We have liftoff…

Hey everyone! I just wanted to let everyone know that as of today, everything for eWallet 6.1.2 with complete iPhone Synchronization is on it’s way! Apple has the software, the desktop portion is locked and loaded, and all preparations are complete! We expect it to go live sometime next week!

Full details after the break, and as a warning, there are quite a few screenshots in case you’re running wireless…

First off, here are some answers to questions we’ve heard a lot:

  • The iPhone store should notify you in the “Updates” section when the iPhone version goes live.
  • We will email anyone who has registered their software with us when the product is officially out.
  • Yes, you will need the Windows PC desktop version to synchronize.
  • If you have eWallet 6.0 or 6.1, you can get the upgrade to 6.1.2 at no charge. Either download the desktop version again when we make the big announcement, or wait for the email from us which will include your download info.
  • If you don’t own the desktop portion, or you aren’t eligible for a free upgrade, you will be able to purchase the desktop piece at the discounted price of $9.95. Details on how to get this price will be coming.
  • Yes, we’re releasing a full help document that will cover basic iPhone functions as well as how to synchronize.
  • When you upgrade, any wallets you’ve created or cards you’ve built will remain intact. The upgrade doesn’t overwrite existing data.
  • If you already made a wallet on your device, you will be able to sync it up to the desktop.
  • If you’re already synching with a different device, you can sync with your iPhone as well using the same desktop version.

Now for some sync details. I won’t say a lot here because once the application is released I think you’ll find that it does an excellent job of walking you through the process. In fact, that is one of the things that we are quite pleased with. We really feel that we’ve done a good job of combining security with ease of use. Oh course we’ll let you folks give us the final verdict on that!

That said, I’d just like to share a couple of screenshots. First is the revamped “Add Devices” dialog on the desktop. This is something that should benefit everyone, not just iPhone users. It makes it easier than ever to add new sync locations. (As many of you know eWallet does more than sync with your iPhone – sync with remote locations like FTP sites, USB drives, other computers on a network, and more!)

Not only does it make it easy to add new devices, but when you mouse over a button it offers a detailed description making it easy to know which device to choose. 

Next up are a some sample shots from the iPhone. What we’ve tried to do is keep the process simple, but still include clear instructions that will walk you through the process. One of the things that I really like is that if you need the steps you can walk through them, but if you already know what you are doing you can skip the whole thing. Just hit sync on the device, sync on the desktop, and go.



So these are just a few examples of how we’re handling sync. Now one thing some folks might notice is that when you first start synching there are a couple of steps you have to follow. First, they’re pretty darn simple and we walk you through it. Second, doing this makes it extremely easy to sync securely going forward. Finally, we noticed that some applications weren’t working very hard to ensure that you were always communicating with the correct computer. We wanted to make sure that the devices had a way identify one another BUT we wanted to do it behind the scenes where you don’t have to mess with it every time you sync!

So there you have it! The app is on its way and hopefully by this time next week we’ll all be talking about how great it is to have your wallets on your iPhone!

So thank you all for your patience and all the fantastic feedback. We know it’s been frustrating at times. It’s been great to hear from everyone, though, and in the meantime, please don’t burn down the castle! Sync Is On Its Way!

Sincerely, Marc

138 thoughts on “We have liftoff…

  1. Simon D

    Having managed to lock one bank card due to inputing the wrong pin code in my iphone data wallet, I for one am REALLY looking forward to this!


  2. RJ Czajkowski

    Will eWallet for Blackberry be released at the same time? I see on Choose Device Type screen that Blackberry devices have been integrated into SyncPro, so it would be release greate if we could get BB client at the same time!

  3. Marc Post author

    @RJ: Not yet! But it’s close and we thought it would be easier to include all the desktop parts in this release rather than asking folks to upgrade their desktop again when the BlackBerry part comes out.

    @Adam: Not yet Adam. But now you can add and remove WM devices from that list without having to kill the AS partnership.

  4. Frustrated

    Amen. Great news, let’s hope Apple’s wheels turn quickly on getting this out into the app store. Yay!

  5. kevin white

    wow, I go on vacation and everything happens. Next you’ll tell me that bb ewallet comes out tomorrow!!

    (kevin ducks as everyone misreads his comment and thinks bb ewallet comes out tomorrow…)

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  7. Alvin Hills

    Do I understand the only way to sync the iphone to the desktop version of ewallet is wireless? Hope there’s a usb sync available.

  8. CMT

    I am sure looking forward to the Blackberry Release! I have been a Palm and WM users for year and just moved to the BB Curve, eWallet is my main app and has dictated my phones for the last 4-5 years. Can’t wait for BB support! It can’t happen fast enough, then I will be complete! (after this, Mac support would be awesome!)


  9. Marc Post author

    @Alvin: There is not a way to do USB sync. We’ve talked about this quite a bit here because it just isn’t possible. Apple has locked down the USB cable and gives no access to it for 3rd party applications. Perhaps they’ll handle this differently in the future, but at this time we just don’t have anyway to build a cable sync. One thing I’ve suggested to a few folks is that if you have a laptop with wireless, you could always create an Ad Hoc Wireless Network long enough to sync, and then shut it off.

  10. sgt-spam

    Thanks for the screen shots.

    “I see your 3G service is as good as mine.” – Dark Helmet / Spaceballs

  11. Andrew

    Will you have a list of bug fixes or enhancements? I know one of the bugs you were addressing is the inability to permanently delete “my wallet” on the iPhone. Anything else we should know about? Any features like setting card properties en masse?


  12. Michael Cohen


    If I’m running a wireless network in my office, but my desktop is cabled to the LAN, will I be able to sync to my desktop. Having to bring my laptop to work solely to sync doesn’t make alot of sense. Will I be able to sync to a flash drive and upload that to my office desktop?

  13. Marc Post author

    @Michael: There are a few scenarios. Here is the easy one: if the wireless network in the office is the same network your PC is cabled to, then yes: hook the iPhone to the network via wireless and you can sync to the PC that is cabled to the same network. DONE!

    Second choice is a little more complex but not that bad. Sync to the laptop at home via adhoc but ALSO create a sync partnership for your USB drive on the laptop. eWallet can sync to USB drives. Then bring the USB to work and setup the work copy of eWallet to sync with the USB drive as well. That way if you make changes on the work PC you can sync them to the drive at work AND at home and keep all four devices (PC, laptop, iphone, USB) synching nicely.

