8 thoughts on “And I Thought We Had a Problem with Imitators

  1. Kevin White

    You know, it seems odd that you can have multiple apps in the app store with the same name. Yesterday, I discovered that there are three “Units” applications. Someone said, “Get Units, it’s great!’ (No, that’s not a plug; that’s literally what they said) and so I got it.

    I said, this is… not really great, it’s kind of just a list of stuff in a generic table.

    Turns out I had ‘the other Units’.

  2. Bill Curnow

    At last count 33 “body function” applications have been added to the store since the Pull By Finger ban was lifted.

  3. Todd Ogasawara

    The thing I found amazing was that iFart Mobile hit #1 in the iTunes Paid Apps Top 10 list. It overtook SimCity for iPhone to do so (quite a feat IMHO). Its developer published day-by-day unit sales stats. It sold 5497 units on Saturday, Dec. 20, at 99 cents each (minus Apple’s 30% take).

  4. Ellen Post author

    Good question, Chris. I’d just read the blog post of the author, wanted to see what they wrote for a description. I didn’t realize it was on the top page of the App Store, so just did a search as what I thought was the quickest way to find it.

  5. Jerry

    One of the reasons I haven’t moved to the iPhone yet is because of the slim pickins of quality apps in the app store — compared to what I have been able to get for my WM5/6 device. Pretty much every category that I am interested in, WM5/6 offers much better solutions.

    But, no good Fart software for the WM5/6.

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