How Did You First Hear of Us?

I was talking with someone I used to work with yesterday, and he asked me how our users hear about us.

It was a good question, and one that a good marketing person should be able to answer. Too bad I’m not a good marketing person.

So rather than trying to figure it out from not enough information, I’m just going to ask – if you’re reading this, how did you first hear of us? An ad? A review? A friend? Browsing an app store? Something else?

Please help us out and let us know. Leave a comment here – you don’t have to create an account or send us any info – or just tweet me an answer. As an incentive, we’ll give away some Amazon and iTunes gift cards to a random selection of people who respond.

And, of course, our sincere thanks.

42 thoughts on “How Did You First Hear of Us?

  1. Fabrizio

    Loyal customers for 6 years. Found eWallet on the HANDANGO store on 1/4/04. Started with a Pocket PC version, then several iterations of Windows Mobile, and finally dumped my WM handset for an iPhone once the app was released in the Apple App Store.

  2. Riley

    I became an Ilium customer when my search for an RSS Reader brought me to Newsbreak. My iPaq 3670 first made me aware of Ilium back in 2001.

  3. J. Wagner

    I found ListPro for Windows Mobile 5-6 years ago and when searching for a replacement app when I moved from Palm. I quickly fell in love with ListPro and how you could use it in so many different ways. It essentially became my mobile database app.

    My positive experience with ListPro resulted in me converting to eWallet as well. While I’ve left WinMo for an iPod Touch and Blackberry, I’m still a dedicated eWallet user.

  4. Kevin White

    I bought a Dell Axim X5 and went looking for financial trackers. I found Keep Track, but since I was using MS Money at the time, I ended up going with MS Money and their WM app because it tied in seamlessly. Until it magically got out of sync with my bank and said I had -200 dollars and freaked me out. Probably should have just done it by hand with Keep Track.

    I actually found Keep Track on… handango? I actually forget. That was back in 2003.

  5. Mike Brandenburg

    I’ve gone through a litany of devices since I first discovered eWallet on one of the PocketPC blogs at the time. I’ve had it installed on PPC’s, WinMo Smartphones, and now on my iPhone.

  6. Chuck

    I first heard about eWallet in a review somewhere… I want to say Pocket PC Magazine. I almost immediately (read as, as soon as I couldn’t remember the next critical password I needed), made the purchase and have used it with several iPAQ models and now an htc smartphone.

  7. Bill H

    I hate to be a buzzkiller…..but when are we going to get an update on ListPro for iPhone, or eWallet for Mac? If you aren’t going to produce those products, at least let us know.

  8. Peter

    Been a customer for quite some time, I think through ListPro. As for how I first heard – it was either a site such as or on the old MS USENET groups (or both). It’s been a long time so it’s hard to remember exactly how I first heard of your company / products.

  9. Greg

    Oh man let’s check my old Email….
    I bought my first ewallet back in ’99 for the palmpilot(and desktop)
    Hey, my 10 year anniversary passed, where’s the diamond gift? :)
    Where I heard about you guys?
    At a wild guess I’d say web search, that’s how I tend to find most of what I’m looking for.

    I’m now on iphone for my portable device and hoping for mac soon.
    (and trying at this moment to wedge .net 3.5 into my linux box so I can run V7 desktop there, guess we won’t see a linux version anytime soon, eh? :)

  10. Jeffrey

    Back in the day when Palm still ruled (IIIx, Clie), I was looking for an app to manage my growing CD, DVD and book collections as well as my shopping lists. I was using HanDBase, and quickly ran into obstructions in how it doesn’t work right (and it still doesn’t!). The PalmOS community pointed me to ListPro.

  11. Fadi

    Like Reily I have had ewallet since 2001 with my first Compaq iPaq (ewallet came prepackaged in the installation CD).
    But I have been waiting for a Mac desktop version almost since then Ellen. What is the hold up?

  12. Joe McConnell

    Back in the late seventies, early eighties, something like that, this woman named Ellen walked into a company named Comshare …

  13. Kevin

    When my Palm was still in heavy use I was looking for a checklist app with a lot of flexibility. A few searches through Palm software sites led me to ListPro, and it quickly became my app for work tasks, gifts, vacation logs . . . basically anything that worked well in a list format. I used the handheld version regularly until I retired my Palm for an iPhone, and I still use the desktop version.

  14. Brian Jonas

    RSS Hub came on my HTC Touchpro.
    Followed link from your blog & discovered ewallet.
    Bought ewallet and glad I did!

  15. Henry

    eWallet came with iPaq in 2001. Was a loyal customer for 10 years until I moved to Mac and unfortunately gave up waiting for Mac version. Still checking site to see if things change, but more and more using alternative product on Mac & iPhone, so at some stage will be too late to come back.

  16. mattbg

    I started using because of the Palm app. I was looking for a way to store passwords on my Palm at the time. I can’t remember exactly how I found it, but I no longer use my Palm and still find the Windows version very useful — one of my most important pieces of software now.

  17. Danny

    And hear we go again for another month … anything to keep us busy except letting us know about ListPro.