  14. Marc Post author

    @Andrew: No big new features although we did fix the “reappearing sample wallet” problem. We pretty much focused on sync for this release. Other changes are in the pipeline though!

    @JFA: We’re working on it!

  15. Marc Post author

    @Scot: All I can say is that we have a very robust sync engine that will give us many synchronization possibilities in the future. 🙂

  16. Jeremy

    Let me see if I understand how this works.

    1. It works on Windows XP and Vista.
    2. If I haven’t purchased the 6.0 desktop version, then I’ll need to.
    3. The desktop app is basically a service that listens to the iPhone through WiFi.

    Am I right?

  17. Marc Post author

    @Jeremy: Sort of. Let me clarify.

    1. The desktop version of eWallet is available for Windows XP and Vista. You can see screenshots and download a trial of 6.1 here: http://www.iliumsoft.com/site/ew/ew_ssh.php#hpc

    2. If you don’t already own eWallet 6.0, or you aren’t eligible for the free upgrade, you will need to purchase it if you wish to synchronize your wallets to your desktop. Owners of eWallet on another platform (ie: iPhone) can get eWallet for Windows PC at a discounted add-on price ($10) HOWEVER if you buy eWallet for iPhone and send us an email with your iTunes receipt (subject FREE DESKTOP EWALLET) BEFORE we release the sync update you can get the desktop portion free.

    3. _Bonjour_ is a background app that listens for the iphone through wifi. eWallet for Windows PC is a full featured desktop version of eWallet that _uses_ Bonjour to let you synchronize with eWallet on your iPhone or iPod touch via wifi.

    Hope that helps!

  18. Michael

    Marc…Thanks – one of those methods should work out. I have eWallet 5.0 (had it on my Blackjack and loved it), but bought the iPhone version. Will I pay for the upgrade?

  19. Brenden

    Awesome !!! I’ve been waiting for this. I’ve been using e-wallet on a PC & PDA for many years I love the product. Finding out e-wallet was available for iphone was the deciding factor for me to get an iphone.
    Keep up the great work.


  20. Andy Kessel

    Can we not have 6.2, so we are ready (i use u3), travelling next week and it will be easier if I have it on my u3 drive, and I can download the upgrade from the appstore, via wifi, then lord willing and the creeks don’t rise, I will finally have my ewallet on my iphone.

  21. Andrew

    If you bought the iPhone version before the Sync version comes out (This should be everyone before next week) then just send in your receipt to ilium with “FREE DESKTOP EWALLET” in the subject line and they will send you the unlock code for the desktop version.

  22. Dirk Westercamp

    You were hoping for the BB release in August…..that leaves about 48 hours, are you going to make it? I have been avoiding my SplashData app in hopes you roll a version for BB soon.

  23. Alex

    Hi Marc…

    When do you plan to develop Desktop Mac OS version?
    I’m trying to left windows plataform and is almost my unique reason for having virtualized on my mac.

  24. Jason K.L. Chang

    We really need a sync for non-windows users … give us a sync to Mac or even the web ASAP.

  25. Rodney Tipping

    Thank you all for working so hard to get it out for us all. I am sure the wait will be well worth it. I am really looking forward to only having to carry my IPhone rather than a smartphone as well. All the best to yoy all.

  26. Ben

    It’s difficult to describe just how valuable this software is to me. So instead I’ll just say kick ass software + kick ass support = happy me! Thanks for this!
    PS Free desktop version is exxxxxtra nice as well. 🙂

  27. Robert


    Can you clarify whether this version will work with Safari as far as handling the automatic input of passwords to websites like Roboform?

  28. Dave

    Hi Marc,

    Thank you for your patience in dealing with this high level of interest from your customers, and thanks to the development team for working on things that matter to users. Your management at Ilium is focused on what’s important and really has it together. I wish Apple or Microsoft or Chapura had this same level of commitment to MS Outlook and Exchange sync on the iPhone, which is still spotty.


  29. Marc Post author

    First, thanks for all the kind words everyone. We really appreciate your support.

    Now for the questions:

    @Robert: We don’t support the auto-entry on iPhone yet Robert. We are still exploring ways to support this that doesn’t involve a) storing the data in a cookie which we see as a potential security problem, b) bloating eWallet with duplicate software the iPhone already has. We do hae some ideas and I have a belief that their are some changes coming down the pipe from Apple that might help.

    @Andy: I won’t say anything official, but if I were you I wouldn’t be surprised if the new desktop version quietly “slipped out” in advance. If Apple somehow approves us over the weekend like last time, I’d hate for people not to have access to a synching version of the desktop software.

    @Everyone: We’re working on that Mac version! Originally we said Fall. My personal guess would be more like late Fall, but my goal is a pre-holiday release. It all depends on how well it all comes together. I may have said it before, but to give you some hope I’ve actually used eWallet on a Mac already – it’s coming along!

    ListPro: I’m expecting an Alpha copy next week. Like the Mac version, we’re plugging away and will get it out as soon as possible!

    BlackBerry: As you may have seen we already included the BlackBerry button on Desktop. It’s just about finished – we’ve just had some really head pounding sync issues we want to work out. They aren’t something everyone would run into but if you DID hit these bugs, you wouldn’t thank us for releasing without fixing them. I’m really sorry for the delay on that one but it truly is coming.

  30. sunny

    GREAT NEWS!!! Have been waiting for this for long… Let hope apple get this update out quickly

  31. Marc Post author

    You’re welcome Sunny!

    BTW – we just got word that eWallet has already made it through Apple’s Export Approval stage (remember – the thing about shipping it legally to other countries due to the high encryption eWallet uses) We are on to the “In Review” stage already! Woot!

  32. Jeremy

    Marc, thank you for the free license for the desktop version.

    Also, for the OSX people waiting for the Mac version of the desktop app, you may want to put links to Parallels/VMWare/Bootcamp as temporary options for desktop syncing.

    But the best solution would be to test if your app runs on CodeWeavers CrossOver application.

    With CrossOver, people can double click the eWallet app on their macs without having run a memory hogging VM or endure a fairly disruptive experience with BootCamp.

