Yes, We’ve Been Quiet Lately

A few people have asked me why we haven’t been posting as much on the blog, or on Twitter, lately. We’ve just been busy, and trying to focus more on what we’re supposed to be doing: developing, marketing, product managing and supporting our products. There’s a lot going on in the industry we could comment on, but the reality is that there’s a lot of good comments on all of it already. We don’t have much to add, and we really are trying to focus.

So – we’re fine, thanks for asking. We’ll be posting as we have news, announcements, or some thoughts we think are just too profound to keep to ourselves, but otherwise we’re going to try to be a little more productive and less distracted. It’s a new approach, at least for me, but you never, know, it just might work.

And, yes, we are working on both eWallet for Mac and ListPro for iPhone/iPad, and will post when we have something ready for release. I can’t give a date or an estimate – all I can say is that they’re in process, and I am sorry the wait has been so long.

45 thoughts on “Yes, We’ve Been Quiet Lately

  1. JoeDr


    I had been wondering what was happening. Thanks for the update. Like many others I am anxious for a Mac version of eWallet and an iPhone version of ListPro. Things are more complicated without them. Hopefully we will be seeing something soon.

  2. Mark S (OZ)

    I agree with JoeDr, at work I am currently lugging 3 devices around when I only need to have 2. ListPro is excellent and I really need that iPhone version. eWallet on the Mac would be good too.
    Thanks again for great products.

  3. Michelle

    we are working on both eWallet for Mac and ListPro for iPhone/iPad. All of this stuff will help us to have a convenient gadgets and easy to use. Thanks for the information that you’ve shared to us. More power to your site G_d bless ;-)

  4. Roy

    Add another voice to the ListPro for Blackberry choir, LP has traveled with me from Windows, Palm to WM and I’m missing it on my new BB!

  5. Dave

    eWallet for Mac would be a great deal! Lots of Macianers are a great chance for prosperous business

  6. Garry K

    Android… I’ve used eWallet for years, and it’s great. I really don’t want to buy another product. Looking for beta testers?

  7. Rose Walker

    Soo glad to read you are working on Listpro for IPhone. Have just bought one and am lost without my useful listpro.

  8. Mitch

    Used ewallet for years on my Mobile phone. Just switched to Android and would love the app for my new phone

  9. Brett

    ANDROID!!! PLEASE!!! We Need eWallet for Android. Please tell us that you have started developing an app. Android is Exploding…lots of devices on all the carriers…it would be a shame to miss out. I know you guys will do the right thing…I have been with you for years…Keep up the good work!

  10. Danny

    Listpro for iPhone has already taken s-o-o-o-o long, if it is still coming this year. Perhaps you must concentrate on one platform before rushing into another. I think Android is further down the line.

  11. Roger

    I’m delighted that you ported Kings Corner to iPhone, but I’m still in withdrawal from not having Cross Hands! It may make me go back to Windows Mobile when the HD2 comes to T-Mobile this month. But if you could just also port Cross Hands to iPhone? Then I would be one happy camper! Thanks for listening.

  12. Whitney

    Glad to hear eWallet for Mac will eventually be a reality – it’ll be well-received wheenver it does drop!

  13. Ken

    When eWallet is available on the Mac, will I be able to use it to install a copy of eWallet from my iPhone to install eWallet on my iPad without having to manually re-enter all of the entries?

  14. Nate

    Thanks for nothing. My wife and I have been customers for nearly 9 years (purchased eWallet v2 in April 2001), yet you’ve completely abandoned us. No more support for Palm OS I get… Palm won’t be coming out with future devices that run it… but NO SUPPORT for Palm WebOS means that we’re no stuck with no choice but to find another product and manually re-key everything we’ve accumulated in eWallet in something else. Our new Pre and Pixi are so amazing and so much better in every way than our Treo and Centro, marred only by the lack of eWallet. What’s up with that?

    Glad I don’t have a similar dependency on any of your other software.

  15. Dave Futcher

    I is good to hear you are working on Listpro for the iPhone and iTouch.
    This reworking is so essential for Listpro which is my most used programme on the PC and my Windows mobile. Carrying a iPhone without Listpro is a pain.
    I hope the development completion is SOON…

  16. Pape

    Why provide an update just to comment that there is no time estimate for the release of ewallet for mac when the client for the iphone has been out for quite some time now…
    That’s not what you expect from such software company, the product roadmap is a key element of a professional management.
    I am considering moving to splash since I cannot sinc my ewalllet now that I have moved to iphone and the response from ilium is all but satisfying.

  17. malren

    I’d just like to add to the chorus that I want eWallet for Android! Been using it for years, love to carry it to my new phone!

  18. Dan

    The only thing keeping me from upgrading to Android is the lack of eWallet… Please tell me that you guys are planning an Andriod version and some way to convert the WM database to it! Thanks for the great product…

  19. Danny

    I can understand why you are quiet. You come out and inform us that you are working on the Mac platform and you maybe nowhere near end of production, yet are voices become louder and louder about Android and Blackberry. Perhaps we should give you the chance to come up with something before insisting on another. Problem is just how long do we have to give you because if it is taking so long for one platform, I can understand the fears of the Android and Blackberry folks. That’s why a more concrete update will be appreciated.

