Contest Three: Finish this sentence….

12 YearsThis is it: the final contest in our week-long anniversary party. What will it be? Well, with the weekend coming up, we didn’t want to make you work too hard, because I hear it’s supposed to be sunny and I know you’ve got lots of gardening and stuff to do. So all you have to do is finish this sentence:

My ideal mobile device would….

That’s it – easy as pie! You can be honest, you can be imaginitive, or you can be both. For example, I sometimes honestly wish my computer would sprout arms and legs and start cleaning the house like Rosie on The Jetsons. (I get to cheat and say ‘computer’ because I don’t have any mobile devices of my own.)

So here’s your chance to tell us about the cool gadget ideas you’ve had. Maybe you’ve wished your phone could send music via Bluetooth to your hearing aid. Or you’ve always dreamt of being able to say “beam me up, HTC Advantage” and get teleported to work, avoiding the stress of rush hour.

You’ve got all weekend to get your thoughts together, so brainstorm as many as you like and send us a bunch of comments. I promise we won’t take any of your ideas and apply for patents. Well, unless they’re really, really good 🙂

This is the last contest in our week-long 12-year anniversary celebration. We will pick four winners during each contest: the winners can choose between an iTunes or Amazon gift card as their prize. First place winners receive a $50 gift card, and runners-up will get $25. Enter as many times as you like, by submitting your entries as replies to this post. Employees and friends of Ilium Software aren’t eligible to win, but are welcome (and encouraged) to participate anyway. Today’s contest closes at 12 noon Eastern Time Monday. Winners will be announced during the day Monday or Tuesday, after we sift through all the great mobile device ideas.

29 thoughts on “Contest Three: Finish this sentence….

  1. Melvyn

    “My ideal mobile device would always be the same thing: what I have now but a bit faster and with one or two features from a competing device.”

    I bought my first PDA (a Psion 3a) in 1997 and I’ve always put a tremendous amount of research into buying a PDA but the result is always the same: what I have is perfect except…. I wish it were faster and had a couple of the features of the Palm, Symbian, iPhone, or Nokia device that’s just been released. As the features that I admire from competing devices start to build up, the “MustReplaceSoon (TM) Module” in my brain kicks in and the research begins anew.

  2. Ken

    My ideal mobile device would do it all!
    Phone, internet, word processing, games, reader, RSS, spreadsheets, just about whatever a laptop can do;
    AND have a great screen resolution easy input (keyboard, touchscreen, whatever makes it work best) lots of RAM and storage, and still be a small form factor.

  3. Eugene

    My ideal mobile device will be a true mobile PC, running same environment as the desktop, using same programs and databases.

    We’re not there yet but I think were getting there.

  4. Doug

    My ideal mobile device would have a battery that can keep up with the features. Honestly, you can wish for fish on your ish wish dish all you like, but if you can’t power that device, then all the features in the world are useless. So, my wish is for a super battery. Something incredibly powerful, in a teeny tiny space. Something that can power all of teh advanced features (data, BT, wifi, telephone, etc…) and have plenty left over for listening to music, browsing photos, even watching videos. A mobile device must be able to do all this and more, without running out of power every couple of hours. So, my ideal mobile device would have a tiny battery with an endless supply of power.

  5. spmwinkel

    No insanely crazy demands, but a wish for every letter of the alphabet. (Okay one crazy demand, maybe):

    My ideal mobile device should…

    …always be connected to a fast internet connection
    …browse like a desktop browser
    …cost no more than €30 each month, contract fees included
    …deal with incoming calls (different ringtone) based on categories
    …erase internet history/cache/cookies based on rules (when closing the browser, every day at midnight, etc.)
    …fit in my pocket
    …go into Vibrate mode when I have a calendar appointment
    …have a battery that lasts a full day with heavy usage
    …increase efficiency in my day, not be annoying to use
    …juice up my gaming experience
    …keep a record of my phone call, SMS and date usage history
    …live through a walk in the rain without water damage
    …make sending an SMS easy: different input methods (hardware keyboard, on screen keyboard, handwriting recognition)
    …navigate me anywhere within Western Europe through built-in GPS
    …open up when sliding out the hardware keyboard
    …present my upcoming appointment, tasks and new messages when turning on the screen
    …questions my spelling mistakes: have a good built-in dictionary
    …run on a fast processor and have plenty program memory
    …sync with Outlook, Gmail, Google Calendar (setup should be EASY!)
    …use the internet to keep the clock and a news reader up to date.
    …vibrate when the screen/keys are accidentaly unlocked to prevent unwanted calls when the device is in my pocket
    …wear a clear screen protector and casy to keep it protected
    …x-ray using the built-in camera (with good optical zoom and a decent lense, of course)
    …yield to the next mobile device when a more advanced model comes out 😉
    …zoom into photos and website through pinching gestures

  6. darkcorner

    My ideal mobile device would have cool features:
    1. it would be just like a normal PC
    2. It would have a secret compartment to put my bluetooth head set in
    3. it would have a real big screen folded inside of it
    4. and It would make everyone so jealous 🙂

    Happy Birthday Iluim.
    Can’t wait till next year 😀

  7. chantelle tamaris

    Make grill cheese.
    go to work for me.
    Transform into the new bat mobile and other car, boat, plane, spaceship.
    have the phone number to every phone in the world.
    Beam me from place to place like star trek .
    communicate verbally.
    Thats it.
    Oh and have a battery like Doug said.

  8. darkcorner

    My ideal mobile device would be able to be recharged by sun light, wind and heat.
    (plus, it would have a big battery to begin with)

  9. Lucy

    My ideal mobile device would have a super duper Mac-like keyboard that flips out from under it’s tiny frame allowing me to touch type, copy and paste and use hot keys to move around my apps.

