Password Builder added to eWallet for iPhone

wallet120_thumbnailHey, everyone! I wanted to let you know that we got word that our latest update to eWallet for iPhone has gone live in the AppStore. eWallet 6.1.4 includes our PassBuilder password generator. Now you can generate passwords for any Hidden (aka: Password) field.

The interface is as easy as ever and the new feature works great! I included a couple screenshots below so you can see how it looks. If you already own eWallet you should get the updated automatically. If you don’t own eWallet yet, what are you waiting for! Get your copy here!

 img_0010   img_0011

19 thoughts on “Password Builder added to eWallet for iPhone

  1. Jared Proudfoot

    Wasn’t there a plan to release an Macintosh (OSX) version of the eWallet desktop software, at some point? Is that still happening? Or am I thinking of something else?

    I hate having to run a VM just to use the desktop version. 🙂

  2. Marc Post author

    @Jared: For awhile I ended every blog post with “PS: Yes, we’re working on the Mac version.” It’s still true. It’s in development. I was just using a new build of it today.

  3. Ian Goulbourne

    Wondered when you would get round to mentioning this!!
    My itunes app update told me of the update and I am impressed by the ease of use of the password generator. Very handy for those times when you are forced into a 8 digit password with a mix of numbers/letters and a mix of case. Mind you it will still need a paradigm shift for me to use passwords that are not in some way memorable – I know that I have eWallet, but can’t be looking up passwords on this all the time! eWallet is for times when my memory fails me or I have not used the password for a long time or when I am reinstalling software having had to wipe my xp laptop clean (again).

  4. Whitney Roberts

    @Marc: Thanks for the update (and the response to my last question). I think we’re all getting anxious – I’m in the same boat as Jared – having to run a VM just to use eWallet…. we see progress all around us on a lot of different apps @ Ilium- which is a good thing, but it’d be nice to have a detailed status of just what is really going on w/ the Mac OSX desktop version. I think a lot of us would like to know if it’s going to be another 2 weeks, 2 months or 2 years before release – just knowing that much would be a big help. 😉

    Thanks again!

  5. Paul H

    Let me make a guess at Marc’s reply:

    “I don’t like predicting release dates as we can’t be sure how long development will actually take. I can tell you that I am just using a new build and it looks great.”

    That’s based on the standard response over the past six months. If my post seems tetchy… it is. Like many users I have grown weary of the vague responses to simple queries. At this point it is obvious that little or no real effort is going into this project. It just doesn’t take any developer six or seven months to create this kind of app if any sense of priority exists.

  6. John F

    I totally agree with Paul H. Say whatever you want, but they are just stringing everyone along. When they lose all their customers on the software side, they can always go and sell used cars!

  7. Adie

    Password generator looks good but I would rather have a Mac OSX desktop version that looks rubbish but works.

  8. Marc

    Well, as I’ve always said – it’s great to see people so passionate about our products. I love that we’ve created something that people are so interested in.

    I’ll add that despite the concerns expressed here, we’ve never failed to deliver something we said we would. That isn’t to say that some projects take longer to build than we expect, but we always deliver. Mac eWallet is no exception. What is more, when we do deliver, we deliver the very best product we can possibly build. Again, Mac eWallet will be no exception.

    I appreciate hearing from everyone, even people who are frustrated. I’m sorry that I can’t offer something more solid but we’re working on it. It’ll be out as soon as it is ready.

  9. Henry

    As a long time (more than 4 years) Ilium customer I believe Marc, but…

    – Please consider that many visitors to this site are new to Ilium and don’t like/get/believe this approach.
    – I think people would rather have an estimated ETA with updates/delays, than nothing remotely concrete.
    – Most projects without a deadline or that can be (internally) delayed because the customer has no expectation do not get delivered or drag on and on
    – You will lose customers because of this approach

    Marc, please give some timeframe, you must have internal plan from which you can an approx ETA, I for one am tired or coming to your site only to go away with no clearer information.

  10. Whitney Roberts

    I agree with Henry. I’m a long-time user (since eWallet 3) and have bought eWallet and Listpro (and Newsbreak) several times over with the version upgrades and platform switches, etc. So, I view myself as a faithful Ilium customer.

    However, the lack of any real news is discouraging. I do understand the philosophy behind the curtains, but I do not agree with it. I personally think it does a greater disservice to customers – both existing and potential – to not know what is going on and when they can expect updates to their applications – that is one of the primary factors I now use when considering software purchases. It’s not enough (to me) to know that it is happening – I feel like I deserve to know something since I am a valid, current and paying customer that is supporting your company.

    All that being said, I will likely remain a loyal customer as I really enjoy Ilium’s products and the value and feature sets they provide, but it doesn’t mean I’m a necessarily happy customer at this point, and that’s the beginning of a bad trend.

    So Ilium, I personally feel that you need to re-think this overall strategy – it serves no one and the lack of overall information to the customer-base is so very frustrating. It just doesn’t feel like a good customer/vendor relationship this way, and in fact, I feel a bit strung along and that doesn’t make me feel good about my future purchases.

    Please take this as constructive criticism – it’s not intended any other way.


  11. Bill H.

    I have to add my 2 cents here as well. We don’t have any real idea of what is going on with ListPro for iPhone (full or lite version, are you even building it, how far along are you, etc.). I also understand that any product for the iPhone also has to go through Apple’s approval.

    In the meantime, however, you have released a new product (Apples2Oranges). Could some of that time have gone toward creating ListPro? Given the fact that it has been over 6 months since you started working on the product, I would hope we would get an update on the status of ListPro soon. Marc—you are correct, I have loved the product on my PC and WindowsPC. That is why I keep pestering you for an update of the software.

