Order Like a Pirate

captainmarctassin.JPGAvast me hearties! As many of you lads and lasses know, today is International Talk Like A Pirate Day! And by Blackbeard’s braids, ya can’t be a pirate without the lure of treasure!

SO, today (and today only) call your order in by phone and get a 50% discount on any of our titles IF you order like a pirate! That’s right ya bunch a scallywags. Half-off just fer talkin’ like a pirate!

And don’t dilly dally ya bunch a layabouts! We set sail at 5:00 Eastern Time (I think that’s -4 GMT countin’ daylight savings), so the discount’s only available until then. And don’t go thinkin’ a piratey note in an online order will do it. Phone orders only!

5 thoughts on “Order Like a Pirate

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  2. Judy

    Oops missed this by being on holiday! Never mind, I just noticed that you have a U3 version of eWallet which is free to owners of the windows version 5 of eWallet. Brilliant – I am just discovering the usefulness of U3 drives. Perhaps you might think about advertising the U3 version more as interest in U3 is increasing.

  3. NewsBreaker

    Arrr! I wish I would have used my spyglass to spot this post on TLAP day. Perhaps it be that I was too busy swabbing the decks.

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