My Release Philosophy

I know everyone is waiting with bated breath for the release of the sync component for iPhone. I’ve heard the grumbling and I don’t blame people for being impatient. And what I talk about here isn’t meant to make you feel happy or wash away frustrations. I just want to address these concerns, especially for folks new to dealing with Ilium Software, so you understand the way we do things.

I’m also writing this because when we first created this blog, we told you that we’d give you a little insight into what happens behind the scenes at Ilium Software. The things I talk about here really highlight the sort of decisions and challenges we face everyday. So if you’re interested, read on after the jump!

So let’s talk about releasing software. Here is my philosophy…

First and foremost, I will never release an application that isn’t ready. Period.  If that means releasing it a week, two weeks, or even a month late, then that’s what I’ll do. I hate to do it. It screws things up here when we release past our deadline, it is frustrating for folks waiting for it, but quality is the number one most important issue when it comes to our software.

Of course that leads to the question of “then why did you release eWallet without sync?”  I’ve actually addressed this a few times – same answer. While some folks can’t even use eWallet without sync, a lot of folks are perfectly happy with a device only solution. So, for those people, eWallet without sync was everything they needed and we could give that to them on day one. And the application we released is, in my opinion, the best in class. Sync for iPhone is a “new feature” and not a requirement for eWallet to be a fantastic product on its own.

Second, I hate giving release dates and generally I don’t.  In fact up until this iPhone release, we have never given release dates for anything. And after this release I doubt you’ll see release dates given for other products. We’re not stopping because of this release, but for the same reason we never posted release dates in the past: software releases aren’t like building a car. You can’t predict exactly how long it will take to put all the parts together. Unforeseen problems come up. Glitches happen.

So why did we give a release date for this and the original release?  Well for the initial release, we gave a date because Apple said “It will be out on this date!” Seemed safe to us. Ah well. Live and learn. And for the sync release, we wanted to assure our loyal customers that we really were going to release a sync component. We wanted to assure folks that sync wasn’t just a cool idea we had but something we were working on.

And boy, did we work on it.  As I’ve said before, not only did we work on this thing constantly, putting in many extra hours to get it done, we even brought in contractors. We take our promises very seriously. Did we get it out to customers by the end of August as we’d predicted? Sadly we didn’t. I’m really sorry about that and it frustrates me. At the same time, the entire project was complete by August 27th and considering the challenges we faced along the way (we killed three computers during development – we must have overworked them!) I’m really pleased at the speed with which the team here got the work done. (My thanks to all of them!)

Third, whatever we do should treat the customer right.  We gave out a LOT of free desktop software to thank folks for buying early (just ask Kevin, Lee, and Don who had to fulfil all of those requests!) We effectively halved our potential revenue as a way to show our customers that they always come first. Did we take a major hit? Absolutely. Do we think it was worth it? Without a doubt. This is how we’ve done business since day one and I like to think that this is part of the reason we’re still here 11+ years later. Now for some folks, it isn’t enough. I understand and respect that, but at least I know we did all that we could to help out the folks who supported us.

I’ll close by saying I don’t blame folks for being frustrated.  I know this software is important to a lot of people. I also know that for some folks, sync makes the difference between eWallet being useful or memory filler on their phone. I also want to make clear that I don’t blame Apple. After the initial release we knew just what to expect from Apple. So does that mean it’s our fault? You bet. In fact as Product Manager I take full responsibility for a late release.

But at the same time, while I’m sorry for the wait, I wouldn’t have done it any different. The end result is a fantastic product we’re all very proud of, and one that we really believe is going to make folks lives easier. Releasing the stand alone version first made a lot of people really happy. Releasing the sync component a little bit late means we’re releasing the best software we could build that will work properly the first time you use it.

In the end, folks that purchase eWallet will have the best product in its class, that works every time they use it, with the best support in the industry to back it up.

158 thoughts on “My Release Philosophy

  1. Bob L

    Good Post….

    I have been an Ilium customer for many versions. This posts shows why I think you guys are the best in your marketspace. You have the right atitude (at least for me). I am sure others will disagree, but in the end you are going down the right path.

    Ok, enough writing…I need to get back over to iTunes and hit the Check of Updated Applications button.

  2. Rodney

    ditto. What Bob said. Thanks Marc. I’m very excited to get the new version of eWallet. Keep up the good work.

    Weird thing is my itunes has not been showing me any updates or no updates all morning. When I check on my iphone, it says the itunes store is unavailable. They must have shut down the whole store to get ready for the update to the ever popular eWallet. YEAH. 😉

  3. Bert

    Thanks for being straight up on the situation. I’m one of those people that purchased eWallet for iPhone in anticipation of the sync capability, but I’m also a loyal eWallet user upgrading along the way for many years on my PC, then happily syncing with two different Treos, followed by a BlackJack for a short period, and now anxiously await the sync with iPhone. All data has remained intact from my master PC version where I have more than 700 entries. Keep your quality and ease-of-use up. That and compatibility are what I’ve grown accustomed to with all your products.

  4. Lasse

    Don’t sweat it. I’m waiting too, but I’m not blaming anyone for why it isn’t out yet. It just takes time!

    The quality of eWallet is what draws me in, and this by far outweighs the current lack of sync. eWallet (and your other products as well) has always been at the top of their class and I’d rather you release working products when they’re ready, than releasing anything because people are stressing you.

    Keep up the excellent work. App Store will publish it in good time. Until then we can wait 🙂

    (not that I’ll stop refreshing the update list in iTunes, this update is the most anticipated update of iPhone software for me :))

  5. Another David

    Good response, Marc, to all the posters who think their world is ending because the sync portion didn’t come out on the exact day stated. I bought eWallet for my iPhone because of its functionality on the iPhone. I have never had the PC version, but am looking forward to having the sync. However, if you never provided sync, I would still use my iPhone version. It’s just a great product.

    Don’t let the gripers get to you, I doubt Ilium really lost many customers because the sync was a little late.

  6. Scott

    Great post! It’s refreshing to see such open and candid feedback.

    Can we get a quick status update on eWallet for the Blackberry?