  20. Stephen Webb

    I have been using codewallet for years on a pc and pocket pc, then went over to ewallet, i put that on the iphone, great! Then i jumping ship to apple mac (best decision i ever made), however I brought Parallels just so I could sync the iphone to the desktop on the mac, I do like the ewallet, once you are used to it, its clean and you have all the latest card samples on there including ones like ‘Tesco clubcard’ which was a surprise, however I have been waiting for the mac version for ‘bloody yonks’ now I cant understand why it is taken you so long!!!! You should commit yourself to a DATE tell us all and then stick to it if you want the customers to respect you and get a good name for yourself, most people seem to give you good reviews for the software but customer satisfaction??? Hmmmm come on team.

    Stephen Webb

  21. Allan

    As I have mentioned in previous e-mails: You sell a really good and solid product. But I agree totally with Danny and Stephen and others – you have failed your initial promise by way more than a year now (eWallet for Mac).

    Most of us appreciate that you are a small software house with limited resources. The more reason to salute you for a great product. But you owe to your loyal customers to let us know, how much longer we will have to wait – and then keep that deadline.

  22. Simon

    +1 for eWallet on Android!!!

    WM6.X is effectively dead. So all that’s left for mobile devices for eWallet is iPhone OS and Blackberry. And I heard on the news today that in a survey 60% of BB users will replace their BBs with a non-BB smart phone when their contract is up.

    Android is here to stay… time for eWallet on Android.

  23. Simon

    Oh, by “dead” I only mean it will be going the way of PalmOS and the apps are not compatible with Windows 7 Phone Series. I don’t mean that there’s not not a lot of WM6 users still left out there – there certainly is and I’m one of them! Although I’d rather be switching to Android.

  24. Dean Roberts

    With the incredibly long delay of eWallet for MAC, I have huge, huge expectations for the software once its released! It should look nothing like the beta because there is no wow factor there!

    eWallet 7 for Windows… now there’s a WOW factor!

  25. Dave

    Finally ditched my old WinMo 2003 PDA for a shiny new Droid last week. The only thing missing is my beloved ListPro. The “alternatives” in the Android market don’t even come close. Seriously…I promise I’ll pay $20 for it if ListPro comes to Android.

  26. John

    Allan said “But you owe to your loyal customers to let us know, how much longer we will have to wait – and then keep that deadline.”

    The only thing Ilium “owes” you is what you bought from them. Bug free is always nice too.


  27. Allan

    John, if Ilium (or any other company for that matter), wants to keep me and apparently many other eWallet (Mac-) users as customers, they OWE me service and to keep promises. After all they would like me to pay for the product.

    I appreciate that it takes time to create good apps but a promise was made 1 ½ years ago!!! Good marketing practice and customer service is to keep customers happy by informing about progress.

    Just because you are of another opinion and obviously have more patience, you do not need to “sheesh” anybody here!

    Please be so kind and keep that kind of infantile and needless comments to your self.

    If you had red any of my other comments – also on many other blog-topics, you would know that I am very supportive to Ilium and I think they have a grand product. But Europe, from where I come, and America, Canada etc. are countries with the right of free speech. I am just making use of that right, as a customer telling Ilium that I am not satisfied, regardless of what you think about it.

  28. Brad Steffen

    Now that MIX10 has happened it would be great to know Ilium Software’s plans to support Windows Phone 7.

    I would also love to see you add a Sync function to ListPro similar to what exists in eWallet.

    Thank you for making great products over the years.

    - Brad

  29. John

    Allan said ” I am just making use of that right, as a customer telling Ilium that I am not satisfied, regardless of what you think about it.” Complain all you want, but the FACT remains that iLium only “owes” you what you bought.

    They can tell you anything they want.


  30. Allan

    John, you wrote your opinion once more. Everyone got it the first time though and one false statement does not get better by repeating it.

    Have a great day!

  31. Mike S

    Let me just add my voice to the chorus (in case you’re tallying) for List Pro for iphone. Its an essential piece of software in my daily life and I can’t wait to get it.

  32. Tommy

    If you guys could make a version of listpro for the blackberry that syncs over the air, that would be perfect! Listpro is the most useful app out there IMO. I’ve been in a real bind since I left Windows Mobile.

  33. Karen

    Yes, yes, yes. I love my iPhone. The only thing wrong with it is there’s no Listpro yet. I’ve exported my lists into another app, but it’s just not the same. Can’t wait!

  34. Garij

    I agree with those who have expressed frustration with the delay of the MAC client. It’s not good enough to be told it’s “coming soon” for a year or more. I like eWallet on the iPhone and used the PC client to allow syncing between the two. Since moving to a MAC I have no real option (the MAC beta is limited – especially in sync features) and I really need to be able to regularly sync between iPhone and desktop for both backup (yes i know I can ftp a copy of the iPhone wallet to the MAC) but also so that I can create and edit cards on the desktop (which is much easier than doing so on the iPhone) and be sure to have the two wallets synchronised easily and regularly.

    I am going to pay someone else for another product that already works on both platforms. A shame but I don’t wait – who know’s how long – any more.

  35. Alan

    I’m sorry to have to say this, but: I don’t believe you. You have been promising ListPro for the iPhone for so long, and have failed to even give us an idea of where you are in the process, that I can only conclude that you’re leading us on, and are not serious about creating the program. Whether or not you may or may not ever come out with a version for the iPhone, I’ve already had to move onto another competing product, and doubt at this point that I’ll be ever coming back.

    If you don’t seriously think you can launch an app that you have announced in anything remotely resembling a reasonable amount of time, then please don’t tell us you’re developing it. You’re not.

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