  18. Frank

    Not very exciting: I looked for a place to store my passwords in the App Store.
    (used HandySafe on my Nokia and needed an iPhone replacement)

    And as the Mac application seems to – now really – be ahead, it is almost a complete package after all those months. ;-)

    Best regards

  19. Doug

    Like others here, I came across e-wallet amd Listpro when searching for WinMo solutions. It has been great watching development to other platforms over the years. Keep it up! Looking forward to OSX ports.

  20. Carol B

    I started using Listpro in 1997. I had used Flexpad (DOS PIM) for years before then on the various HP LX Palmtops (as they were called). I continue using Listpro today for every computer-related activity. When I want to do a computer task or become aware of what other software can do, I am most often successful at figuring out how to make Listpro do the same thing.

  21. jimbo

    I did some google searching for a password “safe” that provided syncing capabilities between a desktop and smartphone.

    I found eWallet and haven’t looked back.

  22. Melonie

    I can’t even remember when I started using Listpro. It must have been in the late 1990s when I got my first pocket pc. It has been the one program that I have moved with me over umpteen different PDAs. Now I have an iPhone and the cycle has stopped! I still use the desktop version of Listpro – when, oh when are you going to give us the iPhone version? Surely it can’t be that difficult to get something out. If Handbase can produce their database (which is more complicated than Listpro) then why can’t you guys get it together. Others have produced similar apps (iSort, ListMaster) but they are no match for Listpro. It’s really disappointing for a long time user.

  23. David

    I probably first heard about your products on PocketPCThoughts many years ago looking for software for my first PocketPC. I’ve continued to use ListPro and eWallet ever since, until my recent change from the Windows Mobile platform to Android. I still use eWallet on my Windows PCs, but am hoping that you will develop for Android – especially eWallet.

  24. Kieran

    since I use your rss reader on my touchpro 2 I was checking out your blog. I’ve never paid for software, but I never saw the need for any of your products that weren’t free anyways?

  25. John

    I first started using eWallet (and heard of Ilium) based on the recommendation of our Palm sales rep, either in the late 90′s or early 00′s. Then when I made the switch to Windows Mobile, the HP came with a free (trial) version, and my existing Palm key activated the iPaq version. I’ve used every release of eWallet since version 2.

  26. Julie

    Hey everyone,

    Thanks for all the great replies – this is so helpful! I’ve chosen some winners from the comments here (and announced some more on Twitter from the tweets we got there) and the winners are:

    Carol B
    Brian Jonas
    Mike Brandenburg

    Congrats! I’m sending out emails to you guys right now to find out which gift card you’d like. If you don’t get it, just comment here to let me know.

    Thanks again everyone – and feel free to keep commenting and letting us know how you first heard about us!

  27. Rene Rosendahl

    Many years ago I was looking for a product to store passwords, I’m guessing nineties…. And I ended up finding eWallet/Ilium.

  28. Chris

    I can’t even remember how long I’ve been using ListPro and eWallet. I’ve used the same lists and wallets on Windows CE, Pocket PC, Palm, and now my iPhone. (Well, I’m still waiting to use my lists on the iPhone.) It’s been at least eight or nine years, maybe more.

    Please give us an update on ListPro for the iPhone!! :)

  29. Joe

    The developer I took over from says he (and several people at his location) use it and he recommends it strongly. He had it on his PocketPC and now on his iPhone.

  30. Lucy

    I was using eWallet on my Sony Clie for years before getting my iPhone about 15 months ago. I am pretty sure I found it by doing a search online for something to secure my data after my handbag got stolen with my (thankfully, password protected) Sony Clie in it. However, apart from the device being locked with a password, the hard drive itself was not protected in the way that eWallet does. It was the answer to my burgeoning paranoia about security and data.

    I use it nearly every day for accessing or recording personal information and have recommended it to many friends who have joined the iPhone bandwagon in recent months.

    Can’t wait for the Mac version though. It’s the only reason I run Windows!

    Thanks for a fabulous product.

  31. Manny

    Many years ago, i was doing a lot of traveling and had made a decision to use complex passwords made of random characters I also had a palm and needed a place to store these as they were not remember-able. I search the web and came across the a review (think in PCMAG or CNET). I went to the ilium site and downloaded the trial version and bought it the same day. My first purchase was Version 3 in 2002. I have upgraded ever since. Now I have an Android smartphone and still us the desktop while I wait for the Android version to be built.

  32. Mark S (OZ)

    EWallet was bundled with my iPaq then I saw ListPro on your website, I read a few reviews and bought it and have never looked back… till I bought my iPhone on the strength of a iPhone version being out soon.
    Come on guys the 3G has been out 18 months or so now and still no sign.
    Great products keep up the good work (iPad?)

  33. Ricardo

    I felt in love with eWallet for the first time when it came bundle with my Compaq iPaq. Since then, I’ve take eWallet with me on all platforms that I work (Windows Mobile, Windows, and Blackberry).

  34. Allan

    Bought it for my first iPaq in 2004 and loved it ever since!!!

    Now, you have so many loyal customers. Many of us are still waiting for a few words from you concerning the eWallet for Mac.

    Please share!!!

    Also, please throw us a bone and release a new Beta-version with less bugs.

  35. Tim

    I was talking to a co-work about getting a password protected software program to keep track of all me information. She said the she has been using ewallet for several years and loves it. I think I am going to get it also. I will wait until I get home and install it on my home computer rather than my office computer.

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