May-be it’s time for a new contest winner

Well, May is here and it’s off to a nice start so far. Relatively warm weather: not too rainy, not too windy. And I think – I really think – I can safely pack my snow boots away without any negative consequences. But maybe I should hold off on that so as not to jinx things.

And best of all, May means it’s time to pick another blog contest winner! Last month Marc posted some good news about Mac eWallet, and that produced a lot of comments from happy readers – including our winner: Mark. Congrats, Mark! I’ve just sent you an email explaining how to get your prize. If you don’t receive it, reply to this post and let me know.

And to everyone else out there: thanks so much for reading and leaving your thoughts. Keep coming back, because I’ll pick another winner in June (and definitely have my snow boots away by then) and who knows – it could be you!

20 thoughts on “May-be it’s time for a new contest winner

  1. Melonie

    I am sorely disappointed by how long it is taking for you guys to produce even a reader version of Listpro for the iPhone. In today’s fast moving market to be waiting well over a year for any kind of release is very frustrating.

    I have found CSV Touch to be a reasonable workaround for lists I have that are not checklists and don’t have a lot of notes e.g. magazine catalog. For checklists I use Zenbe. For general notes – Notebook which has the advantage of online editing and sync with Toodledo.

    I hope by the time you get it together that all the faithful Listpro users won’t have gone elsewhere even if it means using more than one app. I certainly am not going to carry around another device just to have Listpro on it. No doubt other developers will come up with something comparable to replace Listpro on the iPhone soon.

  2. Eddie Price

    I have been a ListPro user for several years now starting with V 2 I belive. I too am disappointed that an iPhone version has not been produced yet. My last communication via email to Iliumsoft was to find out it was in “production” but had no release date. Still waiting although not as patiently as before. I WANT MY LISTPRO FOR MY IPHONE AND I WANT IT NOW!

  3. William Frost

    A beautiful May it is! Plenty of rain in the Midwest but also plenty of Sunshine the past few days. Tough to stay sitting inside programming. But, you need to post to win!

  4. Karen

    Congrats to Marc!

    We’ve been having very rainy weather here which makes me want to stay inside and eat comfort food. But that means I have to go grocery shopping. But, since I’ve all but given up my Pocket PC for my iPhone, I am usually without my ListPro application.

    So here I sit, protected from the rain without my comfort food because there’s no ListPro for my iPhone!

  5. Ken

    Marc, its 21:50 and no post yet !!!!!

    Since you have not taken me up on my offer to Beta test ListPro for the iPhone yet I can only assume it is still a long way off

  6. Victor

    I’ve only tried some free software for my Iphone 3g, I hope I’ll be able to test some of your software and win the contest. I’ve learned about the update of ewallet through lurking in this blog, but I guess it would be better if I left some marks.

  7. Patrick

    Congrats to Marc once again! Well May is here full of good weather… I can’t wait until summer… what about ListPro for iPhone???

  8. Dean Roberts

    With all these request for ListPro, poor old eWallet for MAC is feeling left out!

    June is around the corner!

  9. Bill H.

    Are we going to get an update on ListPro? It’s been a week since Marc said he would be doing a post on the subject.

  10. Marce

    Why oh why no ListPro for iPhone yet? How can any company afford to be giving up this cash stream in times like these?

    What’s the problem?

  11. Adam S

    Since your posting is a bit slow I am going to comment in hopes that my chance of winning an upgrade to ewallet will be fairly good. : )

  12. Paul H

    Bill H. says:
    “It’s been a week since Marc said he would be doing a post on the subject.”

    You must be new here Bill. Ilium isn’t great on meeting commitments.

  13. Bill H.


    I am not new here at all. I guess I was naive in regards to the amount of programming and beta testing that must be involved in creating a new post.

  14. Marc

    @Paul H: Thanks for your comments, Paul! To the folks that are new here, you should know that Paul may be just as passionate about our products as I am. It’s great that we can inspire this sort of excitement in folks. Hang in there, Paul! The new software is coming!

    In the mean time I put up the post. We’re doing final testing on an update we hope to release in the next week or so, which meant I was a bit busy last week.

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