  7. Andrew

    Thanks Marc!

    I would be lying if I didn’t admit I was frustrated. But I think iliumsoft really took the upper hand by offering a free desktop version for early purchasers.
    That was a nice touch and a reward for those of us that bought eWallet for the iPhone early.

    It is too bad that others don’t see this and spend their time complaining about what has happened. They could have just waited until the new version was released and then bought the full eWallet product, but their want of something for free (the desktop version) has now colored their judgment.

    Keep up the good work! My only regret is that I don’t appear to be your number one fan. 🙂

    (Kevin and Marc, when are the autographed t-shirts coming out?) 🙂

  8. scooob

    I agree with the positive responses to this post: Ilium is doing things right. I’m a new customer (never heard of eWallet until iPhone 2.0 came out) but so far it seems that Ilium is among the most customer-responsive software companies I’ve encountered.

    While I’m waiting for Apple to release the iTunes app update, am I safe in updating my iPhone entries and my Desktop entries separately? In other words, will I be able to do a bi-directional sync that will move all my iPhone entries to the Desktop and all my Desktop entries to my iPhone without anything being deleted on either side? I’d like to start mass-updating my Desktop wallet to take advantage of copy/paste, easier typing, and custom templates, but I have a few dozen entries already in my iPhone wallet that I don’t want to have to re-do.

  9. Bill H

    Whenever it comes out, it will have been worth the wait. Will you hear anything from Apple prior to release, or will you be like the rest of us and have to keep checking our iPhone/Ap Store?

    Hate to keep asking, but when do you think you might have ListPro ready to send out to Apple for review?

  10. DaVictim

    It is refreshing to see developers place importance on product quality and stability in stead of a quick release at the customers expense. I believe that it is better to wait a bit longer for a fully functional and tested product than to have a quick release and have to deal with bugs and their usually horrendous aftermath.

  11. Ronald

    I have used eWallet on my pda’s before switching to iPhone. Now I have bought the iPhone version before reading this last post of the Ilium folks. No problem for me waiting some days. Then, throwing in the free destop part is just confirming my trust in this company. Go ahead debugging. We’ll await the good news!

  12. Laz

    I am much happier waiting, even if for longer than expected, for software to be done than to get the kind of buggy, unfinished products that most developers release simply to meet a schedule. Thanks for doing the right thing, and don’t let the whiners get you down!

  13. Andrew Kessel

    Love the application for years, depend on it, and we appreciate it.
    I depend so much on ewallet, and certainly don’t want to lose data or have some other issue.

    Take care!

  14. Trevor

    Bravo on all the corporate transparency that this blog offers!

    I’ve run into multiple situations recently where early adopters get punished, so I find the free client refreshing. Unfortunately for me, I bought the iphone client *AND* the desktop as soon as I knew that I would eventually need it for sync.

    I had to go through my old email to find the upgrade pricing, so at least I didn’t pay full price for the desktop. Once apple comes through I will consider it money well spent to support software that I know I will use. But could I have been the only person who bought both apps when I could have only purchased the iphone app?

  15. John Timmerman

    Thanks for the straight information. I too had not heard of ewallet prior to iPhone 2.0 release. I intalled ewallet in July and found it ideal for my needs, until my iPhone started closing applications after launch and a subsequent restore with a corrupted backup lost all my ewallet cards. I appreciate your honesty in telling me the cards were not recoverable and your providing the PC software version. After a day of rentering the data it is all in the PC version waiting for the sync capability. Yes it is backed up on the PC, multiple drives at that. Waiting for apple is fine with me. I too will stop trying to hit the “get updates”, especially since it now saws the sore is unavailable .

    Thanks again

    John Timmerman

  16. MR RM

    Been using ewallet for a year with my WM smartphone and PC, so I’ve got my wallet file ready to go when the update is released for my Touch. I bought 6.1 from Apple as soon as I heard that synch was coming. Since I still have my smartphone, I can certainly wait a few more days. Bravo to Ilium!

  17. Denny

    I hate to wait. Having said that I also know that it is part of life. Now, try telling that to my 3 year old. She hates to wait as well. And, well when she has to wait the whole world may know it as well. She has one set of lungs and after all at that age it is all about her.

    Waiting is worth it. I made a change for a variety of reasons from a palm to the iTouch (cannot get coverage for the iPhone where I work otherwise I would have gotten that.) When I made the change to the iTouch I had resigned myself to only have the desktop version available and that was kind of OK with me. Finding out that you were developing a version for the iTouch & iPhone was such a cool thing and I for one was really excited.

    So, do I like to wait not at all, but do I want it right? You bet I do! Kudo’s for developing eWallet for the iTouch.

  18. Adrian

    With all the others here! I’m a satisfied customer for many years. I buy each update (when it’s not a free upgrade) – even when I’m never even looking for specific enhancements! Every single version of eWallet has always just worked perfectly. Never a bug, never a crash, never lost data – and I have used it on all platforms. I don’t think I can say that about any other single piece of software! Your blog updates, and honesty, are a breath of fresh air. Keep up the amazing work – we’re all waiting and we’ll wait! It’s just an excellent product.

    Oh yeah, thank you!

  19. Marc Post author

    Thank you to everyone. We really appreciate your support. We’re very excited about this release and we really hope everyone else likes it as well. And let’s be honest…any update may cause issues for some folks. It’s a reality of software, but if you do have problems please pick up the phone! We’re here from 9am to 4:30pm M-F. Or drop us an email. We’ll help you get things straightened out! (And make sure to do a standard iPhone Sync before installing the update so it will backup your data!)

    Also, regarding the AppStore, Paul, a long time beta tester, provided us with the following information (Thanks Paul!:

    “I called Apple about the problem, and the product specialist said the same thing was happening to her iPhone and iTunes. She was going to notify the iTunes people. She said they may not even know since few people take the time to call in.”

    So there you have it. Let’s hope they get things working soon!

    And again, thanks to everyone. We definitely respect and understand the frustration some folks are feeling. We really appreciate your patience and support though.

