eWallet for BlackBerry Open Beta!

eWallet for BlackBerry is finally here!It isn’t available for purchase yet, but we’re very excited to announce that you can download a Beta version of the software today! This version is a full featured version and will synchronize with eWallet 6.1.3 for Windows PC. (If you do not have 6.1.3 on your desktop PC yet, click here.)

Although this is a Beta version of the application, it is extremely solid and works great. It IS  a Beta though, so all the usual warnings and disclaimers apply (for instance, be sure to make a good backup of your wallet files before you start using it, use at your own risk, etc.) Again, it is extremely solid but officially it is a Beta.

In addition, while this is “full featured” this Beta version will only function for a limited time. At the end of that time you’ll need to get the full version if you wish to continue using the application.

OK, enough talk and more downloads! Here are the links you can use to download the Beta version. Both are for an EXE that you run on your desktop computer that will let you install the application to your BlackBerry. Note that I’ve included a zipped download as well because some folks’ security won’t let them download ANY EXE files.

Download the EXE file

Download the ZIP file

Next up, if you decide to try this out we encourage you to give us feedback! Let us know what you like, what you don’t like, and if you run into any problems! WebIS is hosting a forum to facilitate this. You can find the forum here:

eWallet for BlackBerry Open Beta

SO, that’s that! I hope you guys like it! As always, let us know if you have any problems!

PS: See, I told you it wasn’t Vaporware. 😉 🙂

57 thoughts on “eWallet for BlackBerry Open Beta!

  1. TommyC

    AWESOME!!! Can’t wait to try it!! I have been waiting for this and I have been an eWallet/Window Mobile user for MANY YEARS, easily my most critical piece of software. When I recently moved to a BlackBerry, you have no idea how the lack of access to my eWallet on my phone affected me. A major tool of an IT consultant, THANKS!!!

  2. Kevin

    Fantastic! I am very excited for this product. Since I migrated from WinMo to BB, I have been lost without my eWallet!

  3. Jiggs

    Great news!! I have been a loyal customer on Windows, WinMo and U3. Having to use another product for the past year has been painful maintaining two applications.

    Thanks for getting this done.

  4. Greg B

    I have been waiting ofr this since I went over to BB. I downloaded the BETA yesterday but
    1. Can not see how to get the ewallet file from my desktop (which I used with my WM) onto the BB.
    2. How can I determine the storage path of the BB as I would like to use the SD card.
    3. Will the file on the BB sync with the fil eon the desktop as it does with WM?

    Thanks in advance!!!!

  5. Jim

    Glad to finally see a BB version! I’ve been missing this since my company went to BB usage only. I was able to sync using the cable connection, but have not been able to sync “over the air.” Is this the way eWallet for BB is designed, or do you think I have something setup incorrectly?

  6. Woody

    First of all, thanks for responding to my request so promptly 🙂 I’ve had my BB for about 2 months now and it was beginning to irritate me intensely that I had no access to passwords (other than the ones I can remember).
    I’ve had to upgrade to e-Wallet 6.1 so the upgrade hasn’t been free but having done that and followed the synchronization instructions, everything transferred very smoothly.
    How do I collapse the groups (on my BB Curve) so I can quickly skip the passwords and other info sections and get straight to my passwords ?

  7. Tom Mustac

    I’ve been waiting for this for a long time… It actually slowed me down from moving to a Blackberry… Thank you! I look forward to licensing it as soon as you are out of Beta 🙂

  8. Kevin White

    @Greg B:

    1) You will need to set the wallet file to sync within the add-in configuration for the eWallet sync add-in, inside of Blackberry Desktop Manager. Open Desktop Manager and click Synchronize, then Configure Add-In, then click on the name “eWallet Synchronizer” and then “Configure”.

    2) You cannot store data on the storage card; the program and its data will go into main memory on your Blackberry.

    3) Not quite; see step 1, as the sync process is part of an add-in for Desktop Manager, and not really internal to eWallet itself like it is for Windows Mobile.