    There have been many attempts at this but none really successful, in my view. My current device (iPhone) is pretty superb but I do find that pecking away at the on screen keyboard can be a bit frustrating. I was definitely quicker texting with thumbs on my old Sony Ericsson W850i.

    Yes, I guess a much better battery would be a must too. 🙂

  10. Melvyn

    My ideal mobile device would have:
    * the processor and screen of the HTC Thoth 100,
    * the keyboard of the Psion 5mx,
    * the twin cameras of the Samsung Omnia HD,
    * the storage of the ipod classic 160gb, and finally
    * an OS with the style of the iPhone but the substance of WM6.5

  11. wongsk

    I prefer the size is thick and keyboard with touch screen like iphone with long battery life.
    Moreover,can play a whole movie

  12. Jon Moores

    My ideal mobile device would be a touch screen smartphone like the iPhone, but with a front keyboard (BlackBerry style) which when attached, the screen would go to half size for emails etc.

    The keyboard would sit on the back and spin round from underneath to allow quick text entry- all in one place and nothing extra to carry.

    It would also be my main computer and docking in a cradle on my desk would automatically connect it to a full sized keyboard and monitor. It would also be backed up automatically everytime it was docked.

    It would have 128GB of internal memory, always be connected and a 2 week battery life (I can dream!) plus the ability to track my movements and save every phone call, email, IM and SMS from each contact next to their specific contact entry.

    It could run multiple operating systems and I could choose which I use for what task. BlackBerry for email, iPhone for games and Windows Mobile for certain tasks not covered elsewhere- each OS could talk to each other and the experience would be smooth as could be.

    Finally, I could share my calendar with colleagues and friends which is continually updated and theirs would also be updated on my device in real-time. Photos would automatically be sent to home (the docking station) and so would videos when taken.

    To sum up, it needs to do everything all of the other devices currently do, and a little bit more:)

  13. Ellen

    My ideal mobile device would beam my music via Bluetooth to my Bluetooth-compatible hearing aids. I’m confused about why my real mobile devices don’t do that.

  14. Ashley Unternehmen

    My ideal mobile device would have many useful and fun features. It must have a touch screen, high MP camera and must be very very durable.
    Sometimes, if I let imagination takes place, my then ideal mobile device would be like a “time machine” where I can go to one place and to another. It would be nice if I can call my husband, then I will instantly go to where he is by just a push of a button in my mobile device. LOL. If this will come true, husbands can never lie or cheat on their wives!

  15. Melvyn

    Proof of the issue I mentioned in my first comment: yesterday when I posted my ideal hybrid device I said I wanted the cameras of the Omnia HD because an 8MP camera was the best around. But today I read that there’s a rumoured 8.1MP camera on the yet-to-be-officially-announced Xperia X2:
    See why this is so hard?

    My ideal mobile device would be an ebook reading, web browsing, email munching, great pic taking, MP3/MP4/AVI playing, bluetooth stereo enabled, personal organizing, monster of a machine!

  16. MikeCTZA

    My ideal mobile device would … well … never ring if it wasn’t someone I wanted to speak to. Okay I guess that could be called called ID.

  17. Singh

    My ideal mobile device would have the grunt of a Nvidia Tesla Supercomputer incorporating a Virtual 3D Laser Keyboard, 3D projection in High Definition and high output bose microspeakers with access to any required application or resource in the cloud.
    It would be a desktop and laptop replacement in a small mobile form. Just press a button for the keyboard and another for the 3D HD projection. Run any application from the cloud. Or play any movie over the cloud using the 3D HD display(anytime/anywhere entertainment).

    Virtual 3D Laser Keyboard
    Nvidia Tesla Supercomputer

  18. Paperjet

    Will go on the serious side of a device. I really need a device to just work 100% ALL the time, no hangs no reboots no nothing.
    Something that I just dream about – maybe not too far away …. is an A4 size tablet that is super thing and light. Something that costs hardly anything sub $100, full color screen and has wifi/3G access to data freely. You then subscribe to books/newspapers/magazines and they just arrive on the device for a small fee, no more than buying the paper version.

  19. HKK

    My ideal mobile device would have an application Corona which on running would actually provide me a pint of beer.
    My ideal mobile device would have a food application allowing me to whip up any gourmet dish.

  20. HKK

    My ideal mobile device would allow me to control my car and all my appliances in my house.

    My ideal mobile device would have artificial intelligence.
    All of us must have been in a situation when you are in a hurry and you cannot find your mobile device. Would be really cool if you called out to your device and it answered back. Also if you are in a situation when you want to get away from a conversation, your phone senses it and makes a fake call to get you away.

  21. darkcorner

    My ideal mobile device would

    – wag its tail when I return home
    – love me unconditionally
    – be fun to pet

    I need to get me a dog real soon…

  22. selector

    My ideal mobile device would be one that can never get lost and was made of anti-bacterial material. Face it these devices have become as needful as an artificial limb and hence must be built as such!

  23. Tai Slim

    My Ideal mobile device will “understand” what I am talking with other persons over the phone and will guide me to make the right decisions. Suppose if I am talking about the stock market situation, it will deliver me the useful content on the screen which will be much helpful for me to make the right decision.

    I am sure that this will be a reality in near future.

  24. Julie

    Hi gang,

    Wow! Lots of great responses and some really brilliant ideas! I’m about to close the contest down, because if we get too many more ideas, we’ll never be able to narrow it down and pick winners 🙂

    I’ll have winners posted soon – and to the winners of previous contests – yes, the gift cards are coming; I’m going to send them out in one big batch, so I’ll get everything together as soon as the final winners are chosen! Stay tuned for more and thanks for playing!

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