  20. Scott

    Also a long time eWallet customer and of all the applications I use, it never crashes. Sure I would have loved to have had the synch version already but will happily wait for the “right” version and very much look forward to its launch. Thanks for keeping us in the loop and thanks for great software!

  21. StephenV

    In 18 years in IT I have never seen my colleagues (many of them talented) deliver a big project delivered on time, with no scope creep. Ever. It’s jsut a fact..these things are hard, and even harder with partners.

    If software and hardware worked precisely, I wouldn’t have a job. I would be willing to bet many of the more “exacting” folks on the other threads aren’t perhaps perfect (I am sure not)…so Ilium:

    – keep making great products
    – thanks for being clear at the outset (I recall the warnings about it won’t syc)
    – Illegitimis non carborundum

    Looking foeward to the release.

  22. Andrew

    AppStore appears to be back up (at least the updates and new releases). Sadly the only new release for today (as of now) is some chart/ship game.

  23. Subin

    Ok, I have a confession to make, I am one of those guys who reads blogs and reviews all the time but never contributes. But after reading Marc’s compelling entry I just had to put my two cents worth in. Like everybody else here my fingers are sore from hitting the update button. I had used ewallet for a couple years on my treo and absolutely loved it. I even got a few of my buddies to get the software. When I decided to switch to the iphone I was quite sad to find out that ewallet was not available in the app store. That’s when I started visiting these blogs and found out that an iPhone version was in the works. That kinda made my day. I would have my trusty ewallet on my shiny new iphone.

    But probably like many of you here that joy was shortlived when I found out that I couldnt sync my wallets. The stories of people who had burnt the midnight oil to enter all their data only to have the iphone crash and lose it all didnt do anything to ease my discomfort.

    The only solace has been Marc’s constant updates about the state of affairs. I have to say that I have never dealt with a company that is this transparent about their day to day activities. It has helped ease the frustration (albeit just a teeny lil’ bit). Kudos to Marc and his team.

    Now if only Apple could take a page from their book and provide us a little more insight about their updates rather than the routine “Bugs Fixed”. Oh well, I guess I better get back to praying to the Mysterious Apple Gods 🙂

  24. LexLuther

    Bravo Marc. You are a king amongst princes. Put your feet up, crack open a beer and relax. You have exceeded every expectation anyone could ever foist upon you. Your team and you should be proud of yourselves.

  25. Tom G.

    I’ve been a software developer, project manager, and software archtiect for over 25 years. Let’s just put it this way, I know Windows and Windows CE (now Windows Mobile) from the “inside”.

    From the first time I found ilium software and installed ListPro (desire it greatly for the iPhone) and then tried eWallet which I cannot live without, I have found the products delivered to be the upmost in quality and functionality. These were great apps which I used to demo the value of Windows CE and PocketPC devices many times.

    As for making it right and being on quality…. I’m probably to blame for some long night of frustration for an ilium software engineer with some feature of Windows or Windows CE that was not the way that it seemed to be intended.

    All I can say is that Marc and his team are examples of how software companies should be run. Microsoft, Apple, and the other large software companies “never” hit their first published dates… I have to laugh because Windows never hits its first dates ever. For Marc and his team to be so accurate, so dedicated, and so open about the process is awesome!

    Marc, keep up the good work! Thank you for the open communications. Thank you for awesome products, that meet market needs and my needs. Thank you for releasing eWallet on the iPhone. Thank you for working on and getting Sync working. And thank for starting the project to bring ListPro to the iPhone.

    All the best to you and your team.

    (now back to mashing on the update icon)

  26. Lucio

    Hi, I have the 5.1 desktop version and updated to the 6.1.2 but still on trial and just bought the Iphone version. I tried to use the Iphone version with the “my wallet.wlt” generated in the 6.1.2 version but the Iphone says its version database is wrong or something like it.
    I raid all instructions on mark posts on how to get it working and now I am starting to think that the problem is that I don’t have the 6.1 version (I have the 6.1.2) or it is because the 6.1.2 it is on trial software.
    Is it any of these possibilities?
    If I buy the 6.1.2 will I get an upgrade discount because have the 5.1 version?
    I love the software, Thanks,

  27. Andrew


    Your problem is that you upgraded the desktop to 6.1.2 but the iPhone only has 6.1. Everyone at ilium and here on the boards was hoping that iPhone 6.1.2 would have been released by now, but it has not been.

    If you bought version 6.1 for the iPhone before 6.1.2 comes out (any minute hopefully) you can email your receipt to ilium and they will give you a free license to the 6.1.2 desktop.

  28. Will McF.

    No sweat guys. We love eWallet. I’m excited about having it on my iphone. Can’t wait for the sync, but COMPLETELY understand the need to take your time for quality! Apple will get it up! They want a slice of that revenue too! I hope your app is one of the most popular on the apple store. Thanks for such a great product.

  29. Bryon

    Love eWallet and can’t wait for the sync feature like everyone else. Marc you guys have done the noble thing but making sure you have a good product (unlike some developers) before release and letting your customers know what is going on with the sync release… Top notch customer service!

    I was an early adopter of EWallet for iPhone and also recceived free desktop version. I greatly appreciate this….

    I think I am wearing out the update button in iTunes 🙂 Ok gotta go, I haven’t hit the button in over 5 minutes……

    Thanks for a great product

  30. Brenden

    It would be funny if the recent iTunes availability problems were from “e-Wallet Junkies” clicking the update link constantly….But it is helping me fill in my days and nights. Thanks for the excellent update Marc!

  31. Jerry S

    Hi… my name is Jerry… I’ve been an eWallet addict for over a year now… 🙂

    Seriously – this little application is like a Swiss Army knife for a secure digital life. I use it for all aspects of life (work, family, church, etc.) because it’s a one-stop-shop for securely maintaining personal and sensitive information.

    Keep up the good work!

  32. Demetrios Yannakopoulos

    @Brenden, I got it from a… good source: 🙂

    The Apple store availability problems are due to the fact that the Apple SysAdmins were using a copy of e-wallet to keep all their store-admin passwords and they misplaced the e-wallet password! They thought they could break into the e-wallet without a password! (Silly them!)