    The eWallet for Mac is different, you don’t need to submit that to Apple before release. We won’t hold you to any dates (we all know about last minute glitches). Please just give us some infomration, thoughts, any kind of dialogue in regards to these products.


  12. Marc

    Happy to answer all the qestions. Also, thanks for all the honest and thoughtful comments. I really do appreciate it.

    Time Table for Mac eWallet: We originally tried to post an estimate for release. In addition, we did everything we could to make it clear that was the date we were shooting for and not a promise. The challenge is that people took that as a guarantee of release date. I feel like we’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. If we give an estimate, people take that as a promise and then hold it against us if we fail. That exactly what happened with Mac eWallet. If I don’t give a date, people are frustrated because they don’t know what is happening.

    ListPro: The reason I’m being cagey about this is that we have decided to do something a bit more than a mere reader, but with over 100 list management apps in the AppStore, we simply can’t talk about the plans (as much a I want to.) Doing so would be to hand a competitor a spec they could use for their own products.

    Apples2Oranges and Development Time: You can only put so many people on a project. At some point they just get in each other’s way. We have multiple developers and contractors as well. Having someone work on a different project does not directly take away from time we could spend on another project. I REALLY wish I could throw everyone we have at one thing to get it done, but it just isn’t possible. So, we continue to produce other smaller short-term projects with the other folks. (Including a number of Windows Mobile projects underway.)

    Hope this helps!

    PS: I’m in jury duty all week but when I get back I’ll try to do an entire post about these issues.

  13. Kevin

    As a _user_ (i.e, not speaking on behalf of Ilium Software), I understand how frustrating it is to wait for something. It’s time for A Story! 🙂

    I use a program called Bibble to ‘develop’ RAW images from my digital camera. It’s an affordable program that offers me most of what I want to do to an image, while adding some neat extras. However, I’m a Mac user, and their current version 4 for Mac is… quirky. And when I mean quirky, I mean it’s full of bugs. It almost has enough bugs to make it not worth using, but the benefits tend to outweigh my annoyance so I keep using it and haven’t bothered switching to something else like Aperture, Lightroom, LightZone, etc. Switching means a learning curve and more money spent, and for a hobbyist like me, I haven’t tipped over the edge yet.

    Bibble is working on version 5, which is a very significant upgrade. Unfortunately, they couldn’t meet their projected release date. On their support forums, there was a big outcry over this. There are a lot of reasons why the development took longer than they thought (for example, they do their own RAW processing instead of relying on Apple’s built-in OS support for it), but basically they tried to get it out by the end of 2008 and just couldn’t do it.

    Some vocal users on their forums offered up severe tongue-lashings and “I’m going to get something else! Hmmph!” comments. There were a lot of threats of abandonment and, “you guys are full of it, you are morons and stupid and I can’t believe you would ever take money for software you develop!” I’m serious. You wouldn’t talk to your mother the way some people talked to the developers.

    Because they couldn’t release the finished version when they wanted, and because community members begged and threatened, Bibble released a ‘preview’ version with reduced functionality. I eagerly downloaded it, because I want to try a version that was built from the ground up to work properly on OS X.

    Unfortunately, ‘preview’ is exactly that. It supports RAW formats from a couple camera manufacturers (like Canon and Nikon), but not my Pentax DSLR. As a result, the preview program is absolutely useless to me. I was disappointed for about five minutes, and then went back to using the old version and waiting.

    Could Bibble have really squeezed out the version 5 upgrade on time? Are they wrong for waiting until it works right before releasing it? I personally think, ‘No’.

    This stuff isn’t easy. As an employee of a software company, I know that even though I’m not an actual developer. I’m giving Bibble a break partly because ‘I know how it is’.

  14. Henry

    Guys, thanks for the last posts – we really do understand. I work for a huge (130k+ staff) company and am in charge of developing and releasing a 8000+ person day product – I have the same questions to answer you do.

    I DID provide ETAs, but put caveats around them – we’ve been delayed many times, but have finally released the product. At least I kept thiem posted and gave them some reasons for the delays.

    If people reacted like some people Kevin mentions, then no matter what you do; you lose. People like me and the majority of your customers would read AND TAKE IN delays, issues, reasons etc.

    I say b0ll0x (sorry) to the people who react they way Kevin describes – but you should worry about the reasonable people..

    Warmest Regards

  15. Bruce B

    I used e-wallet and other ilium products for many years with Windows and found their products superior to any competitors out there. After I discovered the escape route from windows nightmares- OS-X, I moved my company to apple computers and we had to leave ilium for xhead due to no Apple support.

    With the new Iphone version I still think that Ilium e-wallet is the best product in its class. I am looking forward to the introduction of the OS-X version and I agree that they should insure they have a properly working version before issue. I do hope that that they are able to do so sooner than later. I have a dozen computer eager for the new product.

  16. Marc Post author

    @Henry: That comment makes a TON of sense. As I write my blog post today I’m going to take that into consideration in a big way.

  17. Jeff M

    Will this be added to the BlackBerry version of eWallet? I have to make up passwords all the time, so this looks like a great feature!

  18. Kevin White


    It’s already in there! If you’re editing a card in eWallet on the Blackberry, press the menu button (Blackberry button; I guess the dots look like a blackberry’s fruity juice-filled… segments?) and pick “Password Generator”.

    You can also “Paste New Password” which uses the current settings in the password generator to generate and paste in a password without sending you to the PassBuilder options.

  19. Jeff M

    Thanks much! I use a Storm and did not see the option (in compatibility mode, the menus are a bit weird to navigate). Great stuff!

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