Hype Meter: Harry Potter and the Killer iPhone

Comparing the two most-anticipated and hyped events of the summer. Yes, this is only tangentially related to mobile computing, but one too many news stories just put me over the edge.

Harry Potter Book 7 Apple iPhone Winner
Release Date July 21 June 29 iPhone
Price List: $34.99; street: $17.99 – $20.99 $499 – $599 HP
Availability after release Everywhere. I expect to see it in grocery stores, gas stations, and probably on street corners. Best guesses are that it will be hard to get, or even to find. HP
Appeal / Cool factor Mass / Probably not Cult / Very high iPhone
Secrecy surrounding release Info, or at least rumors, are starting, but clearly unauthorized. (I’m trying hard not to read them, so please don’t post any here.) Lots of official info leaks. This article says “Issuing nuggets of news may be a marketing tactic.” We say: may be?? HP
Biggest decision Where to buy it? Amazon, get the best price (and a $5 coupon) but wait for delivery, or a local bookstore, and pay more and fight the crowds. How early to show up at the AT+T store to wait in line. iPhone
Biggest open question: Is Snape the ultimate good guy or the ultimate bad guy? Will it ever run third-party apps? tie
Buzz v. hype Buzz Hype HP
Google matches Loosely 30 million About 55 million iPhone
Total 4 4 tie!

4 thoughts on “Hype Meter: Harry Potter and the Killer iPhone

  1. Kevin White

    I think you forgot “Biggest Negative Drawback”:

    For Harry Potter: “People think that it turns kids into witches/demon spawn/readers instead of TV watchers”

    For the iPhone: “o noes teh kybd is hrd 2 use, !like my rglr fon!”


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