    What do you think?

  33. Judy

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! You guys are awesome – not just because of your excellent applications, but especially because of this blog and your constant efforts to keep your users up to date on all the work you’re doing and the amazing patience with which you respond to repeated requests for upgrades and additions. It’s such a positive customer service to provide and it is very sad that more software companies don’t do the same (Intuit???). I think I’d use a middle of the road application if it came with this kind of support – same as I’d go to a passingly good restaurant w/ excellent service vs. an excellent restaurant w/ mediocre service. All that to say, again, thank you! Keep up the good work and the great communication!

  34. Bill H

    Thanks for the update. I just went into iTunes, saw there was an update, and got really excited….only to see that it was for Google, not eWallet. Will continue to check for the update.

    Thanks for the excellent communications, and keep us in the loop on ListPro!

  35. Markus

    I am a eWallet user since a long time, started with Palm, moved to Windows Mobile and currently am waiting for the sync version in order to have a synced edition on my new iPhone… – Thanks for this good news!

    My question is related to the sync options: I use my laptop at the office, at home and on travel. i.e. I often am connected to different networks, i.e. using different IP addresses. Will I be able to sync in all situations or is the sync bound to the network I did the first sychronization?

  36. Marc Post author

    @Markus: Thanks for sticking with us Markus!

    You should be able to sync with any of the locations on any of the networks.

  37. Andy Kessel

    Okay, I see you uploaded 6.1.2 of the pc version, are you all going to do a u3 version of 6.1.2 yet or not?

    I am a u3 version user, I’m a portable kind of guy.

  38. Marc Post author

    @Andy: I will neither confirm not deny that the standalone desktop versions on our site are version 6.1.2 😉 , however, in the event that Apple releases the iPhone version while we’re at a picnic over the labor day weekend, if we HAD very quietly released those versions to our site, users who pick up the update would be able to sync right away.

    As for U3, yes, we will update all of the versions we currently support to 6.1.2 when we officially release 6.1.2.

  39. Lexluther

    Guys, I am a long-time user of eWallet on Windows/Palm but have now switched over to Mac/iPhone. I can use ewallet on my Parallels version of Vista/ewallet desktop but want to move it all over to Mac (ewallet is about the only prog I still use in Windows). Will I be able to use my same rego for the mac desktop version or will I have to buy a whole new desktop rego?

    Thanks and can’t wait!!

  40. Lutherlex

    Why in the world would anyone switch from Vista to Mac? That’s like going from a BMW to a junkie bicycle with crud all over it. Yuck! Macs are so 1984.

  41. Jeremy

    “Why in the world would anyone switch from Vista to Mac? That’s like going from a BMW to a junkie bicycle with crud all over it. Yuck! Macs are so 1984.”

    Oh boy. I’m working on a Vista system now, and I just love that feature of Vista where it constantly says “ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO COPY THESE FILES?”

  42. David

    The updated WIN desktop eWallet has been posted. Under Sync it has a choice for iPhone. Has anyone tried go this far. I get a Bonjour not installed error message. It looks like something is missing (besides the iPhone 🙂

  43. Eric

    Please, Please, Please make sure the upgrade to the iphone ewallet has been well tested!!! there are many reports of a variety of different application upgrades where users are reporting the loss of data during upgrades. even with different games and game saves. So if anything, you need to get this one right and ensure that no one loses their iphone ewallet data during the upgrade!!!

  44. Don Gibbons


    I would assume Bonjour searches for, and needs to find, a connected device (in this case the iPhone) before it runs, thus the not installed error. Not much point trying it until the AppStore releases the update.

  45. jason

    So now that the apple release is finally almost situated, can we get some kind of timeframe on the blackberry release. This is one of my most important programs, and I have made the switch from windows mobile 6 to blackberry, i need my ewallet

  46. Scot

    I dont have the updated iphone release yet, but whenever I click on the iphone button under sync setup I get a VC++ runtime error “This app asked the runtime terminate in an usual way”

    Vista 64 / UAC Disabled

  47. Scot

    Sorry, nevermind. I had set my firewall to block bonjour traffic.

    Is it possible for a non-bonjour version of sync where you manually give a LAN IP to sync with?

  48. scooob

    My PC is a desktop, cabled to a wireless router for its network connection (no wireless receiver in the PC). My iPhone connects to my wireless router. Will the eWallet sync work under this scenario? To restate: can I sync from iPhone to desktop PC, which share access to the same wireless router, despite the fact that my PC is connected to the router by cable and not wireless?

  49. Wally

    OK – I’ve downloaded & installed 6.1.2 and tried to sync – but the new version of eWallet is needed on the iPhone. Come on Apple – we’re all waiting! I’m sure it’ll be here soon but I have to stop going to ‘Updates’ in the app store on my iPhone every 15 minutes……..

    Seriously, I’ve used eWallet for years and years on many different platforms. There is nothing like it. And the support from Iliumsoft has always been incredible.

    To all at Iliumsoft – thank you.

  50. DavidB

    Wot Wally says…..

    “OK – I’ve downloaded & installed 6.1.2 and tried to sync – but the new version of eWallet is needed on the iPhone. Come on Apple – we’re all waiting! I’m sure it’ll be here soon but I have to stop going to ‘Updates’ in the app store on my iPhone every 15 minutes……..


  51. dtam

    So, Can I assume from the screen shots that if my desktop is wired and iphone wireless, but are able to exchange network information, the sync will still work?

    I have none of my desktop systems on wireless, whereas the iphone exists only on wireless network.

  52. mr rm

    I’ve updated the desktop in anticipation of the app for my Touch. However, I can no longer sync with my Windows Mobile wallet! I re-downloaded the Pocket PC app file and still doesn’t work. Am I missing something?

  53. Marc

    Hey everyone! I’m on vacation for the labor day holiday but I thought I’d pop on and answer a few questions!

    – Can my PC (connected with a cable) sync with my iPhone (connected to the same network wirelessly) sync?
    YES. You can definitely do this. Although we also tested with two wireless connections (PC & iPhone) most of our testing was done in exactly this way.

    – I got 6.1.2 and can’t sync!
    You’re right. Until the iPhone portion goes live, you can’t sync with your iPhone.