    That’s why they asked for the desktop version thinking it might be easier. All other explanations are weak compared to mine! 🙂

    Now they are restoring from scratch I bet! 🙂

  33. Roger

    I have been using e.wallet for many years. I have used it with palm, pocket pc, desktop pc.
    Like everyone else i am eagerly waiting for the sync.

    All i can say is that i am glad that i am using this product, because you guys are making sure that when the sync is released it will work fine.

    I must say that i have learnt from your philosophy.
    My sincere congrats to you and your entire team.

    To end this i maust say that “east or west you are the best”

    your loyal customer.

  34. Ellery Kurtz

    Yeah Yeah,…we love you still. No worries Mon. Be cool. Chill out. All of us who know and love ewallet from past usage, also know that you put out the best software and it is well worth waiting for.

    Don’t mistake our anticipation for frustration. I still have my ewallet on my Palm device, which is about all I use it for these days. My Iphone has slowly been killing my Palm Life Drive which only lives on for ewallet right now. But I know its days are numbered!

    We will keep waiting…and we will keep asking….just like any little kid that wants a new toy to play with…..”Please…can I have that?”

    Thanks for waiting…we understand.

  35. David

    Hi Marc – no problem. I’d MUCH rather have an awesome app that works well, than a bricked iPhone. For all of us (including Ilium), how long is one told by Apple to wait before you can call and say…what’s the hold-up? 🙂 Given they have so many titles to review I wonder if they can overlook some and forget about them. Does Apple have a Developers portal that allows you to check on status updates for your software release? That would be cool.


  36. Felix Tsai

    I’ve used eWallet and ListPro and your products are great with a great interface. I appreciate the candor and high standards. Keep up the good work! Looking forward to the new releases.

  37. Oya

    I’m sorry, but I am still confused. I did not know about eWallet until I got the iphone and I’ve been really happy with the application (except that I have been holding back putting in all of my entries because I’d rather do that from a desktop). However, there was an option to sign up for email updates for ListPro and I wonder why there isn’t that option for the release of the sync component. I don’t mind waiting, but its annoying to check back at the website every few days to see if its been released. I’ve got other websites to visit? With passwords I have to remember!

    Similar to scooob, I want to know if I buy the desktop version and begin using it, will the sync bridge the two systems or should I just sit tight and wait for the upgrade.

  38. Andrew


    You don’t have to buy the desktop. If you bought the iPhone version, send your receipt in an email to ilium and they will give you the desktop unlock code for free. The desktop version is the latest and will work with iPhone version WHEN Apple releases the iPhone update. The current desktop version is 6.1.2 and the iPhone version is 6.1. We are all waiting for the iPhone version that matches the desktop.

    Also, no reason to check here for when the iPhone update comes out. iTunes will let you know. We are all just hanging out here waiting for Apple to push the update to iTunes.

    Ilium sync has always been bidirectional, so you should be fine, but hopefully marc will weigh in with advice. I have all the latest stuff in my desktop version so when the iPhone update comes out, I will have the desktop overwrite the version that is on my iPhone. This is safest for me.

  39. Ricky

    No worries Marc. I think you can still pump up a bit of sales by giving out free Desktops in this grace period. 🙂

    I am in software industry and I totally understand what you have been going through.

    Anyway, we’ll wait. It’s a piece of good software worth to wait!

  40. Kathi

    Love eWallet — been using it for years. If waiting a bit longer for the sync versions means getting the awesome software I know and love, I can do it!

  41. Confused

    Been an ewallet user for several years but *cannot believe* that you have released the version to the iTunes store without a desktop and sync facility. Many people will install the app from iTunes and expect to see the sync facility installed along with it. You should make it crystal clear on the iTunes page that this will not happen.

  42. Bob L

    I finally figured it out. Apple is waiting to release the new version because Steve Jobs is going to feature it at the Sept. 9th event. Big full screen demo at the event. He is going to show how he uses eWallet to save and protect his password to the Apple Stock Option system.

    Ok…probably not. But it would have been a good thing if he did it for that reason.

  43. Adrian

    It’s there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sync version 6.12 now on iTunes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go get it!!!!

  44. RJ Czajkowski

    I updated eWallet on my iPod Touch to 6.1.2, but cannot find eWallet 6.1.2 on Ilium’s web site. Can someone please point me to it?

    Thank you!

  45. RJ Czajkowski

    I meant eWallet 6.1.2 for desktop PC in my previous post, so that I can finally sync eWallet file from my PC to my iPod.

  46. Jsherm42

    How do previous owners of the iPhone version buy the discounted desktop software? It was reported that it would cost $9.99 to buy the desktop.

  47. Alan

    Just downloaded 6.1.2 on my iphone and upgraded to 6.1x on the PC. It is awesome – just what I have been hoping/waiting for. I was concerned as my desktop connects to my wireless router via cat5 an my laptop via wireless. Both synced quickly and accurately.

    Now I can fianlly get rid of my old palm, the only reason I have been keeping it was for mobile ewallet…..

  48. Adrian

    Unfortunately I’m getting a “an error occured while asking the Apple device to provide the authorization code necessary to setup a synchronisation partnership” message – have rebooted both PC and iPhone – ideas anyone? Ilium?

  49. Marc

    I’m REALLY glad it is finally up! I’m making this quick because I’m at home and with my family (but seriously – like I wasn’t hitting update all weekend long!)

    Adrian, I’m not sure what you’re running into as it isn’t something I’ve seen. Unfortunately, I”m not sure that I can help much at the moment BUT if you are in the US call us after 9AM ET ( 888-632-5388.) Or email us ( We’ll work with you to resolved whatever is happening.

    As for all the other posts, to be honest I haven’t even had time to read them all (I TRY not to work at home on the weekend) but if there are any questions/concerns I will definitely respond on Monday! And of course I’ll do an official “WOOT! IT’S OUT!” blog post!

  50. Bo

    I got everything installed but the desktop eWallet tells me that it cannot find an Apple device on the network. I’m running Windows XP on a Mac using Fusion. Any suggestions?

