.gifI can’t believe it – Ilium Software has been in business 10 years.

We’ve grown to 9 fulltime (or close) employees.

We’ve released 12 products, discontinued 5, and converted 2 to freeware. We also have 8 currently supported free titles.

We’ve rented 4 different offices, as our space requirements changed, or needs of the people renting us space changed.

We’ve used 6 different web hosting companies, 5 different merchant services (credit card) providers, plus at least 39 different distributors (in our database, 9 are flagged as “gone”, 11 as “discontinued”, one as “should be gone” and one as “don’t ask”. I’m not sure why, but I’d bet it was me who wrote that).

We’ve somehow survived any number of stupid mistakes, made a few brilliant decisions, and had a lot of good luck and help from our friends.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this amazing milestone possible.

12 thoughts on “We’ve Made It – 10 Years!!

  1. spmwinkel

    Congratulations all! I think your products speak for your company. Apparently you guys must have done SOMETHING right! 😀

    I wish you (at least) 10 more healthy and succesfull years!

  2. Clinton Fitch

    Congratulations to the entire Ilium team! It has been great working with you over the years – eWallet for H/PC ROCKS! – and look forward to seeing the continued success of the company.

    Here is to another 10 years!



  3. adrian

    Congratulations!!! And Well Done! And Best Wishes! Have been a customer of eWallet on PC and PPC for several years. It’s the most important software on my PPC and the Sync just works. When I did once stray from PPC one of the reasons I went back was to have my eWallet back! And from the posts I’ve been reading on the web this week I’m not alone – lots of continued success!

  4. Joan & Ron Hoke

    Congratulations on your 10th anniversary! Here’s to the next ten, may they be even better than the the first.

  5. Steve Cary

    Thanks for making great products! My life literally runs off of ListPro, on the PC and either Palm or PPC devices (right now Windows Mobile 5 phone).

    Can you tell us anything about the upcoming ListPro 5 ?

  6. Lance


    As a former part-timer for Ilium I’m happy for you, but not surprised that you’ve made it to this 10 year milestone. I know from the inside that both your people and your products are of the highest quality.

    However, “The ruptured capillaries in your nose belie the clarity of your wisdom.”
    Stewie Griffin

  7. PatrickJ

    Many many congratulations! I’ll raise a glass to (at least) 10 more years of excellent success and superb products from the great Ilium team!

  8. Eric Olsson

    Congratulations on 10 years!

    I am a very satisfied user of ListPro. I think it is an excellent example of useful software that does what it says effectively and easily. I can honestly say that I use it every day.

    I hope to be wishing you a happy 20th anniversary 10 years from now.

    All the best!

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