    @Jim: Sync is only over USB or Bluetooth with Desktop Manager on your PC. The Sync add-in is for Desktop Manager, and there isn’t any option for syncing it OTA.


    Press the ‘space’ key with one of the categories highlighted.

  9. Bob Goldschmidt

    Original Question: Will the file on the BB sync with the fil eon the desktop as it does with WM?
    Your Answer: Not quite; see step 1, as the sync process is part of an add-in for Desktop Manager, and not really internal to eWallet itself like it is for Windows Mobile.

    My Question: Will eWallet for Blackberry still synch on a card-by-card basis, in both directions? Or will data synch only be on a one-way file swap basis?

  10. Marc Post author


    Yes. BB uses item level synchronization. So no, it doesn’t sync like it does with WM technically, but from your perspective the end result is the same. Full item level sync.

  11. Doug Hexter

    I have been waiting for this too. Thank you. I have it all up and running, quite straightforward, got my free upgrade from 6.0 to 6.1.3. My question is when the full paid version comes out will that be a simple install over the existing BB version, or will I have to remove the BETA from the BB and install the licensed version?

    Also, will the BETA run until the licensed version is out? It would be nice to stop carrying my U3 thumb drive with E-wallet on it and just rely on my BB for on the go. Thanks in advance for your answers.

  12. Doug Hexter

    I do notice that it seems to have a bit of a delay running on my BB Verizon Curve (8330). And that synch is a bit slow. Is that a function of the beta, or will the final release also have the same. Lastly is there going to be a way to have it load with all categories collapsed that than expanded? Overall its terrific!

  13. Marc Post author

    @Doug: Full version should be out well before the beta runs out, and you should be able to install the full version right over the beta.

  14. Marc Post author

    @Doug: Glad you like it! Please hop over to the WebIS forums to post anything you run into. That way they’ll be sure to see your comments so they can take a look.

  15. Greg B

    Kevin/ Marc

    Thanks for the replies, but I am still having a problem getting an existing file to sync with the BB. I was originally on version 4x of eWallet and purchased the upgrade to 6.1.3 for this exercise. At this stage I can create new wallets on the BB or the PC and have them sync, but it seems impossible to get my existing wallet synced with the BB. I even tried to remove the password security and that did not work. I noticed there is also no way of getting the wallet to Save As.. so I can create a new wallet in that fashion. There is also no way to export the card details and import them again. With your pther product ListPro, it is possible to exort from one file to another. Can you help please?????

  16. Karen

    I’m new to BlackBerry, but have been a user of eWallet for a long time. I downloaded the beta on my PC but don’t know how to get it on my BlackBerry. When I try to go to Application Loader, I cannot find the *.alx or *.ali files. They are not in the directory where the app is installed. If I go to Synchronize/Cofiguration/Configure Add-ins nothing shows up.

  17. Marc Post author

    @Greg: Kevin will send you an email.

    @Karen: Just unzip the file to your desktop and run it there and follow the instructions.

  18. Jim

    The BB version of eWallet is working great. No problems syncing at all on my BB Curve 8310. However, I do have one more question. I don’t see a way to change the password in the BB version. If I change it on the desktop it gives me an error message that the passwords do not match. How do I change the password for eWallet in the BB version? Again, great product! Looking forward to the final full version.

  19. Mike

    Well done! Now time to put my trusty old iPaq on Ebay as everything I need is now on my BB and backed up on my PC. Many thanks!

  20. Kevin

    Thank you! I have been a WM user for years and
    recently switched to BB. I have installed this beta
    on a BB Bold. I have encountered the following
    1- the categories do not collapse
    2- I had v4 wallet for WM that was converted on
    the desktop to v6+. The wallet on the desktop
    converted with no issues, however, upon syncing
    the wallet to the BB Bold some of the card’s labels
    did not sync correctly. I had to make changes on
    both the desktop and the BB Bold manually. The
    wallets just do not sync.