  51. Dov

    Synchonisation works perfectly and really quick – Thank you. I now have my hundreds of cards on my iPhone.

    The iPhone version does not seem to pass on autopass field to websites though?

  52. Dwaine Wheeler

    hOOrAY! Installed. Sycned. Happy. I hope this version works “as expected” or as it does in windows opening website and a alway putting password and username in correct fields on website. Because with no copy n paste putting the 11-20 digit pawwords in will be a prombematic..

  53. DC


    Works like a charm. I even went out of my way to try and break the sync process – but eWallet handled every scenario I threw at it.

    Well done – excellent piece of software.

  54. Ken Cazier

    Ok. I have the updated version on my iPhone. All I need is the updated version for my PC to allow the sync. Where can I obtain it?
    Thanks for all your hard work. I appreciate it, and eWallet.

  55. Graeme

    I’ve been trying for an hour to install but no success.

    Initially i can see the app in the updates area, i select and it tells me that it’s ‘free’ with info about it being 6.1.2 etc. I select then choose install, it commences loading but then pops up with a dialog that says “This discounted price is only available to customers who own a previous version of this item. To purchase this item at full price, click OK:” with two buttons one that says cancel (which has exactly that effect) the other that says Buy.

    If i choose Buy which presumably will cost me more money it starts loading and the brings up a dialog that says”This item is currently being modified. Please try again later.” with a single OK button.

    I’m now waiting for the Apple Itunes support line in Australia to open so I can quiz them, more frustration to come I bet.


  56. DaVictim

    Marc, Congratulations on the release of the sync version of E-wallet. Exceptional piece of software.

  57. Paris Nikolov

    eWallet was the software that served my password protection needs since 2004. Back then that was the BEST application of its kind. Today I’m an iPhone 3G user and boy, am I not the happy to find, that you guys have created my favorite application for an IPhone plarform 🙂 It’s working as a charm and it looks great. I will be your customer forever.

    Keep up the great job!!!

  58. Andrew

    This rocks! I got it working but it keeps saying it can’t find “andrews.wlt” on the iPhone but it will let me overwrite it each time.

    I’ll open a ticket monday. Could be a permissions issue on the iPhone – I have seen plenty of those.

    BTW, do you ever for see being able to do single step sync like on the WinMo devices? Or does the Apple security model force you into having to initiate the server on the iPhone and then the sync on the desktop?

    Congrats on it finally launching!

  59. Ali

    I already synced my iPhone with my desktop. It is awesome. Thanks to Marc and his eWallet development team.
    — Ali

  60. Graeme

    Whoo Hoo!!

    After a call to Apple Support in Australia, there is no phone support for iTunes/Store but between the support guys and myself we resolved that the problem of my failed update was tow differernt Apple accounts.

    That part is not yet fixed but at least I found a way to update eWallet and it now works fine.

    Very quick and sycning working nicely.

    Great job!!

  61. Ken Cazier

    I got the iPhone version and the new desktop version. Syncing is working perfectly. Yippee! Thanks Ilium Software!

  62. Graeme

    Small Issue

    If I have the wallet open and the iPhone goes to auto-lock when I open the iphone again if the Passcode Lock is set to anything other than “Immediately” then the ewallet is still open and effectively un-secure.

    All – please remember to hit the “Home Button” to ensure your ewallet is secure

    If you change the Passcode Lock setting to immediately the security of your ewallet is only as good as the passcode security as the ewallet will still be open.

    – Graeme

  63. Dean Roberts

    Syncing was so ridiculously easy, clean, straight forward, nice and quick that I couldn’t believe it!

    The interface looks great on the iPhone. I’m so excited for me and everyone to now have their wallets on their iPhones!

    Great job guys & girls!!! Iliumsoft Rocks!

  64. T-Will

    Hi Marc,

    Woot, only took 5 minutes to get it syncing, and the actual sync process only took about 2 seconds literally and I probably have about 100 cards.

    One issue, I installed the Flexwallet Icon Pack Professional Edition (Windows Mobile) on the PC since I had previously used Flexwallet on Windows Mobile and converted to eWallet. On the PC all the icons show up correctly, but on the iPhone after syncing I’m getting the generic icons. Is there any way to get these icons to sync up with my iPhone?


  65. Craig

    Hi Marc, all,

    Awesome app! Worth the wait. I really appreciate your earlier blog comments.

    Thank you. Now, what else can I buy from you in ITunes…?

  66. Mike

    Awesome. Just did my sync. It was so easy. Just shows you how good Ilium software is. Marc said it would be nice and easy and it was. Great product but that is what Ilium always does. Thank Ilium!!!!!!!!!!

  67. Phil

    I have to admit to being pretty sad and frustrated. I’ve been a long-time customer, running on my desktop w/ dozens of cards.. paid for and downloaded the latest update on my iPod Touch.. but when I tried ‘adding’ the Touch thru the synchonization function on my desktop, it would only allow a network path/device… was not prompted for anything like the code displayed on the device. Trying to enter code displays a new window, ‘Please enter a full path for the sync location’.

  68. Phil

    (part 2..) Come to think of it, was I supposed to receive an e-mail with instructions for updating my desktop version? hmm.. thanks in advance.. I’m sure this will get straightened out. It was just a bit anticlimactic to have it finally available and not work properly.

  69. Kevin White

    @Phil: just download the latest trial of eWallet from our website. If you have 6.0 installed, 6.1 should pick up your trial registration automatically. (If you uninstall first, you’ll have to type in your registration name and key again.)

  70. pablo

    The app is out in the apple store. I don’t believe I am the first noting it.
    I am going to update it right now.

  71. Trevor


    That was fast… I mean like really fast. The only thing that I wish I had realized when I first got the iphone version is that I should have created the wallet on my iphone with the same name as the wallet on my desktop. So now I have to enter the handful of cards that I entered directly on the iphone into the desktop.

    But the sync process was so smooth and fast that I thought it failed.

    What am I going to do with all the free time that I will have now that I don’t have to stalk the app store anymore.