    – I got 6.1.2 and now my Pocket PC won’t sync!
    I made a calculated decision about the release and I’m afraid that your problem is my fault. I was worried that Apple might surprise us with a weekend release of the iPhone version, and that no one would be able to sync their iPhone until we all got back to the office on Tuesday. To that end, I thought “Well, even if we’re not ready for a full release – we’ll release the desktop part quietly so that it will be there if Apple surprises us.” I also assumed that “The database change will make it so that someone with another platform will have trouble synching until Tuesday, but what are the odds that anyone will even find OUT that 6.1.2 is out much less download it and try to sync with a PPC.”

    Yep. I was pretty much wrong on that one. COnsidering someone commented on 6.1.2 being up like an hour after we secretly posted it, you can see I seriously underestimated you guys.

    Anyhow, if you’ve got this problem I’m VERY sorry and take full blame for the grief. It’ll all be better Tuesday BUT if this has put you in a really bad spot (and you can’t go back to 6.1 until Tuesday) send me an email and I’ll see if I can sneak you a PPC upgrade copy (no new features – just a matching database format.) Just email beta@iliumsoft.com .

    Thanks everyone! It’s really exciting to see how many people are waiting for this. We’re pretty geeked about it over here as well! (Yeah – I pretty much check my iPhone updates every 1/2 hour too.)

  54. scooob

    Thanks Marc for keeping us regularly updated. You said that sync will work between a cabled PC and an iPhone connected wirelessly to the same network. I’m still confused though. Do I have to have a home network established through Windows for this to work? Or do you just mean that the PC is cabled to the same router used for the iPhone’s wireless access? I hope it’s the latter, because I don’t have a home network set up in Windows and would rather not have to set one up just to enable eWallet synching.

  55. Vikas M Gore

    This is a complete disappointment unless I have read the posting wrong. It looks like there is no iPhone to Mac synchronization and I can’t do any data entry on a Mac. Not without a virtual PC of some hind which kind of negates the point of working on a Mac.

    Good thing I haven’t wated too much time trying to enter information in EWallet but it was a waste of money.

    – Vikas

  56. Andrew

    Hey Scooob – I’m not sure what you mean by a “Windows network” – all machines in the same workgroup perhaps? But the eWallet sync just needs the PC and the iPhone to be on the same IP address based network. You can have all kinds of switches in between but as long as the PC can ping the iPhone, it should work fine.

    I don’t work for ilium, but I am basing this on the previous descriptions they have given us and what i see in the new 6.1.2 PC application. Since the iPhone’s only LAN connectivity is wireless you must have it connected to your local network this way. The iPhone doesn’t care how the PC is connected as long as it has an IP address on the local network.

    At one time ilium made reference to the Bonjour protocol… is eWallet using this or just doing FTP? If you care to share the details…..

  57. Eric

    @ Vikas………what are you disappointed about? perhaps you should learn to read the product description prior to purchasing. as stated on the app store details page for ewallet, “We plan to have eWallet for Macintosh, also with complete synchorization, available later this year”. disclosure does not get any more cleare than that. not to mention, it has been mentioned here and elsewhere on related iphone forum sites that ewallet desktop is for windows ONLY but that they are working on a mac version which won’t be for a few months yet.

  58. Eric


    i got the iphone apple screen of death………..stuck on the apple icon and had to restore my iphone, but my latest backup was corrupt. CRAP, i lost all my ewallet data!!! i need to recreate it all. WTF. Please get the desktop out ASAP apple!!!

  59. Paul

    It looks like you removed 6.1.2 from the website downloads here. Is that correct, or am I looking in the wrong place?
    I tried to download using my download protection access and it just brings me to 6.1. I also downloaded the trial version and it gave me the same 6.1 version.

    As for the iPhone app, I’m still waiting on Apple, just like the rest of you.

  60. Frustrated

    I really don’t like how Apple is handling the App Store. I think I miss windows mobile a lot right now. No ridiculous wait times to get a piece of software out just release it when ready! The whole app experience as well as OS instability have soured me on the iPhone.

    Can’t imagine how annoying this experience must be for Iliumsoft 🙁

  61. Eric

    @ frustrated, i agree with you totally. we the consumers are frustrated, but i can’t imagine how frustrating it might be for developers who have fixed bugs in their respective apps that customers are bitching about, only to have apple hold up the release…….

  62. Don Gibbons

    @Frustrated and co.

    Ilium knew, or certainly should have known, that it would take 7-10 days for the AppStore review procedure on this type of app. The suggestion that submitting it on Aug 28th and possibly seeing it in the store over the weekend was, to be blunt, silly. It created an unrealistic expectation among users and only served to frustrate customers. Now we are getting into the same hand wringing (we submitted it four days ago how come it’s not in the store yet) that preceded the original launch.

  63. Andrew


    So what should they have done differently? Not submitted eWallet before the holiday? Submit it and not tell anyone? Ilium was very clear in telling us that “it is in Apple’s hands now”. I too was hoping to see the new version by now, but my only choice is to be patient.

    So they missed the release date by a couple of days – I have worked in IT for years and I never will understand the mentality of “we must launch on date X” – why? If it is not finished it is not finished. There is to much buggy software on the market. I would rather see a small delay and a solid product then see a date hit with a buggy product.

    It is not like the date was missed by years or turned out to be vapor ware. If you follow other app developers, some have been approved very quickly, so I don’t think telling us that “Apple may approve it over the weekend” set any false expectations for Ilium. All of us hoped Apple would be quicker and they were not.

  64. Andrew

    Hey Paul, 6.1.2 is still the download for the Windows version. I had an issue in firefox where i downloaded 6.1 and when I went to download 6.1.2 firefox saw the name was the same and just kept serving up the cached version with a new number. If you use IE or clear the cached files in firefox, you can download 6.1.2.

    FYI, if you are on XP, and you hover your mouse over the file after you download it, it will give you version info in tool tip –

  65. Eric

    @ Don, as i understand it, some reputable developers (bigger shops, and i’m guessing developers for other platforms that have been around and have well respected apps over the years) have “priority” review by Apple. I don’t remember where i read it, but supposedly some sort of “premier” developer program or something that’s not subject to the same wait times as the masses. i’m hoping ilium software is one of them, and their apps/updates are prioritized and pushed along the process quicker. i’m sure when EA wants to get an app out, apple won’t be making them wait as long as john smith “i want to develop something in my free time” developer.

    perhaps marc can comment on this. thanks

  66. Simon D

    Apple need to do something with the app store – the serious apps are out numbered by the frankly useless apps which would not even make it to prime time in the world of PPC or Palm, making the finding of what you want impossible.
    If they don’t do something it will be totally unuseable within 12 months. No doubt they will sort it out as it is a cash cow for them (not of course that they have a profit motive!)