    Thanks for the product I can’t wait for the final versions
    with the bugs fixed.

  21. Helena

    Oh, I have been waiting for so long! Can’t wait. Thanks to all who put in the effort to bring us this well-loved and valuable program.

  22. Mike

    “@Greg: Kevin will send you an email.”

    I think a public answer might be very helpful on this, if possible. Thanks!

  23. Marc Post author

    @Mike: I appreciate your interest, but right now we don’t even know what the exact problem is. That is to say, it could be a number of things that are at issue so we’d like to work with Greg to determine what is happening. A protacted back and forth in the comments of the blog likely won’t help anyone and could very well make things worse for some folks because it might lead them down the wrong path. If the discussion leads to something that will be valuable we will be sure to either post it in the support forums linked above, or make sure to update the application to assure that the issue doesn’t affect other users.

  24. BobC

    So, I have a older 4.* version and been waiting forever to upgrade. It looks like I need to purchase a 6.1 version in order to sync the wallet to the blackberry. It’s not a problem cause I knew this day would come. Since the BB version is not available, which other version(Pocket PC, Smartphone, Palm), do I need to buy, so I can have both a windows desktop and blackberry? And still be ok for the future.

  25. Margie

    I am having the same issue as Greg

    I am having a problem getting an existing file to sync with the BB. I purchased the upgrade to of eWallet 6.1.3 for this exercise. At this stage I can create new wallets on the BB or the PC and have them sync, but it seems impossible to get my existing wallet synced with the BB.

  26. Bob Kopas

    Love the new EWallet for BBERRY. A suggestion — add an option to “collapse” the tree into the category headings. I have numerous categories and numerous items per category. I figured out the space bar will expand or collapse a category, but even if you collapse all categories, next time you open the wallet, they are all expanded. It takes forever to scroll down the list using the rollerball on my 8330. Collapse/Expand all in the menu would be awesome!

  27. Chris

    This is great – finally ONE device, my PDA is also going to go to EBAY. and yes I DO like the implementation on the BB. Mine is humming along.

    PS I found building a .wlt with exactly the same name and Password on the BB (8830) first before trying to Sync helped me get going.

  28. Marc Post author

    To Everyone: We have released a new build of the beta and will release another today. Please make sure to download and install the very latest version using the same links above! Also, make sure to visit the WebIS link above as important info for beta folks is being discussed and posted there.

  29. Lindung

    I did have same problem with Karen, try to follow your instruction but nothing happen in my BB8320, the setup only in my PC. how to get it run on my BB?

  30. kat

    Lucky for Blackberry users to have the great product PPC users have had for so long. I’d be lost without eWallet, and it’s been one of my most consistently used programs on my PC for years. I am just now installing it on a smart phone, and I do feel a little uncomfortable having ALL my critical identification and information on my phone, which could so easily fall into the wrong hands. I am trusting the password technology is sufficient to keep anyone else from cracking into it.

  31. Ruben

    I have a very OLD version of eWallet I got with my old HP IPAQ PDA. I just bought the new BB Storm. I will like to install the Beta eWallet for the BB. What will be the steps I should take to ensure a safe transition to the Beta. Do you have a ReadMe.txt file included with the installation?

    1. Do I need to buy and upgrade Pocket PC eWallet?
    2. Do I need to convert my old .wlt to a newer version?
    2. Install Beta BB eWallet software
    3. Building a .wlt with exactly the same name and Password on the BB (8830) first before trying to Sync.
    4. Open Desktop Manager and click Synchronize, then Configure Add-In, then click on the name “eWallet Synchronizer” and then “Configure”.
    5. Use Desktop Manager to Sync old .wlt to my new BB eWallet

  32. Mario

    Already downloaded the setup file and installed it.

    The question is how to install it to the BB?
    I’ve tryed to add it (eWallet.alx) via Application Loader, but it seems it doesn’t work.

    What shall I do?


    P.S. – I have a BB Pearl 8110.

