Our newest contest winner

It’s time again to pick a new winner in our monthly blog contest! I’m sure you’re all anxious to find out who the lucky person will be, so let’s get right to it….

This time around, the winner is Boon Chye for commenting on the Great AppStore Article post. Congratulations! I’ve just sent you an email explaining how to get your prize. If you don’t receive it, reply to this post and let me know.

To everyone else, thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Be sure to stay tuned and keep the comments coming!

10 thoughts on “Our newest contest winner

  1. Craig S.

    wow. Congratulations. I’m new here at the blog, but have ListPro installed on my PDA. What kind of prizes are offered.

  2. Simon

    Not to be a killjoy – but its August.. What is the news on Ewallet fro the Mac? You had promised it in the end of June… What’s up??

  3. Marc

    @Simon: Hey, Simon. We never promised – we just guessed because everyone really wanted an estimate. It’s just not done. We’re working on it!

  4. Simon

    @Marc: Sorry.. Did not mean to be offensive! You are right.. you never promised! I assumed that you promised!

    I have a blackberry, Pocket pc and ipod touch.. All of them running Ewallet.. My life is just complicated right now and I just think that the Mac version would make my life a lot easier, rather than firing up Parallels all the time and running into problems with one device or the other!!

    I shall henceforth, channelize my frustrations into prayers and send them your way so that you can release the Mac version faster rather than giving into outbursts like the one above.

    Apologies once more!

  5. Marc

    @Simon: No problem! The delay is killing me too! 🙂

    @George: Sorry, George. We haven’t ruled the platform out, but for a variety of reasons we don’t have immediate plans for a Pre version.

  6. Jim

    Is there anywhere to post feature or enhancement ideas for ewallet and listpro.

    For ewallet – iphone – 2 features that would be sooo good.
    1. When ewallet is invoked for any particular wallet, check the current time against the last time anything was entered for that wallet. If the time is within a setting, such as 5 minutes, don’t require the password again for that wallet.
    WHY? We use long passwords, find an entry, say for a website and click to open website. Now because Apple only allows one app at a time, to get back into ewallet same wallet again to try another web site, the ewallet password must be given again. Is this possible to keep this info?

    2. Would like Safari on iPhone to open up with user name password filled in like IE on windows. Is this possible with Safari on iphone?

  7. Marc

    @Jim: Because our email support is all handled in-house, with each email answered personally, you can always email ideas directly to us! We’ll see them and the support folks will make sure they get directed to the right person.

    In the meantime, I’ve taken note of your requests and have a couple comments.

    1. We can’t do this for one simple reason – storing the password is a HUGE security issue. Since only one app at a time can run, we can’t set a timer to know when to delete the password. We’d have to check the next time you use eWallet – so what if you don’t use it for a a whole day and then lose your device? Now, your device has the password stored somewhere (it’s the only way we could reopen it within 5 minutes) that someone could extract it! NOTE THAT THIS COULD ONLY HAPPEN if we stored the password, which WE DON’T! (Using caps so people don’t read the “extract” part and freak out! 🙂 )

    2. Yes and no. If we run a version of safari (or another browser) within eWallet we could, but this has a ton of problems and limitations that would make the feature more of a problem than a help BUT we just submitted a version with COPY from the card face! Now you can copy passwords right off the card face to paste into Safari (once the update goes live).

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