Update from the Front Lines: Windows Mobile

windows-mobile-logoOf course my news wouldn’t be complete without some updates on Windows Mobile! Due to some top secret stuff that’s underway I’m afraid that in this area I’m going to be a bit cagier than on other topics. In a nutshell, however, we do have some very cool plans for both Windows desktop and Windows Mobile.

I will say that I’m SUPER excited about Windows Mobile 6.5. Not only are the UI updates very cool, but for the past decade we’ve been begging Microsoft to take applications more seriously. With this new version of the OS they really are. I think the changes are going to be an enormous benefit to users and an equally big benefit to developers.

In fact, that’s one thing the folks at Microsoft have always been quite good about – communicating with us. Sure, every company has their moments, but overall Microsoft does a really good job of providing a good back and forth when we have questions. To see them putting such an emphasis on their Windows Mobile stuff again is really wonderful.


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3 thoughts on “Update from the Front Lines: Windows Mobile

  1. Peter

    Glad to hear that there’s still something to look forward to on the WM front. I still prefer it to the iPhone – partly due to what I have invested, but also because it offers a little more freedom on my part. I’m really glad to hear that there are some UI changes coming. That’s one thing that the iPhone really showed – how far MS was lagging in Mobile UIs.

    Looking forward to what you’ve got coming in the future for WM.

  2. czhakis

    I remeber older version of Windows Mobile, I think it was 5.0, on my Motorola MPx220. And although there was many bugs, Windows Mobile is the best OS for mobile phones for me.

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