  72. George

    I guess I’m missing something on the Sync setup. My iPhone is on my home LAN and has a working IP. I can do anything from the iPhone on the net. However, according to the Help File, it indicates that the iPhone should show up on the Setup page, but it does not. I’m at a loss as to how to make it show there. My desktop is wired to the router. Trevor, what did you do that I’m not?

  73. George

    OK. I had not updated the desktop software to 6.1.2 was still running 6.1.0. Once I did that, the Setup screen CHANGED with different mobile options.

    The install apparently read my previous registration as it doesn’t say anything about “Trial” anywhere and no place to register either. I guess I’ll know in 30 days.

    This was the ONE have to have product before I jumped on the iPhone platform from my trusty Palm OS of many years. My 30 day trial from AT&T iPhone expires this week, so this came out just in time. Now, I can leave my Palm at rest — except for my genealogy input software when I’m on that kick.

  74. Ron

    I’m also having trouble. Can’t create a Partnership. Basically the desktop setup accepts the ip of the iPhone, the wallets are of the same name but nothing happens. There is no prompt for the unique id.

    I’m running the 6.1 desktop version but the help makes no reference to the iPhone specifically. Also, does ActiveSync need to be installed or not?

  75. Dale

    I can’t get it to work either. I’m at 6.12 on both sides and it acts like everything is fine, I enter the code and it says wallet not found and asks me if I want to create a wallet on the iPhone. I say yes, and it does a copy thing and works just like the way it did on my PPC. Nothing seems wrong, no errors. But the wallet never actually appears on the iPhone. If I try to “sync” again, it says it can’t find the iPhone.

  76. Frustrated

    Didn’t see the update, so went into the app store on the phone and purchased it again. iTunes recognized I had already bought the software and did the update. So happy!

    Everything is working perfectly. Synced my wallet as well as my wife’s and as others have said, happened so fast I didn’t believe it. VERY happy.

    Thanks iliumsoft!!

  77. Dale

    More info. After some tests and to make a long story short, it seems that the wallet is on the iPhone, but it is not visible in the application interface.

  78. Judy

    I updated the App on the iPhone, downloaded and installed the trial version of desktop ewallet, followed the directions on the desktop to go to iPhone and followed those directions, and VOILA!!! I’m synced, relieved and happy! Whew! And on a Sunday night, to boot! Thanks to everyone for the updates and tips – along with Marc’s information and a great product, it helped make the process go perfectly! Sleep well, everyone, as someone said previously, the universe is now in sync!!

  79. Mike great. Couple of things to note. Desktop version must be 6.1.2. Download the latest trial. That adds iphone support. When you setup the sync…it will pop up a dialog with most likely one entry in it…don’t forget to select your ipod…in the list…even if there is only one entry in the list. If you do not you get some wierd authentication error supposedly from the iphone…but it really means you selected nothing. The sync is fast…….really fast. If only other content would sync that fast…

  80. Leslie Sin

    Hi, I got eWallet for iPhone, is there any special discount price for the Desktop version and how I can proceed to acquire one?

  81. DavidB

    I’m Syncing !, I’m Syncing ! (in dodgy German accent “Vot are you zinking about ?”).

    I’ve Synced !

    Woke up, showered, made coffee, updated iPhone eWallet and setup sync in a matter of seconds and no sooner started and the sync is complete.

    Cards synced between iPhone and Desktop flawlessly.

    Well done Ilium, great job and well worth the wait 🙂

  82. Uriel

    …and if you were among the lucky ones who sent Ilium proof of purchase of the iPhone version, the whole system ended up costing 10 bucks – if this ain’t the icing on the cookie, what is?

  83. Laz

    @Howard, make sure you re-download the desktop app & install it to add iPhone support. Also, make sure your iPhone is awake so that the desktop app can detect it.

  84. mfg

    I have 6.1.2 installed on iPhone and PC. Sync link is established and starts to work but ends short. Log file reports this error:

    Sync Starting at Monday, September 08, 2008, 12:26:45 AM with SyncPro
    Syncing C:\Users\MFG\Documents\MFG.wlt with MFG s iPhone
    Unable to retrieve file ftp://UEDODCDEGHGEKDDOBLLGNLNNLIEIMKF:****@iPhone-4.local.:49163/MFG.wlt via FTP to C:\Users\MFG\AppData\Local\Temp\SLDATCopy1.wlt. (server response was: 200 TYPE command successful. 200 PORT command successful. 550 “MFG.wlt”: File not found. 550 “/var/mobile/Applications/93D2A5A2-1A22-4AE2-A13D-254C32CFFCC4/Documents/MFG.wlt”: Unable to open file. )
    SYNC RESULT: FAILURE – eWallet was unable to sync any wallets.
    Sync Ended at Monday, September 08, 2008, 12:26:51 AM

    Any thoughts? I’ll try to call tomorrow…

    Marc (not w/Iliumsoft)

  85. Jeremy


    I’ve tested it on Vista Ultimate running on Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac Build 5608.

    I’m glad to say that the syncing runs flawlessly.

    I know that many Mac Users have Parallels installed to run Windows programs, so this is a good alternative till Illium masters the wierd world of Objective C.

  86. jaytee

    I am having the same issue as Howard and not able to get as far as MFG. Running Vista SP1 with desktop ewallet Trying to setup a sync with iPhone running the newly update softare (even rebooted the phone). I get the same error as Howard:
    “ewallet cannot dedect any apple devices…(make sure on the same network…)”

    I know they are on the same network as I am running MobilFinder which allows you to ftp things to your phone and that is working (as well as a ping to iphone ip). Tried starting the sync from the phone as well as from the desktop software with the same results.

    I will head back to the blog to see if there is some updates on the evil Vista users such as myself. Love the program and am looking forward to getting the sync to work. I am sure it is something with Vista and not ewallet.

  87. mfg

    I can copy an empty wallet from PC to iPhone where the wallet was not on the iPhone (sync creates it). But I cannot get my 120+ entry wallet on the iPhone to the PC without getting that error! HELP!