  67. Dale


    A few rules I follow to help avoid the Apple Screen of Death:

    1. NEVER use the App Store applet on ther phone to upgrade apps

    2. NEVER upgrade an app through iTunes – uninstall the old one, then install the new one, assuming there is no data that you want to lose. If you need to preserve data, then upgrading an app through iTunes is the only choice, but its a risk

    3. ALWAYS reboot the phone before messing with installing or removing apps – that should clear any background running apps that could interfere

    4. ONLY upgrade an app if you really have to – some upgrades are more important than others

    5. ALWAYS turn off the phone, WiFi and bluetooth – an incoming call during an installation could be deadly

    6. Keep the app number reasonable. I only install one page worth – 16 apps – until Apple fixes the issue

    There’s no guarantee that you can avoid the Apple Screen of Death, but these things should help reduce it.

  68. Dale

    Eric, another thing:

    After an Apple Screen of Death, backups, even good ones, are useless. Apple’s support themselves said this. An iPhone will not restore from backup if you get the Apple Screen of Death. The ONLY option is to restore the phone as brand new.

  69. Marc Post author

    Hi Everyone! I’m back from my vacation although I’ll admit I kept watching for eWallet! Here are the answers to the questions folks had.

    @Scoob: Yep. The scenario you described (a cabled PC and a wireless iPhone) will work fine.

    @Vikas: Sorry. We’ve tried to let everyone know that the Mac version isn’t out yet, but we are working on it. I’m still hoping we’ll see it later this year.

    @Ali: Yep. It should work fine with VPN.

    @Eric: Did you try a restore after your device crashed? In theory, iTunes SHOULD have backed up your data (unless, as Dale mentioned, that damages the files – not sure – don’t have a sure wya to crash my device so I haven’t tested that specifically.)

    @Paul: Nope, we didn’t remove 6.1.2. It should still be up there.

    @Frustrated: Yeah, the whole wait time thing (even if it is a few days) really is unfortunate. Now I have talked to developers that have had their apps rejected, so they honestly ARE doing some manner of approval on these. I imagine they will continue to streamline this process and in the end it will serve as a benefit.

    @Don: I never suggested it would be out over the weekend Don. The trouble is that we just don’t know. We’ve talked to folks who have seen their app go up in 3-4 days. IF that happened we just wanted to make sure that 6.1.2 was ready for folks – and no, we didn’t want to get people’s hopes up – that’s why we did the desktop release quietly hoping no one would notice – of course someone did and they posted it here so the cat was out of the bag.

    @Eric: If we’re in a special program Apple hasn’t told us. Still, I am of the belief that the process will run much more quickly now. They seem to be hitting their stride on the various processes.

  70. Dale

    ===@Eric: Did you try a restore after your device crashed? In theory, iTunes SHOULD have backed up your data (unless, as Dale mentioned, that damages the files – not sure – don’t have a sure wya to crash my device so I haven’t tested that specifically.)===

    According to tech responses to messages in the Apple forum, if the device goes Apple Screen of Death (ASD), even a normal, good backup won’t restore propoerly. I know because I’ve tested it myself on several occasions. It will either continue to ASD after the restore, or it will only partially restore the device, making it even more unstable than before. Apple recommends doing a fresh rebuild of the iPhine.

    Just an FYI.

  71. Dale

    Yeah, it’s beyond me what Apple is doing internally with its OS that you can crash so hard and so bad that the phone is useless, even when you restore the OS. I mean, PocketPC isn’t always the picture of stableness. But at least I could do a hard reset on the fly and get the phone working. Can you imagine an iPhone going down when you are in the middle of nowhere and only access to a PC could fix it? And Apple doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to fix the issue, even though hundreds of people have reported the problem. The thread over on Apple foums had 200+ posts before Apple shut it down.

  72. Uriel

    Hi Marc,
    My eWallet for iPhone doesn’t display the sync icon, nor do I see any of the black background displays you showed in the beginning of this Blog. Yet the iPhone claims my app is up to date… Am I missing something? Does anybody else out there have the same problem?

  73. Gary

    Actually my assumption is that they are from their development machines. So actual copies of the app, just the app isn’t available from Apple for normal distribution yet.

  74. Eric

    @ Dale, i wasn’t able to restore from my latest most current backup (the one from this past Friday) but interesting enough i was able to restore from a backup dated july 11, the day i took a backup from the first gen iphone and transferred that backup to my 3g iphone. apparently the latest backup was “corrupted” but the one from my old iphone worked. of course, i had a heck of a lot more data since july 11 that i lost, but at least i recovered a lot of my notes. still what a pain. also, as for the cause of my ASOD in my case could be one of two scenarios:

    1) i had crossed somekind of “threshold” of allowable apps on my iphone due to whatever bug is currently in the firmware. i remember i had jut installed like 3-4 new apps and basically added a seventh page of apps to my iphone. from reading through the apple forums, there might be an issue with number of apps and sizes of apps that cause reboots to get stuck in some kind of endless loop due to a design flaw/bug.

    2) the other reason could be that i uninstalled an app and had unknowingly rebooted the iphone before the uninstall completed. i remember uninstalling an app, the icon disappeared, and i remember clicking Settings but the settings screen was not coming up. i tried a few times, then thought something got “stuck” so i rebooted. someone in another forum suggested that the settings screen doesn’t come up while an uninstall is still in progress. meaning the app that you are uninstalling could disappear from the screen but the uninstall could still be in progress behind the scenes, and if you reboot while that process is running, you risk the ASOD.

