How Did You First Hear of Us?

I was talking with someone I used to work with yesterday, and he asked me how our users hear about us.

It was a good question, and one that a good marketing person should be able to answer. Too bad I’m not a good marketing person.

So rather than trying to figure it out from not enough information, I’m just going to ask – if you’re reading this, how did you first hear of us? An ad? A review? A friend? Browsing an app store? Something else?

Please help us out and let us know. Leave a comment here – you don’t have to create an account or send us any info – or just tweet me an answer. As an incentive, we’ll give away some Amazon and iTunes gift cards to a random selection of people who respond.

And, of course, our sincere thanks.

16 thoughts on “How Did You First Hear of Us?

  1. Fabrizio

    Loyal customers for 6 years. Found eWallet on the HANDANGO store on 1/4/04. Started with a Pocket PC version, then several iterations of Windows Mobile, and finally dumped my WM handset for an iPhone once the app was released in the Apple App Store.

  2. Riley

    I became an Ilium customer when my search for an RSS Reader brought me to Newsbreak. My iPaq 3670 first made me aware of Ilium back in 2001.

  3. J. Wagner

    I found ListPro for Windows Mobile 5-6 years ago and when searching for a replacement app when I moved from Palm. I quickly fell in love with ListPro and how you could use it in so many different ways. It essentially became my mobile database app.

    My positive experience with ListPro resulted in me converting to eWallet as well. While I’ve left WinMo for an iPod Touch and Blackberry, I’m still a dedicated eWallet user.

  4. Kevin White

    I bought a Dell Axim X5 and went looking for financial trackers. I found Keep Track, but since I was using MS Money at the time, I ended up going with MS Money and their WM app because it tied in seamlessly. Until it magically got out of sync with my bank and said I had -200 dollars and freaked me out. Probably should have just done it by hand with Keep Track.

    I actually found Keep Track on… handango? I actually forget. That was back in 2003.

  5. Mike Brandenburg

    I’ve gone through a litany of devices since I first discovered eWallet on one of the PocketPC blogs at the time. I’ve had it installed on PPC’s, WinMo Smartphones, and now on my iPhone.

  6. Chuck

    I first heard about eWallet in a review somewhere… I want to say Pocket PC Magazine. I almost immediately (read as, as soon as I couldn’t remember the next critical password I needed), made the purchase and have used it with several iPAQ models and now an htc smartphone.

  7. Bill H

    I hate to be a buzzkiller…..but when are we going to get an update on ListPro for iPhone, or eWallet for Mac? If you aren’t going to produce those products, at least let us know.

  8. Peter

    Been a customer for quite some time, I think through ListPro. As for how I first heard – it was either a site such as or on the old MS USENET groups (or both). It’s been a long time so it’s hard to remember exactly how I first heard of your company / products.

  9. Greg

    Oh man let’s check my old Email….
    I bought my first ewallet back in ’99 for the palmpilot(and desktop)
    Hey, my 10 year anniversary passed, where’s the diamond gift? 🙂
    Where I heard about you guys?
    At a wild guess I’d say web search, that’s how I tend to find most of what I’m looking for.

    I’m now on iphone for my portable device and hoping for mac soon.
    (and trying at this moment to wedge .net 3.5 into my linux box so I can run V7 desktop there, guess we won’t see a linux version anytime soon, eh? 🙂

  10. Jeffrey

    Back in the day when Palm still ruled (IIIx, Clie), I was looking for an app to manage my growing CD, DVD and book collections as well as my shopping lists. I was using HanDBase, and quickly ran into obstructions in how it doesn’t work right (and it still doesn’t!). The PalmOS community pointed me to ListPro.

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