Double the winners, double the fun

Hey everyone! It’s time again for another installment of our monthly blog contest. To anyone who may have noticed, I apologize for slacking a bit and not announcing a winner in January. I was pretty busy, and by the time I realized I’d never done my usual contest post, the month was half over! So I¬†decided to keep on slacking and double up my contest today.

All right, I’ve got two winners to pick, so let’s get started!¬†First up, the lucky winner from December ’08: vi, for commenting on the post eWallet for Mac Update. And our winner for January, the first winner of the new year: Duncan, for commenting on Macworld Thoughts. Congrats to both of you – take a bow! I’ve just sent you an email explaining how to get your prize. If you don’t receive it, reply to this post and let me know.

To everyone else – keep the comments coming, because now that I’m back on track with the contest, next month’s winner could be you!

9 thoughts on “Double the winners, double the fun

  1. Mark

    I’m looking forward to the eWallet for Mac release. Since switching to the Mac years ago, I’ve been using a competitor’s program and it just isn’t as good as eWallet. I’ll be glad when I have a Mac native version of eWallet that syncs with my iPod Touch. It would also be great if I could import my 300+ passwords from the competitor’s program into eWallet.

    Thank you.

  2. Andrew

    Could we get an update on the eWallet for Mac release? I know you won’t give dates, but maybe a “making good progress, hope to have something out this quarter”?

  3. Marc

    @Andrew: Yep, we’re making good progress. The UI looks very good and most of the functions are in place. I really couldn’t say when to expect it but it is definitely in progress.

  4. Whitney Roberts


    Thanks for the update. I have one question though – when eWallet for the Mac is released, will it have the same SyncPro options (remote SMB share, FTP site, website, etc.) options as the Windows client?

    The reason I’m asking is that I want to know whether I can expect to continue to be able to sync my eWallet file on my Mac with a windows share on my Windows Home Server the same way my Vista desktop and other Windows machines currently work.

    I really hope the answer is ‘Yes’!

    Thank you!

  5. Bill H.

    How about an update on ListPro for the iPhone? What kind of a version are you working on, and how is it going?

  6. Marc

    @Whitney: Yes. Sync should work the same. (That’s the plan anyhow – assuming we don’t run into anything we aren’t expecting.)

    @Bill H: It is currently in development – as in someone is sitting at a desk here writing code for it as we speak. For business reasons (and I feel bad about this) I need to keep the details a secret – for now.

  7. Ian Goulbourne

    This is not really a comment about double the winners, rather an appreciation of this blog. Thanks for keeping us informed and for taking our comments seriously.
    Love eWallet on the iphone – the synch with my xp laptop is first class. The ability to have a secure store for all my codes is essential and the hasslefree synching is a dream. I have used eWallet since my first Compaq iPaq!

    On another, but related matter, I have used ListPro for many years now and have a fair investment in time and effort in a variety of lists – as I get older, I need a place to refresh my memory and to place markers for future reference. ListPro does this for me. I do have ListPro for my xp laptop, but would really wish it for my iPhone. I do not have my laptop with me all the time but my iPhone is there when I need it and to have the ability to jot down ideas and things to do as you think of them is one of the most useful features of a pda. I could get by without embedded files as I have in some of my lists but not having a program such as ListPro (I have yet to find a program of equivalent quality on the iPhone) is a drag, and to convert to a new file setup would be a real pain.
    My wishlist:

    ListPro on the iPhone (not just a reader – though could do without bells and whistles)
    Synch with desktop and iPhone version naturally essential

    Ultimate wish list – eWallet & ListPro on the Mac! (a Mac convert of 12 months and running!)

    Ilium will have to do its own sums (US – do the math) but I hope that the burgeoning numbers of iPhones and the swing to Mac will convince you that there will be value in this development. I do know that Vista has put a lot of people (privately purchased computers and not business machines) off windows and to go from a buggy virus ridden system to the Mac has been a relevation



  8. Duncan

    I will comment on this blog post…I was the January winner and my wife is loving having eWallet on her iPod Touch (that was what I selected as the prize)!

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