    I have read everywhere about these ASODs but to have finally experienced one, it really sucked. I wasted a whole half day restoring then getting my iphone back to where it was, as far as i can remember it. To err on the side of caution now, i am limiting the number of my apps and the sizes of my apps, keeping the insanely large apps off my iphone for now, and i will certainly wait much much longer after an install or uninstall before i even attempt a reboot. i will also be a lot more selective in what apps i allow onto my iphone and your suggestion about rebooting prior to an install/uninstall to clear up any background memory usage/leaks is a great idea.

    the worst part of the ASOD and that took the most amount of time was getting my ewallet data back in……by hand, and mostly from memory. that really sucked. given apple’s buggy iphone firmware and useless backup process, its almost as if desktop sync really should have been a day 1 implementation for any program of this sort, including ewallet

  75. Demetrios Yannakopoulos

    I am a loyal user of e-wallet since October 2001 (I have archived the receipt!) I read this blog daily wanting to be updated on the progress of the much anticipated sync-package. I find the discussions about ASOD slightly off topic, it’s not about Ilium’s products after all, but (A) being nice and (B) respecting other people’s frustrations I really don’t mind that much. However, I am annoyed by all the talks about the “allowable number of apps on the iPhone.” Truly, such “facts,” widely repeated on various iPhone sites, remind me of chain letters and virus hoaxes.
    Here’s what I found-out via my (admittedly weak) research after I encountered similar problems with apps on the iPhone (NOTE: I am a Computer Scientist but I have no knowledge of the Apple OS specifics including their nomenclature, so the explanation might sound to some more UNIX- than Apple-oriented):
    Point 1: The iPhone OS (firmware) is probably not well designed and apparently there are page-violation bugs in it. I.e. Unauthorized processes can overwrite areas of the memory that should have been protected. It is in that restricted memory where the OS is doing all the process management functions and other stuff that distinguish an iPhone from an iToaster (soon to be announced by S. Jobs).
    Point 2: When Apple opened up their environment to 3rd-party vendors/programmers a lot of bad programmers started writing apps along with the good (I.e. not everybody works at Ilium!)
    Thus, Point 3… well, you figure out this one!
    So, here’s what I found out: In spite the rumors, the iPhone does run some things (some processes) in the background (in parallel) just any other modern OS. This is why we get reminders, SMS, mail, and phone calls while playing iTunes for example. However, when you terminate a game by pushing the one and only hardware button (bottom, middle), you do NOT terminate necessarily the process associate with that app and you may not force the OS to clean-up the process space. Therefore, residual (and thus bad) remnants of a badly written app may still be running! Multiple instances of these partially terminated processes might start brewing up a problem. This problem may manifest itself at any point and give you the impression that it is associated with the latest app you installed, updated, or simply ran.
    Therefore what can we do? It turns out that you CAN terminate a foreground-running process in the iPhone. What you have to do is hold the (the one and only) hardware button down for 5-6 seconds. This is the way to have the process terminated. The iPhone will flash a blank/black screen and then transfer you to the home screen as usual.
    Of course the above is no consolation to people that are already experiencing problems with ASOD, synching, upgrading etc. but at least it holds, with a high degree of confidence, the promise of not letting you have this problem appearing again in the future (after you restore from factory settings!)
    Personally, after reading, comparing, asking (iPhone support people are absolutely of no help) and restoring my iPhone from scratch, I now have 65+ apps on it and as long as I terminate the processes with the lengthy (and irritating) 5-6 seconds push, I am errors free.
    Of course, I may have just created yet another internet rumor/hoax just by typing this….

  76. Dale

    Good info Demetrios. I guess you reaffirm my point that if you don’t shut down apps like you suggest, then at the very least, rebooting before making any phone changes is recommended.

  77. Rod

    Thanks Demetrios. And Thanks to ilium for keeping us posted. One personal problem now…..instead of checking this blog every 10 min for news, I’ve been opening iTunes every 10 mins checking for app updates. 🙁

    I am a loser. But here’s to getting iPhone eWallet Sync really really soon. YEAH.

  78. Jeremy

    “I really don’t like how Apple is handling the App Store. I think I miss windows mobile a lot right now. No ridiculous wait times to get a piece of software out just release it when ready!”

    Are you kidding me? Have you actually used ActiveSync? More like ActiveStink. I know that iTunes has it’s faults, but ActiveSync and PocketPC/WindowsMobile had constant freezing, lockups. etc.

  79. mr rm

    I’ve used ActiveSync for years, and have never experienced the behavior Jeremy mentions. OTOH, I love my new Touch…

  80. Frustrated

    @Jeremy I used Windows Mobile for years and honestly didn’t have a ton of problems with syncing. But I will admit that I mostly did direct phone installs thru CAB files and also used exchange activesync OTA for all the rest of my data.

    iTunes is terrible! Much worse than Activesync, my iTunes crashes all the time, even installed iTunes on a new laptop with nothing else and it still crashes. Not to mention the UI is terrible, it’s bloatware with too many functions put into one shell. Why couldn’t apple release a separate sync software from the media management app, they could be integrated when users want both, but not everyone wants that experience. Of course I know that’s contrary to Apple’s development mantra of a tightly controlled end to end experience.

    And before you call me out on Apple, I was an Apple II and Mac guy for a decade before getting tired (at the wrong time! :-)) and switched off in the late 90s before OS X came out.

    My last winmo phone was tremendous, the HTC Touch Dual, had the right balance of what I needed. I got suckered in my the iPhone hype 🙂 I like the iPhone’s browser (amazing), but so many other problems right now. The potential is there and I’m sure I’ll sing its praises soon enough, but right now, not impressed.

    For instance, when I load contacts, it takes 10-15 seconds before the app is responsive! Never had such an issue on WinMo, that was one thing they got right (making phone calls). Talked to someone at the genius bar and after a very valiant attempt to diagnose they can’t figure it out.

  81. Ed

    As I feared you used Bonjour for the sync capabilities. There are a number of problems with Bonjour that I wont go into but the big one is that it is a non-routable protocol.

    If your wireless network is on a different subnet than your desktop (quite common in larger networks) then you are SOL…unless you can get your network admin to add the special DNS configurations to support it (good luck…Bonjour uses a broadcast method of discovery..something network admins try to avoid/minimize).

    Is there a way to manually copy the wallet file to the iPhone? Is there any other method to get them on the iPhone instead of using Bonjour?

    Don’t care so much about sync as just being able to get my wallet files on the iPhone somehow…without having to use Bonjour.