    Marc (not w/ Iliumsoft)

  88. Howard

    Jaytee, Yes I have a feeling it is as well. I have tried all sorts of things like reloading software, disabling firewall etc and still no go. If you find a solution please post. I have also sent a ticket to Ilium but guess they will take a while to respond. I am glad I am not the only one!

  89. jaytee

    Will do. I am going to stop trying for now. Have tried a few things already:
    1- Reinstalled Bonjour
    2- Restared Bonjour services
    3- Restarted all the services related to ipods and itunes
    4- Restrated computer
    (note: my firewall is not active on my computer)
    5- Checked the logs on my sonicwall (firewall) and nothing of note for traffic being blocked between the two notes.
    6- Checked the event viewr and nothing of note to indicate not finding the phone.

    I must be missing something that is screaming at me and I am just not listening. Again, I will keep checking back and tomorrow will see if some of my technicians at the office have any bright ideas.


  90. Howard

    I have done exactly what you have done with no luck either. I think I will wait for you or Ilium to get back to me. I would send you my email if that would help.

  91. Jeremy

    Found a small bug:

    When adding a picture to a card, it doesn’t sync the image with the card to the iPhone.

  92. Sig

    I cannot create a partnership with the new release 6.1.2 from the apple store. I followed the instructions but in Setup with button Add.. I have to select a folder, to what? The IPod is not showing in the list of connectable devices.
    You are right, you are to early. Sorry, i remove this peace of software from my IPod and look for something else.

  93. Raymond

    The sync works very well for all cards. One thing I noticed is that my picture card on my desktop ewallet does not transfer over to the iPhone

  94. Paul H

    Musings from a Mac veteran/Vista novice: In the end the sync update works very well and the Ilium team is to be congratulated.

    Encountered a few hiccups with sync refusals as I had to allow eWallet access through the firewall – not an intuitive process for a 20 year Mac user.

    Note to developers, while this certainly is not your responsibility, most Mac users are not familiar with Vista and its everyday use. We boot into Vista out of necessity to use applications like eWallet and therefore have little or no knowledge of everyday system settings. A brief side note explaining how to quickly allow the eWallet application access through standard (default) firewall settings would be of enormous benefit to your Mac customers, particularly the less patient, who will no doubt become annoyed at repeated failed syncs. To the Vista/Windows novice, it initially looks like eWallet is not working properly when the sync failure message appears. Again, educating customers on how to use Vista is obviously not your responsibility, but it will preclude many complaints, annoyed reviewers and unnecessary service tickets.

  95. Eric

    To the devs:

    Why do i need to initiate sync on both my iphone and the desktop? that is a bit redundant. With splashid, you didn’t have to do that, you could initiate a sync from the iphone and not be required to do anything from the desktop side. with the ewallet sync, i need to hit synchronize on the iphone, and the synchronize on the desktop. it is a waste of time. please allow me to initiate a sync from the iphone alone at least, without having to run over to the desktop to start the sync as well.

    other than that, great job devs!!! the sync works perfectly!!!

  96. Eric


    I am running windows vista wth the latest service pack and I have no problems with the ewallet sync. why don’t you just shut down the firewall program that you might be running and if it works, great, if it doesn’t, then you can at least rule out the firewall app as the culprit. also of note, i have the UAC (user access control) turned off……..always. i find it to be an unwanted and unnecessary nuisance. Not sure if it would help but try to disable UAC as well and give it a try.

    Good Luck!!!

  97. Jim

    Where can I get a copy of the desktop version 6.1.2? All I can find are links to the 6.1.0 version I already have.

  98. Justin

    Wow. 1st time perfect Sync from Office wired connection to wireless Iphone. My old WM wallet perfectly restored. Ilium – you rock !!!!!!!

  99. Howard


    Thanks. I have tried what you have suggested and still it will not sync. I have sent an email to Ilium. Once the USA wakes up, I am sure it will be fixed.

  100. jaytee


    Thank you for the suggestion. Just like Howard I have also tried this. I also keep UAC off and I do not have any software firewall running. There must be something similar to the setup Howard and I have that you may not. Not sure what that is yet but I am going to keep trying. Thank you again for the suggetion. The fact that you can sync with vista means I will also be able to get it working. Of course I should really should sleep some more so I can function.



  101. Chris

    HURRAY. It syncs GREAT!

    The wait probably equals the amount of time it would have taken me to manually duplicate the desktop ewallet over to my device anyway.

    The sync works perfectly…no problem AT ALL! Good job Ilium.

    The wait is finally over….not sure what to do now though………

  102. Dale

    I remember the last time, a few years ago, that I could not sync an eWallet (with my PocketPC). Iliumsoft took a copy of my wallet and examined it. The only solution was to rebuild the file from scratch. I fear I am headed in the same direction.

  103. Howard


    That could be it. I have had ewallet for years so you maybe right. The only other thing iit could be is this. I have an IBM Laptop. Maybe it is something to do with that. I hope it is not what you suggest though. It will take me an age to rebuild. Time will tell.

  104. Adrian

    Solved! I’m the one who had the “an error occured while asking the Apple device to provide the authorization code necessary to setup a synchronisation partnership” error message above. After a few hours of the usual troubleshooting, firewall, UAC etc. etc. an uninstall and reinstall of Bonjour did the trick. And what a happy little eWallet customer I am!!!

  105. Kjartan

    Got my eWallet update today. Searched for a desktop update, but this is perhaps not necessary. Anyway, I would like to thank you people at ilium for a fantastic product and good support. You got my name on the listpro for iphone when it arrives. Thanks. 🙂

  106. Patrick

    Thanks Adrian, I had exactly the same problem as you had (an error occured while asking the Apple device to provide the authorization code necessary to setup a synchronisation partnership).
    Removing Bonjour and reinstalling it as you suggested also solved my problem.

  107. Brenden

    I would just like to throw my 2 cents worth in … This is how I did my upgrade.

    Tip, Turn the iPhone Auto-Lock for this. I have to unlock my phone 4 or 5 times which got annoying.

    Step 1. Download the iPhone 6.1.2 update.