  33. Manuel

    Unable to install eWallet on new Blackberry Storm. The Desktop application finds the eWallet.alx but errors with: No additional applications designed for your device were found.


  34. Mario

    Hi Manuel,
    That is exactly the error I’m getting: No additional applications designed for your device were found.
    Your problem is also my problem!

  35. Kevin

    @Everyone: In general, if you are having a technical problem with the beta (i.e a bug, crash, totally unexpected behavior), visit the WebIS beta forum and post there about it. The actual developers of the Blackberry version are reading that forum so they’ll see your problems without them having to filter through several different people.

    The forum’s here: (http://www.pocketinformant.com/Forums/index.php?showtopic=13431)

    @Mario, Manuel: I would suggest going over to the WebIS Beta forum with your installation problems. I don’t know what the problem is; I have seen problems installing via the Blackberry simulator software on the desktop and it may just be something with Desktop Manager itself. In fact, DM told me that there were no application updates necessary and I didn’t have to do anything, and then proceeded to install the latest update anyway!

    @Ruben: You will need the latest desktop version of eWallet to convert your data into the right format. You can use the trial for now, but if you stick with the Blackberry you will eventually need to buy the upgrade since the trial will run out.

    If your iPAQ runs Pocket PC 2003 (CE 4.2) or newer, and you still want to sync with it, you’ll also need to install (and eventually purchase) the 6.1.3 version for it as well. If your iPAQ runs Pocket PC 2002, you will no longer be able to sync your current desktop eWallet data to it *and* also sync with your Blackberry. eWallet 6.1.3 only supports 2003 or newer.

    You should not need to create a wallet on the Blackberry first. The sync add-in will see that there is no matching wallet on the device and copy your data over the first time.

    In short: 1) Install latest desktop eWallet. 2) Open your existing wallet to convert it. 3) Install the BB beta. 4) Configure Desktop Manager to sync your particular wallet file.

  36. Paul Kobetz

    Thanks to Kevin!
    We just installed the latest version of eWallet on the BlackBerry Storm. We had been using a Treo700w for years with eWallet runiing and keeping our “stuff” secure. The new version (beta) had some install glitches but Kevin walked us through them all. Nice job! The only problem with the Storm is that the keyboard default orientation is in the portrait mode requiring the use of the 3 letter per key usage….ugggggh! Blackberry said that the accelerometer built into the Storm to allow for landscape keyboard usage, is up to the vendor (eWallet) to be enabled…that would sure make entering data and passwords mucho easier to enter…other than that, bang on guys!

    Thanks again

  37. Ruben

    I got everything working, but step #4.

    4) Configure Desktop Manager to sync your particular wallet file.

    I don’t think I’m doing it propertly, need advice.
    Anyone can tell me the steps to configure Desktop Manager to sync your particular wallet file.


  38. Ed

    Been a long time ewallet user. I just went from a treo 700w to a Blackberry Storm. I see above one person can not install on the storm and another did but it only works in portrait view. Really need my ewallet info available and don’t really want to switch to another vendor (data vault for one is availale for the storm). Any idea when it will be available for the storm either beta or purchase? Thanks.

  39. David

    Just switched to the BB Storm and panicked that I would no longer have ewallet. Then I found the beta. Installed great and am up and going with my ewallet data. Please fix the landcape view in ewallet!

  40. Ruben

    Got it working, I just need to leave the “ewallet syncronized” and the “Run add-in actions” checked in the options for the BlackBerry Desktop Manager software.

  41. Matt H

    I installed the Beta on my BB Verizon 8330 and have two wallets that sync fine. My question has to do with username and password. When I click on the web link in my ewallet, it does not load the username and password. What am I doing wrong? is there a webpage with instructions for advanced users. I have been a user for many years and versions.

  42. James

    Very nice and I am glad I did not have to abandon this fine product after switching to a BB Storm. Suggestion: It would greatly facilitate ease-of-use for Storm users if the program could switch to landscape mode. I WILL buy this program when the beta phase is ended.

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