    P.S. Bonjour is one of “extras” iTunes installs without your permission on Windows PC’s…it is quite a headache on larger networks since it has a tendency to issues excessive or malfunctioning broadcasts. If you cant tell I have had my share of fun dealing with it working at a company that has about 45% Macs 🙂

    …did i mention it conflicts with active directory domains that end with .local? (Bonjour uses .local internally)…i can go on but i’ll stop now..just repeat after me, Bonhour is EVIL 😀

  82. Andrew

    Ed, the only way to get the file on your phone is to jailbreak it… Apple has locked things down so applications can only access files in their own directories… So even if you use FileMagnet or some other tool to move the file over, eWallet would never see it.

    I have jailbroken my phone and then SSHd the file over…. but I am not a big fan of this route as I wonder if the patched kernel may cause some problems.

    I can tell you though, that you can jailbreak, move the file over, backup, then restore to a non-jailbreak firmware and then do an iPhone restore and the file you moved over will be there. The iPhone backup has no idea that your wallet was not created on the phone.

  83. Cheryl

    “HOWEVER if you buy eWallet for iPhone and send us an email with your iTunes receipt (subject FREE DESKTOP EWALLET) BEFORE we release the sync update you can get the desktop portion free.”

    I’m confused… this opportunity has not been well publicized… where exactly are we supposed to email a copy of our itunes receipt to qualify for the free desktop ewallet?

  84. Uriel

    ilium is brilliant as ever: I sent them a screen shot of the iTunes receipt, showing the eWallet for iPhone purchase, and within 24 hours they sent me codes that render the desktop version free. Way to go, Ilium!
    Now, in just a few years, when the iPhone – desktop sync becomes reality, it’ll be bliss & happiness!

  85. winston lawrence

    Still waiting for the sync with the desktop (like everyone else around here). Ill echo some of the bonjour comments made here as I’ve also found it somewhat flaky if you have to go across different subnets. I had my house wired for networking when it was built 10 years ago so my wireless network access is on a different sub_network from my internal wired one (for security) so anyone hacking the wireless network does not automatically get access to the internal network – Ive had to proxy/gateway some services like UPNP AV to get things working across the subnets but bonjour itself never quite worked right and I always had to plug my MACbook into the network to get bonjour working properly for me.

  86. Ed

    Thanks for the tip Andrew!

    Like you I am hesitant to jailbreak. Looks like I will have to do the syncing from home where I begrudgingly installed Bonjour (for the slick iTunes Remote app).

  87. sgt-spam

    I’m curious about transferring via SSH…

    Before I downloaded the new version for my PC, I loaded eWallet on my iPhone and transferred all the wallets I use to the same directory where the sample wallet was located.

    iPhone eWallet would not open any of the files I transferred.

    If I were to re-transfer the files after opening them with the new PC version of eWallet, would that solve my problem?

    The error I received was along the lines of my files being corrupt or unrecognizable.

    SFTP was used to transfer the files…

  88. Andrew


    This was mentioned a few months ago… If your wallets were being used by an older desktop version then they need to be converted first via a newer desktop version. I have SSH’d my files over using the 6.1.0 desktop version and it works fine.

    The latest desktop is 6.1.2 and it upconverted my 6.1.0 files… i have not SSHd since then, but I am pretty sure ewallet would not open them on the iPhone.

    I think you are stuck untill you get both desktop and iphone versions to match, and until Apple releases the update, that will be hard to do.

  89. sgt-spam

    Thanks. I just confirmed the error below.

    Operation could not be completed.
    (com.iliumsoft.DBWallet.ErrorDomain error -13.)

    I’ll have to look through my files to see if I have an older installer…

  90. rasman

    Really looking forward to the new release with the synch!! I’ve been using Windows Smartphone with ewallet and looking forward to iPhone and ewallet.

    One Question: will the FTP synch work from the iPhone, or only iPhone to Desktop?

  91. Marc Post author

    @Rasman: Assuming you mean the FTP sync we talk about eWallet supporting, that only works from the desktop (although we hope to expand the ‘on-device’ synching options in the future!

  92. T-Will

    Does Apple give different priority to different types of updates, like giving higher priority to bug fixes and lower priority to new features? This would be ridiculous if there was some bug and the developer had the fix but Apple sat on it for a week. I wish Apple would work on this system.

  93. Robert

    Quoting Mark in regards to a request for eWallet to handle the automatic input of passwords via Safari:
    “b) bloating eWallet with duplicate software the iPhone already has. ”

    What software are you referring to that works on the PC, will synch with iPhone and enable Safari to automatically input passwords? I really need something like that. Thanks!


  94. Scott Bushey

    We may have liftoff but the app seems to still be orbiting around Apple world….will it ever come back to earth? It’s getting to be 2 weeks.

  95. Becky

    Where is the update for the desktop? That’s what we need to setup synchronization. I don’t see it anywhere on the website. Seems like this should have been ready to go in preparation for Apple releasing the iTunes update….We need 6.1.2, right?

  96. Scott Bushey


    “Sync Starting at Sunday, September 07, 2008, 9:17:33 PM with SyncPro
    Syncing C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\My Documents\My Wallet.wlt with Scott Bushey
    Synchronization cannot be performed because this wallet and destination wallet are not using the same password.
    SYNC RESULT: FAILURE – eWallet was unable to sync any wallets.
    Sync Ended at Sunday, September 07, 2008, 9:17:40 PM”

  97. Spikesclone

    Got the latest desktop version & new ewallet from app store. Getting same error message. No Apple devices detected. Even reinstalled Bonjour. Both PC & iPhone connected to home wifi network. Any ideas?

  98. Scott Bushey

    Well, after all the wait I am let down; I have Ew on my desktop; it seems redundant to have all my info on my Ip as well; since there is no autopass, to me, it’s another useless app. My opinion only.

  99. Neil

    If you do not have eWallet running on the iPhone the desktp will indicate that it finds no iPhone on teh network.

  100. Rodney

    I’m getting the C++ runtime error. I disabled my firewall and that did not seem to help. Still got the same error.