    Step 2. Download the Desktop version (even if you think you have the right version, I looked and had 6.1.024363 I thought that was ok.) Desktop version you need is

    Step 3. After the installation of both Apps reboot both PC & iPhone (stop groaning, just do it.)

    Step 4. Disable your firewall on your PC. !!

    Step 5. Open Desktop e-Wallet and upgrade your data file to the new version. Version will recognise the version difference.

    Step 6. In the desktop menu go to SYNCHRONIZE | SETUP. Don’t click ADD just yet.

    Step 7. Open e-Wallet on your iPhone start the SYNC SETUP process. Follow the instructions until you get to the UNIQUE ID NUMBER.

    Step 8. Now in Desktop click ADD & a nice graphic appears and choose iPhone. If all goes will your iPhone name will appear, (Be patient…Give it a minute or to to find it.) Then click OK.

    Step 9. Now enter the UNIQUE ID NUMBER into the empty field and click ACCEPT.

    Step 10. Anwer YES to synchronize now. Then click OK in the next window. Answer YES to create a copy of your data file on your iPhone.

    Shazzamm your done.

    Remember to revert your auto-lock back to your original setting.

    Problems I encountered.

    1. Wrong Desktop version on PC.
    2. Firewall blocking PC from seeing iPhone. ( MARC – what port do wee need to open?)
    3. iPhone not being found after disabling the firewall. – Close e-Wallet on both and start again.
    4. Being too impatient when the PC & iPhone are trying to find each other.

    Hope this is helps.

    Brenden – “I sync therefore I am”

  108. william stewart

    I have the latest version of ewallet on my iphone but it still seems i can’t sync with my pc. Could you provide an idiot proof set up guide? here is my problem. when i click on sync set up my iphone is not in the window only lomega i Storage, when i click add i have no idea what i should type in the box or what im looking for when i click browse. i have looked and looked at help files but to no avail, i would love to see a waklthrough on how to sync your iphone with ewallet on pc which leaves nothing out on your support page.

  109. Sam

    At last – it syncs and I have all my life on my iPhone. Thanks Illium for the hard work and thanks to Apple for making it so easy to update apps (when an update is available).

  110. Do Sohn

    I am getting similar problem to Mark. Partnerhsip is established and syncs but gives the following error. I get the same error regardless of other setting changes such as sync condition or direction.

    Sync Starting at Monday, September 08, 2008, 8:05:22 PM with SyncPro
    C:\Documents and Settings\qz39j4\My Documents\Do Sohn Wallet.wlt overwriting Do Sohn.
    Unable to access the wallet at Do Sohn. Please make sure your iPhone is set to sync and that your firewall is not blocking the connection.
    SYNC RESULT: FAILURE – eWallet was unable to sync any wallets.
    Sync Ended at Monday, September 08, 2008, 8:06:04 PM

  111. Jeff Cummings

    The e-wallet update just showed up on my i-phone. Installing now. Will post my experience soon.

  112. Howard


    Thanks. Followed what you said and now it syncs. So every time I do a sync I have to disable the firewall and turn off auto lock? Rather a pain don’t you think?

    Thanks anyway. No doubt these bugs will get sorted in time!

  113. william stewart

    Sync Starting at 08 September 2008, 13:44:44 with SyncPro
    Syncing C:\Users\Billy\Documents\billy’s Wallet.wlt with Billy s iPhone
    Unable to retrieve file
    i am nearly there, anyone any idea what this error message means and how do i fix it?

    ftp://UNNGENPEOOCPDNINHOEJBHDKOBHGIIM:****@iPhone.local.:49165/billy’s Wallet.wlt via FTP to C:\Users\Billy\AppData\Local\Temp\SLDATCopy4.wlt. (server response was: 200 TYPE command successful. 200 PORT command successful. 550 “billy’s Wallet.wlt”: File not found. 550 “/var/mobile/Applications/760EDDC9-447C-48A2-B4C8-F97F6376A230/Documents/billy’s Wallet.wlt”: Unable to open file. )
    SYNC RESULT: FAILURE – eWallet was unable to sync any wallets.
    Sync Ended at 08 September 2008, 13:44:45

  114. Jeff Cummings

    Just successfully synced. WOO-HOO!!!!!

    Had to install the latest Bonjour software, but after that, worked like a champ.

    Just followed the onscreen instructions. I did have to ensure that the wallet on the i-phone had the same password as my wallet on the pc.

    Thanks for making it happen ilium!!

    I now can go back to business as usual. If my i-phone would just connect the phone calls, it would be perfect!

  115. Dennis

    After reading some of the posts here, I finally got e-Wallet and the iPhone to start syncing. However, it only gets about half way through then seems to lock up and goes no further. After a long wait, it ends and goes back to the main screens. Then there is no data on the iPhone. ??????

  116. Mike

    William: I’m willing to bet that the issue is that you have a space and/or apostrophe in the name of your wallet. Try changing the name of your wallet to “billy.wlt” and see if that solves your problem.

  117. Igor S.

    Updated eWallet with the latest from iTunes. Sync is working as expected. Updated the data on the desktop and synced again – no issue. Thank you guys for making it happened. I’m very pleased with this application.

  118. Troy

    Got the update last night and sync works great (and FAST). The only issue I had is one mentioned upthread – icons from the Flexwallet pack don’t transfer to the iPhone. Can we look forward to this being fixed in future releases, Marc?

  119. George

    Everything works fine at home, but in the office environment, it’s a different story. I believe it may be a firewall issue (corporate) that may need to be resolved. We have over 1,000 corporate IP’s assigned, my iPhone is on 10.xx.xx.xx (wireless LAN group) while my desktop is on 69.xx.xx.xx (wired LAN group). This may cause problems as well.

    To give me a heads up when I talk to the IT guys, what format is being used to transfer the information (ftp. sftp, push or what) protocol (TCP or UDP) and the port used.

  120. J Powers

    Sync works great, but each time I try to sync again it can’t find wallet on iphone and has to create a new wallet on iphone?


  121. Aleks

    Well if every programmer worked like yourself – the world would be a perfect place. Unfourtanetly, this is not the case. I will be showing this to my outsourced programmers hehehe… follow Ilium!

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