    @Scott about redundancy. I love having my wallet on my pc so I can enter into my bank and other websites without having to memorize hundreds of passwords….
    I love ewallet on my phone, so when I am out an about I have access to my information….like at the bank when they want my checking account number, or if I’m traveling and I need to call one of my credit cards, or usually my wife calls while filling out paperwork for our kids and needs to know their social security number or student id’s. Or I also store wireless WEP passwords for my home network, work networks and networks I frequently visit. I can whip out my phone and get the wep key for myself or others who are trying to log onto the net.

    Give it time, I’m sure you’ll find the need for ewallet on your PC and on your phone. I sure do.

  101. Neil

    -> Spikesclone: hmmm… and you’re sure they are both connected to the same wireless network? BTW, I still have not managed to get mine to work. My desktop does see my iPhone, but after selecting it I get “An error occurred while asking the Apple device to provide the authorization code necessary to set up a synchronization partnership.” So, I have not gone much further than you 🙁

    ->Rodney: I hear you and agree, but without copy and paste on the iPhone, it means i’ll not be able to browse *on my iPhone* and do these things. I was expecting it to offer AutoPass on the iPhone. This may break a decision a relative of mine was making about going with the iPhone in lieu of a laptop because she was counting on being able to use AutoPass on the iPhone as she uses *REALLY* long passwords and it is ust imptractical for her to either remember them or to type them in. So, she owuld have to go with a laptop instead, runnijgn the PC version of eWallet 🙁 I was counting on AutoPass myself. Now, I’ll b goign to eWallet, jotting down my password, then launching Safari and browsing and manually entering. Very insecure.

  102. Marc Post author

    @Neil: Unfortunately we’ve never offered AutoPass on mobile devices. We are, however, exploring ways to offer this on the iPhone. The biggest problem is that they don’t offer a way to effectively communicate information between programs. One alternative is to create our own browser and include it with eWallet. I know another company did something like this. I’m not excited About bloating the app with something like this though. In the meantime, we’re continuing to study this to find a way to offer AutoPass on the mobile side as well.

    @Everyone: Feel free to post questions here but the BEST way to get a response is to contact us directly. The support folks here are happy to help. What we’ve found so far is that the vast majority of issues were pretty easy to solve being related to:
    – The wrong desktop version (you need 6.1.2)
    – The two devices were on different subnets of the same LAN
    – Sync wasn’t started on the device (you have to open eWallet and hit the sync button.)

    Again, I will be posting a question and answer blog post later togay.

  103. Neil

    -> Spikesclone: I noticed that not only do I have to have the iPhone software running, but I need to select synch setup and walk to the end of that process where it displays the partnership code.

  104. Marc Post author


    You only need to setup a partnership one time. After you’ve setup the parntership you can sync without doing that again. The partnership/sync setup is a one time thing.

  105. Neil

    Thanks Marc, I assumed as much – but since Spike had not even been able to find the iPhone I assumed he had never synched even the first time.

    Also, I do have a supprt email in as I have no idea why I am unable to synch.

    And, as for your comments on lack of AutoPass, I understand, I assumed there was a good reason, but it does present a problem. On my former Windos Mobile at least I could copy and paste, but on the iPhone, without that capability, I will have no choice but to jot down the login info and then re-enter. Not a great option, but better than no option at all. 🙂

    So, is there a forum for discussion of support topics? or a growing FAQ from support issues? I have to believe that my issue would probably be solved by now by users helping users – but I assume there is no such forum at present?

  106. Neil

    oh, wait, I just now saw your comment abut a question and answer blog post – my bad for not seeingit in advance. Thanks Marc.

  107. Spikesclone

    Neil/Marc, thanks for your comments and help. I’ve reinstalled the very latest desktop client, reset my router & started again. Finally got the PC to see the iPhone. Got it to sync too, tho does seem to be quite temperamental. After 1 sync if I try to get it to sync again it fails. As Neil states you need to unlock the wallet on the iPhone (which autolocks after a sync!) press the sync button on the iPhone and set sync going, then initialize the desktop part to sync. It will then work. It may have been set up this way by design, it works but specific instructions are needed to sync successfully. I may be being pedantic but have used ewallet for years on pocket PC’s and used to syncing being automatic once set up. The iPhone is a different beast altogether. Full credit to Marc and the team for getting past Apple’s stringent processes!

  108. David

    I too was faced with my eWallet desktop seeing my iPhone, but after selecting it I got “An error occurred while asking the Apple device to provide the authorization code necessary to set up a synchronization partnership.” After a dozen or so attempts (through the course of yesterday, with reboots of both PC & iPhone, creating fresh ad hoc wireless networks, etc), I finally got it to sync (but no particular rhyme or reason).

    This morning, I tried to re-sync; but it failed. Even though the desktop eWallet could still see the iPhone (evidenced by attempting to re-setup), the iPhone eWallet just sat at the screen “waiting for the desktop”. Eventually the desktop eWallet just timed out.

    Very frustrating given the wait to actually get a version of the software that would sync only to spend countless hours trying to get it to do so successfully and repeatedly.

  109. BigCat

    I just upgraded to the latest ewallet and lost my data. My ewallet is gone. I just can’t believe it. Is this how upgrades will go? Is there any way to recover the data? A phone restore from backup did not help. What did I do wrong? What’s the proper freaking way to upgrade this app without losing the data? Doesn’t anyone see an issue with this?

  110. Marc

    @BigCat: I’m working on a post about this but the problem is that there is a bug of some kind in the Apple update process. We actually contacted them prior to release to be sure this sort of thing would not happen. Unfortunately it appears there is a problem (and I’ve since found some other sites talking about this for other apps.) IF you had this problem and you aren’t too angry to help Apple, Apple has asked us to collect and forward a particular error log. Just email us and let us know you’d like to help and we’ll send the details. Also, watch for my blog post tomorrow. I’ll talk about it then as well.

    All I can say is that I’m really sorry and even more sorry we have no control over this process. At least with sync now you can backup without counting on the Apple end of the process.

  111. Dan


    I’ve just started using eWallet and am very happy with it. However, I am struggling with the iPhone sync. I have read all the blogs and support notes and have treidf everything I have read, but I keep getting the “eWallet cannot detect any Apple devices” error.

    I’ve tried on verious different wireless networks, but have always had the same issue. I’m very keen to get it working, so any advice you can give would be much appreciated.

    On another note, I followed the desktop *.csv import instructions to the letter, but it seemed to map most fields into the notes section. Just FYI…

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